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    East West Bank Mastercard
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    East West Bank Mastercard
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    Travel, Insurance, Shopping, Dining and Entertainment

    The EastWest Bank MasterCard is a credit card that is tailor made for all those who want to experience life’s privileges and luxuries. The wide variety of perks and benefits offered are fit for a king or queen and makes this card one of the best in the market.

    Features of the EastWest Bank MasterCard Credit Card

    Unlimited Rewards’

    Customers earn 1 Rewards Point for every P100 that is charged through their card. These points can be exchanged for the fantastic Limitless Rewards Vouchers which in turn can be used to purchase exciting items and gift vouchers at participating merchants.

    Perks of EastWest’

    The EastWest Bank MasterCard credit card can be used to experience an array of privileges with dining, shopping, travel and wellness partner merchants.

    Worldwide Acceptance’

    Customers need not worry about using the card outside the Philippines as it is accepted in over 30 million outlets in more than 200 countries throughout the world, wherever MasterCard is accepted.

    Secure Technology’

    The 3D Secure technology ensures the safety of online transactions. This feature provides protection against fraudulent use of their EastWest Bank MasterCard in online stores that display the ‘Verified by MasterCard’ SecureCode logo. Spends on such stores will be confirmed via a one-time password that will be sent to the user’s cellphone number.

    Billing in Peso’

    In order to help keep foreign currency intact, all purchases both local and international will be billed in Philippine Peso.

    Convenient Repayment Term’

    Customers have the freedom of choosing the amount to be paid as fee every month. Any amount between the total statement balance and the minimum amount that is due can be paid before the due date. In case a customer chooses to pay an amount below the minimum due amount, an interest amount will be charged.

    Facility for Cash Advance’

    Users can procure advances of a maximum of 50% of their credit limit at EastWest ATMs, any ATM that displays the Cirrus, VISA and VISA Plus, MasterCard logos or at EastWest stores throughout the Philippines. These cash advances can be received by customers by using their unique Cash Advance PIN and an interest amount will be charged.

    Merchant Installment’

    Customers can avail interest rates as low as 0% on certain items and installment tenures at participating partners.

    Transfer of Balance’

    Users can enjoy fantastic savings and economical installment payments by transferring the balances from their other credit cards to their EastWest Bank MasterCard.

    Installment Conversion’

    Users can enjoy the benefits of converting their expenses from their high-end purchases into economical installments that can be paid in 6,12,18 or 24 terms at low add-on rates of interest every month.

    Insta-Cash Facility’

    Thanks to the Insta-Cash facility, customers have immediate access to cash. This can be used to fulfill myriad financial needs of the customer.

    Quick Bills Facility’

    Customers can pay their telecommunication, utility bills and insurance premiums with billers such as Digitel, Bayantel, Globe, Meralco, Reb Mobile, Smart & Smart Bro, Sun Cellular and others by registering with Quick bills Facility. By enrolling in this facility, user’s premiums and bills will be directly charged to their EastWest Bank MasterCard.

    Supplementary Cards’

    EastWest Bank MasterCard holders can share the perks and benefits of their card with their family by procuring supplementary cards for them. A maximum of 9 supplementary cards can be availed and a monthly limit can also be assigned to these cards so as manage finances better.

    24/7 Customer Service’

    Users can contact Customer Service for any queries related to their MasterCard credit card such as balance transfer, supplementary card applications and others at any point of time, from anywhere.Customers can also contact the customer service to report loss of cards. They will be exempt from financial liability due to unauthorized use of the card from the time the loss was reported.

    Account Statement’

    The Statement of Account will be sent to the customer’s billing address or e-mail id every month. E-statements are more convenient and secure and will be sent to the customer in a PDF file that is password protected. Every time the E-Statement of Account is sent to customers, an SMS is sent to the their mobile number.

    Exclusive Privileges to Gold cardholders

    Free Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance’

    Customers can enjoy a coverage of up to P20 Million for themselves and their family while on a common carrier or on board a flight.

    Contactless Technology’

    Customers can enjoy convenient shopping with certain partners by using their card at contactless terminals for payments.

    Fees and Charges for EastWest Bank MasterCard

    Annual Membership Charge

    Principal Card

    •Gold - P2500

    •Classic - P1500

    Supplementary Card

    •Gold - P1250

    •Classic - P750

    Charge for late payment P500 or 7.5% of the minimum due amount (whichever amount is higher)
    Fee for returned check P1000
    Interest Amount 42% per year or 3.50% every month, based on average daily balance
    Cash Advance - over the counter fee P500
    Fee for card replacement P400 for every card that is replaced
    Installment pre-termination processing fee P500 or 5% of the remaining principal balance (whichever amount is higher)
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