• Citi Rewards Card

    Citi Rewards Card
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    Citi Rewards Card
    Annual Fee:
    Free for 1st year
    Reward type:
    Travel, Gas, Groceries, Shopping and Dining

    Benefits of Citi Rewards Card

    • Citibank offers amazing discounts and exclusive deals with the Citi Rewards Card. Rake up more reward points, faster than ever before when you swipe your Rewards Card.
    • Every time you charge P30 to your Rewards card, you will be earning Reward Points that never expire.
    • Swipe your Rewards Card anywhere you want for dining, shopping or booking Cebu Pacific tickets and get three times the Rewards Points.
    • Where can you use your cards that you have saved up? There are more than 1000 restaurants, shops and cinemas around the country where you can redeem your points.
    • Fly for free. Use your Rewards Points for airline miles or GetGo Points and get Cebu Pacific flight tickets for free.
    • No more annual fees. Rewards Points can be converted into Annual Membership Fee Waivers for your primary and supplementary cards.
    • When you have Reward Points saved up, why worry about paying off purchases. You can use your Rewards Points to pay off purchases that you made using your Rewards Card. Simply call the 24-Hour CitiPhone for assistance.

    Features of Citi Rewards Card

    Accepted and Recognized around the globe: You can use your Citi Rewards Card in 29 million establishments in over 150 countries.

    High credit limit: Worry no more about exceeding your credit limit thanks to the extended credit lines which gives you more purchasing power.

    Combined Credit Limit: This feature of Citi Rewards lets you access the total credit limit of all your cards combined, giving you even more spending power and flexibility. This extended credit limit can be accessed by any of your Citi cards. What’s more, if you have managed to maintain a good credit standing, you can apply for another Citi Credit Card easily. You don’t need to show any additional income documents, simply call the 24-hour CitiPhone.

    Supplementary Cards: You have the option of spreading the joy of your Citi Rewards Cards by getting up to seven of your loved ones supplementary cards which have the same benefits as your primary card. Further, you can allocate the spend limit for each card separately, as you desire.

    Citi PayLite: Paying back your purchases are lighter with the Rewards Card. Choose between 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months easy installment options. Get affordable monthly add-on rates or even 0% interest rate at the many establishments partnered with CitiBank around Philippines.

    Citi PayLite After Purchase: No matter where you are shopping in the world, you can convert your purchase into PayLite, so that you can make your payment in installments (as long as it is in a single receipt and at least the sum of P5000). Choose between 3 and 24 month installments to pay your bill in full. To convert your purchase into PayLife, call Citi’s 24-hour hotline: 4233000.

    Citi Dining Privileges: Indulge yourself at the best restaurants around Philippines, and enjoy amazing deals only with your Citi Rewards card.

    Citi World Privileges : Anywhere you are in the globe, feel special with the Citi World Privileges which gets your special privileges at more than 5000 establishments worldwide. That includes amazing freebies, upgrades, discounts and more.

    Cash Advance: Life can throw you unexpected curveballs anytime. Citi Rewards will take care of any cash emergencies as you can withdraw cash from more than a million MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus and Visa/Plus ATMs around the globe as well, as any ATM in Philippines.

    Citi CreditShield Plus: Protect yourself and your family with the CreditShield Plus by calling the 24-Hour CitiPhone. This will ensure that your family’s financial future as well as your creditworthiness will not be affected by illness/death.

    Citi Card Protection Plan: This plan will protect you from potential credit card fraud and identity theft in case your card gets stolen or lost. If you enroll in this plan, you will be saved from any financial liability occurring in the event of your card being stolen and used for fraudulent purposes (as long as you call the 24-hour Citiphone and inform them about the loss).

    Increase in Credit Line: If you need an increase in your credit line, it is as simple as calling the 24-hour CitiPhone to get it sanctioned. As long as you have had the card for more than one year, kept a good credit standing and in the last six months have not had your credit line increased, you should be a good possible candidate for increased credit line. Your credit will be still verified by Citi. Increased credit line is particularly useful if you are travelling abroad when uninterrupted service is crucial.

    Citi One Bill: Forget about multiple dates to pay each bill. This feature allows you to pay everything from insurance premiums, donations to your choice of charitable foundations, utility bills and other bills in an auto-debit arrangement.

    Overseas payment in Pesos: You may pay for purchases abroad in Pesos.

    Citibank Online: Simply go online to do all kinds of banking activities such as bill payments, viewing account information as well as managing finances, anytime, anywhere.

    24-Hour CitiPhone: Call the 24-Hour CitiPhone at 234 9999 in Cebu, 995 9999 in Metro Manila and 1 800 10 995 9999 from other provinces (toll-free) for any kind of assistance. When travelling abroad, call +63 2 995 9999.

    Citi Electronic Statement: It's simpler and faster to receive your statements, information about the latest promotions/offers online. Not only can you log on to the official website to view statements for the past twelve months, you will also get the latest statement as soon as it is available via email. This email will be in a password-protected file.

    Mobile Banking: All the information you need about your account is accessible on your mobile. Simply send a text to check everything from Minimum Amount Due, Available Credit Line, Citi® Card's Total Amount Due or Payment Due Date.

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