• BDO Platinum Mastercard

    BDO Platinum Mastercard
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    BDO Platinum Mastercard
    Annual Fee:
    Free for 1st year
    Reward type:
    Travel, Groceries, Shopping, Dining, Entertainment and Premium


    In continuation with its motive of offering Filipinos, the most unique cards in terms of features & benefits, the BDO Platinum Mastercard is a one-of-its-kind card that extends the benefits of billing purchases in both Philippine Peso and US Dollar under a single window. Loaded with other features and benefits, this card bills all local transactions in Peso and international transactions in US dollars (purchases made in non Peso currencies). Plus, you can choose to pay in US Dollars at prevailing rate at the time of making payment. If you travel abroad frequently, this card comes highly recommended.

    In addition to the most outstanding benefit as described above, you can also earn easy reward points and redeem them for a host of deals and goodies.

    Features & Benefits

    Reward points Redemption Program

    The card member has the potential to earn 1 reward point for every P40 spent locally and the same quantum for 1USD spent on your Platinum Mastercard internationally. One can also use the accumulated points to redeem miles in a hassle free manner. Plus, accumulated rewards can be redeemed for a plethora of rewards, treats and goodies.

    Complimentary Travel Accident & Inconvenience Insurance

    Upon charging travel related expenses to this card, the card member is automatically covered against travel related risks, locally or at international locations. With this benefit, you can travel worry free.

    Crossborder Treats & Discounts on Dining Programs

    When you’re travelling internationally, spend and earn rewards which can be redeemed at participating merchant stores for a host of pleasing deals. In addition, dining out can actually help you saving money as this card offers 50% off on restaurant bills at leading chains in Philippines and abroad. Enjoy all those exclusive treats and feel like a privileged customer.

    Complimentary Lounge Access

    Frequent flyers will find this benefit very pleasing. BDO Platinum Mastercard holders get free access to over 600 lounges at airports worldwide, regardless of the ticket class or the airline. Enjoy a host of services such as free WiFi, refreshments at these exclusive lounges.

    High Credit & Cash Advance Limits

    With the dual currency advantage, you will probably never run out of credit since the limit is available for spends in both in Philippine Peso and US Dollar. You also have the option to get the credit limit revised as and when required.

    Plus, you may also choose to make cash advances of up to 30% of the assigned credit limit not only at ATMs, but also at select BDO branches spread across the country. If you’re in emergency, having an option to withdraw cash from your credit card can come handy.

    No Annual Membership Fees

    This card can be free for life if the total spends in the previous membership year exceeds P420,000. Up to 6 Supplementary cards also come free for life without any conditions whatsoever.

    Concierge Service from Mastercard

    Get a host of concierge services free of cost when you need it the most. Services such as Travel/Personal Assistance Services, Medical Travel Emergency Services and other assistance is provided round the clock. All charges relating to availment of any product/service under this program is automatically billed to your credit card, saving you from the hassles of paying them manually.

    Express Pay Installment Program

    Convert all large value spends into monthly installment options, payable as per convenience without any interest charges. Purchases at partner stores above a consolidated value of P3,000 can be easily converted by calling the customer service or expressing the intent to the merchant. As a privileged cardholder, you can also avail discounts and offers during the promo period. The installment options available are 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months.

    Extension of Express pay Installment Program

    This scheme gets further impetus as it allows conversion of other monetary transactions such as Balance Transfers from other credit cards, tuition fees reimbursement to name a few. Purchases from non partner stores can also be converted to EMI options by calling the customer service on dedicated phone lines. This benefit offered by BDO makes it a unique one in the industry.

    Easy Bills Payment Service

    Never complain about missing utility bill payments with the Bills payment service offered by BDO - Charge on Demand & Auto Charge facility. Whilst the former lets you pay bills on ad hoc basis by providing prior instructions, the latter lets you assign various utility bills to your credit card account where they are automatically charged to your card account on or before the due date. Simply call the customer service to provide auto debit instructions on the basis of your need.

    No more hassles of manually managing payments every month.

    Accessible Payment Channels

    BDO offers a wide range of payment channels to help you ease credit card payments. You can opt to pay at counters located in BDO branches, remit payments over the internet through online banking, pay over the phone by either using touch tone phone over the automated system by speaking to the service associate on phone banking. The card member can also choose to drop checks at SM bill payment kiosks located at designated areas.

    Fees & Charges

    • The annual membership for primary card is P4500 and this fee remains waived for the first membership year.
    • Up to 6 Supplementary cards come free for life, subject to fulfillment of certain terms and conditions.
    • Monthly interest charges (Effective Interest Rate) are billed at the rate of 2.50%.


    • The applicant should be between at least 21 years with an upper limit of 70 years.
    • The applicant should be a Filipino citizen or authorised resident of the country.
    • Should fulfill the minimum income eligibility criteria as prescribed at the time of applying, details of which will be provided by the representative.


    Proof of Income for Salaried Applicants

      • Certificate of Employment & Income(COEI) and proof of length of service with details of compensation. Latest payslip can act as a substitute.

      • BIR form 2316 (latest) signed by the authorized company representative.

      • ID proof from any of the government agencies.

    Proof of Income for Self Employed

      • Business Registration Certificate issued by the designated authority. For single proprietorship, certificate issued by the DTI and SEC authorized certificate for corporations/partnerships should be provided.

      • Latest ITR and W4 with bank seal accompanied by audited financial statements of last two years. Last three months bank statements should also be provided during application.


      • Certificate of Employment (COE) or Employment Contract issued by the employer.

      • Employees of the Embassy should provide a letter issued by the relevant authority in the Embassy.

      • A photocopy of one of the following must be submitted.

      • Resident Visa with Passport.

      • ACR or ICR or ACR-1

      • Valid Visa with Work Permit.

    Existing Credit Card Holders

      • Latest credit card statement or charge slip, not older than 30 days from the date of purchase.

      • A clear photocopy of the front portion (Card).

      • Valid ID, containing photo and signature issued by government agencies.

      • Latest BIR form 2316 signed by the employer or latest ITR and W4 with BIR stamp.

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