• Best Travel Credit Cards for Travellers in Philippines 2016

    Credit cards can be of great help, if you know how to use them wisely. There are several credit cards in the market today that offer great benefits and features. The cards are designed according to the spending habits of the individuals. If you like shopping, you should get a credit card that maximises your rewards for shopping.

    Similarly, if you travel a lot, you should go for a credit card that provide you with benefits for traveling. Different banks in Philippines offer credit cards that are specially devised to meet all your travel needs.

    Advantages that globetrotters get with Travel Credit Cards

    There are different types of advantages offered by travel credit cards for the people who travel frequently. Let us know more about these perks.

    • Air Miles - No one can say no to miles. The miles that you earn on your travel credit card can be used for traveling to any destination in the world with an airline of your choice. Getting a credit card from the top tier can be good decision, provide you are really serious about accumulating points on your card that can be used for traveling later. Some of the credit cards come with benefits like miles that would never expire. Thus, you can keep collecting the points and use them as per your convenience. Some cards offer points for very low spends on the cards. So, you can earn air miles very easily using them. The points can be used for several other things like resort booking, hotel accommodation, travel packages, etc.
    • Hotel discounts and freebies - Different hotels offer various types of amenities and perks. So, if you are picky about them, searching for the one that suits you the best can be a difficult task. If you are a globetrotter and wish to go for a vacation in a foreign country, then an elite credit card can be of great help. This credit card will help you to avail VIP passes for hotels easily. If better rooms are available, you might get a complimentary upgrade too. You can also enjoy packages that include free drinks and dinner or complimentary breakfast when you book your hotels using your travel credit card.
    • Travel Insurance - Life is full of uncertainties and unpredictable incidents. You must be well prepared to tackle any such situation. Such situations can also happen when you are traveling in a flight. Carrying a good card that offers a high class insurance scheme covering your travel is a wise thing to do. These cards not only offer insurance coverage for unfortunate events, but also, secure you against situations like loss of passport, flight cancellations, loss or theft of baggage, missing documents, etc.
    • Concierge Service - You might pick a destination to travel in a hurry and might not know the best features about that destination. You can do all the research by yourself. However, if you are not in the mood to do that, you can trust the concierge service to that for you. All you need to do is call up the concierge service and they will provide you with all the necessary information about your trip and the destination.
    • Airport Lounge Access - There are several travel credit cards that can help you avoid the hustle and bustle at the airport. These credit cards offer you access to VIP airport lounges where you can enjoy different privileges like drinking, eating, getting free massage, etc. With a top tier travel credit card, you can make the strenuous wait period at the airport turn into a comfortable experience.

    Travel Credit Cards in Philippines

    There are several travel cards offered by the leading banks in Philippines. Some of them are as follows:

    • Security Bank Diners Club International
    • Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card
    • Union Bank Miles Credit Card
    • BPI Skymiles Platinum MasterCard Credit Card
    • PNB The Travel Club Platinum MasterCard Credit Card

    Features and Benefits of Travel Credit Cards

    The travel credit cards come with a myriad of lucrative benefits and features. Let us know more about these perks.

    Security Bank Diners Club International Credit Card

    • You can access more than five hundred airport lounges across the globe.
    • Enjoy travel insurance when you book the tickets for your flight using the Security Bank Diners Club International credit card.
    • Avail access to local airport lounges.
    • With the dual currency billing option, you can clear all your overseas transactions using Us Dollars.
    • Enjoy flying as you can choose from a wide range of airlines flying to more than 1,000 locations.
    • Book your hotels from the partners and enjoy at more than 3000 hotels, spread across 90 countries.
    • The rewards points that you earn on this credit card never expire. Later on, you can redeem these points for travel benefits.
    • You can choose up to 5 supplementary credit cards for managing the finances of your family members.

    Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card

    • With this credit card, you can earn 1 air mile for as low as Php 30.
    • Keep smiling as your miles will never expire. You can accumulate them and store them for as long as you wish. Exchange them for free flight tickets as per your convenience.
    • You can choose from a wide range of selection when you want to redeem your accumulated air miles. These choices include Mabuhay Miles, KrisFlyer, Asia Miles, Royal Orchid Plus, Executive Plus, SkyMiles, Infinity Mileagelands, Enrich and Garuda Frequent Flyer.
    • Avail great privileges at the partner hotels.
    • You can use your accumulated miles to pay several travel expenditures like hotel stays, airline tickets, car rentals, cruises, etc. With every Php 500 that you use from your Citibank PremierMiles credit card, you can redeem 1500 miles.
    • Enjoy complimentary access to airport lounges 24X7.
    • When you purchase your travel ticket using the credit card, you can avail financial help and protection too.
    • Avail concierge service with Visa Signature round the clock.
    • The Citibank PremierMiles card is accepted in more than 150 countries at more than 20 million establishments.
    • With high credit lines, you can enjoy more power for purchasing.
    • The Citi PayLite instalment payment plan allows you to enjoy 0 percent interest on your monthly instalments. You can choose to spread out your instalments over 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months.
    • Using this credit card, you can enjoy several dining privileges at more than 1000 restaurants and eateries in Philippines.
    • The Citi World Privileges allows you to avail discounts, upgrades and freebies at more than 5,000 establishments across the globe.
    • Emergency situations can happen at any given point in your life. The cash advance feature allows you to withdraw money from any ATM in Philippines. You can also withdraw cash from Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus ATMs all over the world.
    • Any purchase that you make using this credit card falls under the 30 day purchase protection plan. So, any accidental loss of your purchase, within a period of 30 days from the purchase date, will be taken care of.
    • With Citi Credit Shield Plus, you can avail maximum protection for your family in events of critical illness and loss of life. All that you need to do is, call the Citibank Hotline number and enrol yourself under this particular plan.
    • The Citi Card Protection Plan, secures you against all fraudulent activities upon the loss of your card. You will not be held responsible for anything and shall be absolved from financial liabilities. You must report to the bank immediately, once you lose the card.
    • The bank will increase your credit line if you have maintained a good credit score and have not increased your credit line in the past six months.
    • Citi One Bill feature helps you to clear all your utility bills, donations, insurance premiums, etc. with one single bill.
    • When you are overseas and you are using your Citibank credit card, you can enjoy the advantage of paying for your purchases in Pesos.
    • You can view your account anytime you want, manage your finances and pay your bills as Citibank offers service 24X7.
    • Avail statements within no time and get to know about the latest offers and promotions.
    • Enjoying mobile banking to know more about payment due dates, minimum outstanding balance to be paid, etc.

    Union Bank Miles plus Platinum credit card

    • This particular credit card allows you to earn 1 point for every P 25 that you spend.
    • You can earn 1.5X points on your airline tickets, hotel bookings and overseas spends.
    • You can choose to convert your accumulated points to Cebu Pacific GetGo points or Mabuhay Miles.
    • The redemption process is very easy and can be done online on the bank’s website.
    • Enjoy complimentary access to several airport lounges like Club Manila Lounge, Skyview Lounge, etc.
    • Avail travel insurance with your credit and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve, while travelling.

    BPI SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard credit card

    • Avail travel insurance of up to P 20 million.
    • Enjoy access to NAIA Terminal 3 Pacific Club.
    • You can transfer your SkyMiles and they never expire.
    • For every P 45 that you spend on the tickets of Delta Airlines, you can earn double the miles.

    PNB The Travel Club Platinum MasterCard credit card

    • On all the instalment transactions using The Travel Club credit card, you can enjoy rebate of 1 percent
    • At all the Travel Club stores, you can get a discount of 5 percent
    • If it is your birthday month, you can avail discount of 20 percent on specific Travel Club brands.
    • Avail travel insurance of up to P 3 million and enjoy the peace you deserve.
    • With every P 40 that you spend using this card, you can earn 1 point.
    • Enjoy dedicated customer service round the clock.
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