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    East West Bank Everyday Mastercard
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    East West Bank Everyday Mastercard
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    Insurance , Gas, Groceries, Shopping and Dining

    Everyday MasterCard by Eastwest Bank is cash rebate in a credit card. Customers can enjoy cash rebates of a maximum of 5% on all their essential purchases ranging from medicines and drugstore products, fuel and retail purchases. Apart from this, non-essential spends attract higher amounts of rebate. The Everyday MasterCard is every customer’s best bet for spending smart.

    Benefits and Features - Eastwest Bank Everyday Mastercard

    Customers can earn cash rebates on their non-essential purchases based on the amount spent, for example -

    • When customers spend P10,000 and more on non-essential purchases, they stand to earn an essential spend rebate of upto 5%.
    • Users earn 3% in essential spend rebate when their purchases amount to between P5000 to P10,000 in non-essentials.
    • 0.5% is the essential spend rebate that can be procured by customers when their non-essential spend rate is less than P5000.

    Everyday MasterCard users do not have to go through the added hassle of redeeming their rebates as this amount will be credited to their EastWest Bank MasterCard credit account post accumulating cash rebates of P200.

    The table given below illustrates an example of the cash rebates that can be earned for every statement cycle.

    Purchases of non-essential nature
    Clothing/retail P2000
    Food and Dining P3000
    Accommodation in Hotels P5000
    Total amount spent P10,000
    Cash rebate that can be earned on essential spends 5%
    Purchases of essential nature Amount spent Amount earned in cash rebate
    Purchase in supermarket P5500 P275
    Second purchase in supermarket P5500 P275
    Fuel Purchase 1 P1500 P75
    Fuel Purchase 2 P1500 P75
    Fuel Purchase 3 P1400 P70
    Fuel Purchase 4 P1399 P69
    Medicine/drugstore purchase P999 P49
    Total amount earned as cash rebate for the month P888

    Additional Features - Eastwest Bank Everyday Mastercard

    Perks of Eastwest’

    Customers using the Eastwest Bank Everyday Mastercard can experience a range of privileges that will enhance their dining, wellness and shopping experiences if purchases are made at any of the partner merchants using their credit cards.

    Worldwide Acceptance’

    Customers can use their Everyday MasterCard not only in and around the Philippines, but also all over the world as this card is accepted in over 30 million outlets in more than 200 countries, wherever MasterCard is accepted.

    Smart Chip and Contactless Technology’

    Users need not worry about security concerns regarding their EastWest Bank Everyday MasterCard as it comes with a smart chip. In addition to this the card is also equipped with a contactless technology of MasterCard PayPass with which users can pay for all their purchases worldwide at any MasterCard PayPass outlet.

    3D Secure Technology’

    Cyber Security and its breach are two very important concerns that need to be taken into account. EastWest Bank with its 3D Secure technology makes banking and online transactions much safer and also protects against illegal use of the credit card.

    Payments in Peso’

    So as to help keep currency intact, all purchases made through the EastWest Bank Everyday MasterCard will be billed in Philippine Peso.

    Easy Repayment Terms’

    Customers have the option of paying just the minimum balance that is due, their entire balance amount or any amount in between before their payment due date. In case customers choose to pay an amount lesser than the one shown in their Total Statement Balance, then an interest rate will be charged.

    Cash Advance Facility’

    Users can receive a cash advance of a maximum of 70% of their credit limit at any ATM with MasterCard and Cirrus logo, over-the-counter at any EastWest store throughout the Philippines or at any EastWest ATM.

    Merchant Installment’

    Everyday, MasterCard holders can avail interest rates as low as 0% on certain items at predetermined terms with participating partners.

    Transfer of Balance’

    Customers can transfer the balance from their other credit cards to their Eastwest Everyday MasterCards and avail great savings and economical installment payment options.

    Convert to Installment’

    Users can convert their high end purchase payments into installments of 6,12,18 or 24 terms at low interest rates.

    Insta-Cash Facility’

    Customers have immediate access to cash thanks to the Insta-Cash Facility with their EastWest Credit Card.

    Quick Bills Facility’

    Customers need not fret about paying their utility and insurance bills with billers like Digitel, Meralco, Sun cellular and others. They can register with the Quick Bills Facility and all bills and premiums will be charged to their Everyday MasterCard.

    Supplementary Cards’

    Users can share their card privileges with their family by providing them with a Supplementary Everyday MasterCard by EastWest Bank. A maximum of 9 cards can be procured and users also have the option of managing the monthly limit of the supplementary cards.

    24 hours Customer Service’

    Users can access the customer service at any given time during the day by calling the given numbers to enquire about balance transfers, supplementary card applications and other concerns.

    Account Statement’

    The Statement of Account will be sent every month to the customer’s e-mail address or to their billing address. E-statements are also more convenient and secure. Customers will also receive an SMS notification when the E-statement has been sent.

    Lost Card Protection’

    Users can contact the 24 hour Customer Service Hotline at anytime from anywhere if their card is lost or misplaced. They are also free from any fraudulent charges due to financial liability made on their cards.

    Fees and Charges - Eastwest Bank Everyday Mastercard

    Membership fee
    • Principal Card - P2800
    • Supplementary Card - P1400
    Interest Rate 3.50% per month or 42% every year
    Cash Advance - Over the counter fee 3% of Cash Advance fee or P600, whichever is the higher amount
    Late Payment Charge P500 or 7.5% of the minimum payment that is due, whichever is higher
    Over credit limit charge P700
    Returned cheque fee P1000
    Retrieval fee
    • Retail/installment or telephone-order/mail-order fee - P200
    • Entertainment and travel - P1,250
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