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    How to Calculate EMI with the BankBazaar.ph Car Loan Calculator?

    To a responsible car loan borrower, the acquisition of a friendly loan is half the job done. The next and more important half pertains to the repayment of the said car loan, in terms of simple Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). Herein, the Car Loan Calculator from BankBazaar.ph will come in mighty handy, helping you ascertain such details as applicable monthly installments, total payable amount, number of installments due and other such amortization details. The bywords for this tool is- Simplicity and Convenience.

    Why Choose the BankBazaar.ph Car Loan Calculator?

    Blazing Fast- Everything with regards to installments on your auto loan is calculated in record time.

    Unbelievably Simple- Crunching tedious calculations minus the stress. It’s simple, but equally robust.

    Juggle Around- Experiment with different interest rates and tenures. Discover new possibilities.

    Expert Support- Find us right next to you, when you encounter a query or concern.

    Step to Use Car Loan Calculator

    Step 1- From the main menu, choose the ‘Finance Tools’ option. Next, select the ‘Car Loan Calculator’ page.

    Step 2- On the resultant page, you will see two ruler scales denoting ‘Loan Amount’ and ‘Tenure’. Obvious next step- Select your personal loan amount on the ruler titled ‘Loan Amount’ and likewise, select your loan tenure on the ruler titled ‘Tenure’.

    Step 3- The next inputs include ‘Interest Rate in %’ and ‘Processing Fee (% of loan amount)’. Supply the values that apply to your specific auto loan. Note- the default values are already populated in these fields and can be easily changed to match the numbers that apply to you.

    Step 4- Click on the button marked ‘Calculate’.

    Step 5- The complete breakup of the total interest due and monthly installment are now listed before you.

    The Car Loan Calculator from BankBazaar.ph is an ideal time and patience saving tool that simplifies the whole tedious process of calculating the installments on your car loan. This tool is designed to be simple and precise, however, in the event of any query or concern, contact us and our customer support team will be happy to help you out.

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