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    Bank Of Commerce Mastercard Platinum
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    Overview of Bank of Commerce MasterCard Platinum

    The Bank of Commerce MasterCard Platinum card comes with a sense of financial freedom that allows you to enjoy life’s luxuries and shop for the finest things in the world. The Platinum MasterCard comes with exclusive benefits such as Waived Annual Membership Fee and Dual Currency Billing. Along with the benefits, there are many other exciting privileges that you can benefit from if you own a Bank of Commerce MasterCard Platinum card.

    MasterCard Platinum Features

    Rewards Plus

    Using your Platinum MasterCard from Bank of Commerce, you can win and accumulate reward points, every time you spend with the card. Cardholders can earn one Rewards point with every swipe worth Php25. You can win Rewards points as much as 5x by shopping or dining at participating establishments. Bank of Commerce offers you a wide array of merchandise to choose from in exchange for Rewards points.

    Annual Membership Fee

    The annual membership fee for both principal and supplementary cardholders of the Bank of Commerce MasterCard Platinum is waived off. The effective interest rate per month charged by the bank for Platinum MasterCard is 2.95%.

    Installment Convert

    Big purchases such as hospital expenses, weddings, tuition fees are sometimes burdensome to pay for in one go. With the Bank of Commerce MasterCard Platinum, you can convert these high figure payments into installments. You can avail low interest rates per month as well as convenient longer payment terms.

    Installment Plus

    Bank of Commerce allows you the benefit of shopping at chosen establishments using your MasterCard Platinum with an interest as low as 0% on the installment plans. The payment tenures range from 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months.

    Dual Currency Billing

    With the MasterCard Platinum, you can avail two separate bills based on your purchases. Bank of Commerce gives you the convenience of one bill each exclusive for local as international purchases. Local purchases are billed in Philippine Peso and paid in the same currency, while international purchases are billed in US Dollars in the same.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The following eligibility criteria must be fulfilled in order to apply for a Bank of Commerce MasterCard Platinum:

    • The applicant must either be resident of the Philippines or a local resident foreigner.
    • The age of a principal cardholder applicant must be between 21 to 65 years, while a supplementary cardholder applicant must be minimum 18 years old.
    • The minimum yearly income that you must have to apply for a Bank of Commerce MasterCard Platinum is P1,200,000.
    • You must have a business/office landline number or a post-paid mobile or a landline residence number.
    • Your home or office should be within a radius of 15km from a Bank of Commerce branch.

    Documents Required

    Identification Proof

    The documents that are required to be submitted as identification proof to apply for the Bank of Commerce MasterCard Platinum (Both for principal and supplementary cardholders) are Passport, Driver’s License, SSS ID, GSIS E-card, Company ID, TIN ID or any other identification proofs validated and issued by the government.

    Income Proof

    Employed: If you are employed, you will have to submit a set of documents as income proof in order to get a MasterCard Platinum.

    • Mandatorily, you must submit the most recent ITR (Income Tax Return) or BIR Form 2316.
    • Last three months’ payslip before the application date.
    • Appointment Letter.
    • Employment/Income certificate.
    • Credit card bill statement copy from previous two months.

    However, it is important to note that the applicant must be a principal cardholder and have a good credit history in the previous year.

    Self-employed: For those of you who are self-employed, the documents required to be submitted are slightly different than those who are employed with a company.

    • You will have to submit the latest ITR with bank/BIR stamp. This is a mandatory document.
    • A copy of the business registration with DTI or SEC.
    • Last two years’ AFS/ Audited Financial Statement which has the latest Bank/BIR stamp or the latest ITR.

    Payment Modes

    Paying your credit card bills is one of the most important responsibilities of owning a credit card. You can pay your Bank of Commerce MasterCard Platinum bills through the following channels:

    Bank Branches

    Bank of Commerce has 122 branches all over the country, where you can make your bill payment over-the-counter.

    Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA)

    MasterCard Platinum cardholders of Bank of Commerce can enrol in the ADA facility when they open an account at the bank. This facility saves you from the hassle of having to remember to pay on time every month.

    Retail Internet Banking/bCommerce

    You can pay your MasterCard Platinum bill online simply by registering your current or savings account on the bCommerce portal of Bank of Commerce.


    1. What is the minimum annual salary required to be eligible to apply for a MasterCard Platinum from Bank of Commerce?
    2. You need to have a minimum yearly income of P1,200,000 to be eligible to apply for a MasterCard Platinum.

    3. What is the effective interest rate charged on MasterCard Platinum cardholders of Bank of Commerce?
    4. The finance charge or the effective interest rate charge for MasterCard Platinum cardholders is 2.95%.

    5. Is there an annual membership fee for principal or supplementary cardholders of Bank of Commerce MasterCard Platinum?
    6. No, there is no annual membership fee for principal and supplementary MasterCard Platinum cardholders as it is waived off.

    7. What is the interest rate offered to Platinum MasterCard cardholders on Installment Plus?
    8. An interest rate as low as 0% is offered on the Installment Plus program of Bank of Commerce MasterCard Platinum.

    9. What are the different payment channels to pay the Platinum MasterCard bills?
    10. You can pay your MasterCard Platinum bills using the following channels:

      • Over-the-counter at Bank of Commerce branches.
      • bCommerce portal by registering online.
      • By opting for the ADA (Auto Debit Arrangement) facility.
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