• BDO Jcb Lucky Cat

    BDO Jcb Lucky Cat
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    BDO Jcb Lucky Cat
    Annual Fee:
    Free for 1st year
    Reward type:
    Travel, Gas, Groceries, Shopping, Utilities and Dining

    Overview of the BDO JCB Lucky Cat Credit Card

    Banco de Oro is one of the foremost banks within the Philippines and offers a number of financial products suitable to the Filipino audience. The bank is a part of Henry Sy’s SM Group of Companies. It was started as Acme Savings in 1968 and as part of its banking portfolio, offers products such as loans, credit cards, investment opportunities and others.

    Among the numerous credit cards offered, the BDO JCB Lucky Cat is prominent and well received. There are cards available for everyone and for their myriad requirements.

    • Rewards Program of Credit Card Points
    • Customers have the opportunity to earn a point for every P50 that is charged to their BDO JCB Lucky Cat credit card. These points can then be collected and utilized for a number of fantastic offers and items such as gadgets, kitchen and dining essentials, certificates, accessories for travel related purposes and other exciting products, that are available in the ‘BDO Credit Card Points Redemption Catalogue’. These points can also be utilized by customers to waive their membership fee.

    • No annual membership fee for the 1st year
    • Customers utilizing the supplementary and principal cards can get their membership fee for the first year waived.

    • EasyPAY Installment
    • Customers can avail the various savings and financial management option from BDO. An option of 0% installment purchase can be procured while shopping at more than 3000 partner merchants.

    • JCB Plaza Lounge Services
    • BDO JCB Lucky Cat credit card users can enjoy access to JCB Plaza Lounges which are located in major tourist shopping areas across 9 cities around the world at no additional cost. Services provided include travel information, hotel restaurants, tour reservations, emergency assistance and others such as use of laptops and computers, free WiFi, luggage holding and so on.

    Benefits of the BDO JCB Lucky Cat Credit Card

    Installment Programs

    • EasyPay Installment
    • Customers can purchase all their desired items ranging from gadgets to jewellery to furniture without worrying about the price thanks to the EasyPay Installment option. Customers can procure items from more than 10,000 partner merchants all over the world at convenient tenures of 3-36 months for either an accumulated or single purchase amounting to P3000. Other features of this installment option include 0% rate of interest, add on monthly rates that are economical. also when customers avail a Buy Now Pay Later offer, they can avail tenures that are extended.

    • Other EasyPay Installment offers
      • Transfer of balance at very low rates of interest.
      • Tuition assistance wherein customers can get their cash purchased reimbursed or pay for school expenses worth a minimum of P5000 at installment rates that are economical.
      • EasyPay convert is another option where customers can get any of their purchases into installment using their BDO JCB Lucky Cat credit card on purchases that are over P3000.

    Online Shopping with BDO Credit Cards

    Online shopping is fun, secure and lighter thanks to the following options -

    • Online Installment
    • Customers can convert any of their online purchases into installments that can be paid monthly and also can enjoy 0% and ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Installment scheme at certain websites.

    • Unique Online Deals and Treats
    • Customers can avail more discounts, freebies and deals when they use their BDO JCB Lucky Cat credit card at partner sites.

    Delights and Treats

    Customers can utilize their BDO JCB Lucky Cat credit card and procure fantastic deals, freebies and treats on shopping, travelling and dining expenses.

    Payment of Bills

    • Charge based on demand
    • Customers can utilize the above feature and pay all of their utility bills on time regardless of whether they are in town or not.

    • Auto Charge
    • Individuals need not worry about remembering dates or worry about going through the hassle of long lines. They can pay their bills in a much faster way through the BDO Auto Charge facility.

    24 hour Service and Acceptance Worldwide

    Customers can contact the BDO Customer Service at any given point during the day from anywhere for any queries. The card is also accepted world over.

    Payment Channels

    Customers can avail of the various payment channels available such as BDO ebanking, BDO branch counters, BDO call centre, BDO phone banking, etc.

    Application necessities for the BDO JCB Lucky Cat Credit Card


    For customer to be eligible to procure the BDO JCB Lucky Cat credit card, he/she must meet the following requirements

    • Must be between 21 to 70 years of age for the principal card and a minimum of 13 years old to procure the supplementary card
    • Must possess a landline phone
    • Must be a citizen of the Philippines or a foreigner who has been residing in the Philippines for the past two years.
    • Must be employed and if self-employed then customer must have the business in operation for a minimum of two years.
    • Address must be close to a BDO branch
    • Minimum gross annual income required - P180,000


    Applicants who possess credit cards

    Photocopy of the below

    • Most recent credit card account statement or credit card charge slip
    • Front of the existing card
    • Back and front of a valid ID with photo and signature, that is issued by an official authority and signed by them.
    • Latest ITR and W4 with BIR stamp for those who are self employed or most recent BIR Form 2316 signed by the employer’s representative.

    Applicants who do not possess credit cards

    • Proof of income
    • For employed individuals -
      1. Photocopy of the most recent BIR Form 2316 that is signed by the authorized representative of the employer and
      2. either the original Employment certificate copy or photocopy and most recent payslip.
    • For individuals who have been self employed
      1. Photocopy of registration of the name of business
      2. Photocopy of the most recent W$ and ITR with Bank Stamp/BIT
    • Valid Identity proof


    • Employment certificate or copy of contract of employment
    • If the embassy is official then a letter from them
    • Photocopy of one of the following
      1. Valid Visa and Work Permit
      2. Resident Visa and Valid Passport
      3. ACR or ACR -1 or ICR
      4. Special Investor’s Resident Visa and Visa Philippine Economic Zone Authority or Visa with E0226
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