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    BPI Edge MasterCard
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    Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) has been providing financial products and services to Filipinos since 1851. Being the first bank in the country, the bank owes its continued success to its strong foundation, advanced features and progressive outlook. The services that BPI provide to its clients include asset management, lending, consumer banking, and investment banking among many others. The extensive network of BPI includes 800 branches in the Philippines, Europe and Hong Kong. The bank also has around 3,000 ATMs and CDMs (cash deposit machines).

    The BPI Edge MasterCard is loaded with so many amazing features and advantages that it will be hard for you to pass over once you start using it. There are so many offers, privileges and discounts to be gained when you become a BPI Edge MasterCard cardholder. It is the one solution for all your credit card needs. Accepted in over 30 million establishments internationally, the card also comes with the option of getting cash advances at over 900,000 Maestro/Cirrus affiliated ATMs around the globe. The annual fee membership fee is completely free for the first year. Owning a BPI Edge MasterCard is an experience like none other.

    Features and Benefits BPI Edge MasterCard:

    Connect: The BPI Edge is the perfect card for those who value convenience above everything else. It lets you reload your prepaid mobile phone with a simple SMS or at over 1,300 BPI ATMs around Philippines. BPI gives access to your available credit limit anywhere, anytime either via SMS or by simply logging onto www.bpiexpressonline.com

    Pay: Don’t worry about burning a hole in your pocket with the usual annual fee to be paid upfront. You can take it easy with just monthly membership fees of P110. No matter what your balance, the finance charge will remain 3.4%. Unlike other credit cards which compute interest on new purchases made, with the BPI Edge, the 3.4% is calculated only on the accumulated balance at the end of the statement cycle.

    Shop: The perks that come with shopping and dining with your BPI Edge card will make it much more fun to shop your heart out. BPI Edge is partnered with so many fashion shops where you will avail exclusive deals that you will always be the most fashionable in the room. You will also be invited to the best fashion events in town when you are a BPI Edge cardholder, so that you stay inspired.

    Bank: All the benefits available to a standard BPI Credit Card is also available with the BPI Edge, including 24-hr customer service through 89-100, frequent user privileges, top-notch information security, two credit limits (one for special installment plan (SIP) and one for regular purchases) and complementary first supplementary cardholder. With the SIP it is possible for you to purchase those expensive gadgets like iPods, televisions, laptop, mobile phones etc.

    Rewards: Every time you use your BPI Edge MasterCard, you will be earning Frequent User Privilege Points. For every P50 that you spend on the card, you will be gaining 1 point. Collect as many points as possible to redeem on amazing Home appliance, gift certificates, health and beauty products and Home entertainment.


    1. How do I calculate the interest charge?
      • To find the interest charges on regular purchases multiply the finance charge rate (depending on the card type) and the average daily balance (ADB).
      • This is how you calculate the ADB:
      • The previous statement balance should be multiplied with the total number of days that the amount is unchanged/outstanding.
      • Each time there is payment, subtract the payment from the statement balance. Find out the number of days from the payment date until the next statement date. Multiply both these amounts.
      • Add up the balances that are calculated. Divide this by the number of days from the previous to the current statement to arrive at the ADB.
      • Mutliply total amount availed by the applicable interest rate with the total amount availed by the applicable interest rate to get the Interest charges on Special Installment. Monthly payment shall first be applied to interest then to the principal using the diminishing balance method.
    2. When can I expect to get the Statement of Account?
    3. You can expect the statement of account for the month 12 days after the statement date. In case you do not receive it, you must contact the BPI Express Phone 89-100.

    4. How do I know my statement date and payment due date?
    5. In your statement of account, the statement date as well as payment due date will be mentioned. You can also check the dates by SMS: BALCC(space)16-digit Card number to 2274 for Globe/TM or 3274 for SMART/Talk n Text.

    6. When can I expect to get the Statement of Account?
    7. You can expect the statement of account for the month 12 days after the statement date. In case you do not receive it, you must contact the BPI Express Phone 89-100.

    8. How can I make the BPI Express Credit Card payment?
    9. If you have multiple BPI Express Credit cards, you do not need to worry about paying the bills separately. For your convenience, all the cards will be combined into one statement of account.

      It will be particularly simple for you to make payments if you happen to have a BPI/BPI Family Savings Bank’s deposit account. All you have to do is enroll your credit card/s at your branch of account and you can make your payment through the following ways:

      • BPI Express Phone Facility
      • BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank ATMs
      • BPI Express Mobile
      • Online via testarea.bpiexpressonline.com
      • Auto-Debit Arrangement (ADA) – which is a facility that lets you to automatically resolve your outstanding balance by debiting your account.
      • You can make your payments at any BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank. If you are paying by check, it should be payable to BPI, followed by Customer No. which is written at the first page of your statement.

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