• East West Bank Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard

    East West Bank Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard
    Credit Card
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    East West Bank Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard
    Annual Fee:
    Reward type:
    Travel, Shopping, Utilities, Dining and Entertainment

    A universal bank in the Philippines, the East West Banking Corporation has its headquarters in Bonifacio Global City and specializes in all banking activities including credit cards, loans, personal banking, investment banking and other corporate services.

    EastWest Bank Credit Cards

    East West Bank offers a plethora of credit cards for each one’s unique requirements. Be it perks and freebies on shopping, dining, unwinding, luxury travel or rebates on fuel, East West Bank’s credit cards cater to all your requirements.

    Features & Benefits - EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium MasterCard

    1. Dolce Vita Loves - This feature helps you shop, dine and unwind with more enjoyment than you otherwise would with special offers, great discounts and installment facilities on your favourite deals from your favourite brands.
    2. Dolce Vita Cares - With this feature, you earn yourself special discounts and premium privileges with partner merchants dealing with health, wellness and beauty.
    3. Pampered by Dolce Vita - This feature truly pampers you! With the EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium MasterCard, you can now indulge in a range of free beauty treatments on reaching a minimum spend on your credit card.
    4. Dolce Vita Charms - For every Php100 spent on your EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium MasterCard, you earn yourself 1 Charm. You can accumulate Charms over a period of and redeem them for Charms Vouchers that you can use at any partner stores. You can also use the charms to donate to a charitable institution or get a waiver on your Annual Membership Fees.
    5. Global Acceptance - The EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium MasterCard is accepted in over 30 million establishments where MasterCard is recognized and accepted.
    6. Smart Chip and Contactless Technology - This card also comes with better security because of an in-built smart-chip embedded in the card. Also, MasterCard PayPass offers an advanced contactless technology so that you can enjoy a tap-and-go convenience in paying for all your transactions at any MasterCard PayPass merchant, anywhere in the world.
    7. Payments and Billings in Peso - All purchases and transactions, local or international, shall be billed and paid for in Peso.
    8. Easy Repayment Terms - With this credit card, you also have the facility to repay the total outstanding statement balance, the minimum payment that is due or any amount that suits your finances on the due date of your payment. In the case that you opt to pay an amount that is lesser than your total statement balance, you will be charged an interest on your next outstanding bill.
    9. Cash Advance Facility - With the Dolce Vita Titanium MasterCard by EastWest Bank, you are eligible to receive cash advances up to 50% of your credit limit. This is available at any EastWest ATM or over the counter at any EastWest store in the country. These cash advances can be availed by using your unique Cash Advance PIN. An interest will be charged on the same from the date of availment to the date of full settlement of the amount borrowed.
    10. Merchant Installment - You can receive as low as 0% interest on select items and installment facilities with merchant tie-ups.
    11. Balance Transfer - Easy monthly payment installments and great savings can be availed by transferring your other credit card balances to your EastWest Dolce Vita MasterCard.
    12. Convert to Installment - Save more by converting your shopping, travel and high ticket expenses to installments. These installments can be repaid over 6 to 24 easy payment terms at monthly add on interest rates.
    13. Insta Cash Facility - With this facility can can access to cash with your credit card. This cash can be used to improve your home, celebrate a special occasion, take a dream vacation or fulfil any of your immediate financial requirements.
    14. Quick Bills Facility - When you enrol for the Quick Bills Facility, your insurance premiums and bills will automatically be charged to your credit card and this puts an end to you standing in queues at various payment centers. This is the most convenient method of payment for all your telecom, insurance and utility bills with billers such as Smart & Smart Bro, SKYCable/SkyBroadband/SkyVoice, Sun Cellular, Digitel, Bayantel, Meralco, Globe, Philam Life and PhilPlans, Red Mobile and PLDT & MyDSL.
    15. Supplementary Cards - You have the option of requesting for up to 9 supplementary cards with a choice to assign a monthly sub-limit on each of the cards to be able to manage your finances better. With an option such as this, why not share your spending privilege with your loved ones?
    16. 24x7 Customer Support - For any questions and queries related to bank transfers, card inquiries or lost card advice, you are just one call away. Dial 1-800-1888-8600 Domestic Toll-Free or 888-1700 to receive unmatched 24x7 customer service.

    Charges and Fees - EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium MasterCard

    EastWest Dolce Vita MasterCard  
    Annual Membership Fee For first timers:

    Principal Card Supplementary Card
    Php2,000 Php1,000

    For already existing EastWest Dolce Vita MasterCard holders:

    Principal Card Supplementary Card
    Php1,400 Php800
    Interest Charges 3.5% per month. This is computed based on average daily balance.
    Late Payment Charges Php500 or 7.5% of the minimum payment due, whichever is higher.
    Card Replacement Fee Php400 for every time a card is replaced.
    Returned Check Fee Php1000 for every time a check is returned.

    Payment Channels - EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium MasterCard

    Making the payment on your EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium MasterCard is super simple and convenient. Pick from any of the following portals to make your payments:

    1. EastWest Stores - You can walk into any of the EastWest stores and pay over the counter by either cash or by check.
    2. East West Rural Bank Stores - You can also pay at any EastWest Rural Bank stores in the country by cash. All cash payments that are made within store hours are post on the immediate next banking day.
    3. EastWest ATMs - This one is the easiest of them all! If you hold an account with the EastWest Bank, you can make direct debit payments at any EastWest ATMs in the country.
    4. EastWest Internet Banking - The internet banking facility is available to all EastWest account holders who wish to make payments online. All you have to do is log on to www.eastwestbanker.com and make direct debit payments before the cut off dates.
    5. EastWest Automatic Debit Arrangement - You can use this facility by EastWest Bank to transfer funds automatically from your savings account to your EastWest credit card on the due date for the payment. You can also specify if you want to only pay the minimum amount that is due or the total outstanding amount that is due at every payment date.

    Promo - Free Pancake House Treats

    Runtime - August 16 to November 15, 2015

    Redemption Period - August 16, 2015 to January 14, 2016

    Particulars - This offer is available to all EastWest credit card holders with good credit standing. To qualify for this promo, the credit card holder must make a purchase using their EastWest credit card during the promo period at any merchant corresponding to the amounts mentioned below:

    Spend Requirement Pancake House Treats
    Single receipt purchase of minimum Php2000 Choice of: best taco in town/mini classic pancakes/regular milkshake/ cinnamon toast
    Single receipt or accumulated receipt purchase of minimum Php4000 Choice of: 2 pieces of pancake of any flavor of your choice/ special salisbury steak/ 2 pieces classic pan chicken
    Single receipt transaction of minimum Php 10,000 (Merchant installment transactions only) Choice of: Any 2 Filipino Favorites - Beef Tapa/Longganisa/ Pork Tocino/ Smoked Golden Tinapa/ Daing na Bangus OR Any 2 of - Pan Chicken Special Set, Spaghetti Club Special Set/ House Specials Set

    Participating Credit Cards - All credit cards in the EastWest Bank portfolio

    Terms & Conditions

    • Only electronically authorized transactions will be eligible for redemption. Manual charge slips process through voice authorization will not be accepted for redemption.
    • On redemption, the credit card will be validated against the charge slips presented. The credit card details on the charge slips must match fully with the EastWest MasterCard that is presented at the time of redemption.
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