• RCBC Fully Booked MasterCard

    Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard
    Credit Card
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    Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard
    Annual Fee:
    Free for 1st year
    Reward type:
    Travel, Gas, Groceries, Shopping and Dining

    The perfect card for bookworms, or so to say! The Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard credit card is a co-branded credit card designed to enthuse the reader in you. The card lets you earn discounts and rewards on purchase of books and also comes with a whole lot of other benefits including gift cards, vouchers and more. Let us look at some notable benefits and features of the card.

    Features and Benefits

    • Low interest rate and low annual fee
      • The card comes with a relatively low interest rate and low annual fee in comparison to most other co-branded credit cards in Philippines.
    • Discounts at multiple stores
      • Cardholders can enjoy discounts of up to 10% at Fully Booked, Bibliarch and Sketch stores.
      • The offer is applicable on a minimum purchase of P20,000.
    • Discounts all through the year
      • Customers can enjoy discounts throughout the year at Fully Booked Stores. Purchases can also be converted into easy, flexible monthly options. Discounts can be availed on a host of other products as well.
    • Exciting cash rebates
      • Customers can earn rebates of up to P1000 every month.
      • On purchases below P10,000, a 0.5% rebate can be earned.
      • On purchases between P10,000 and P19,999, a 5% rebate can be earned.
      • On purchases of P20,000 and above, a 10% rebate can be earned.
      • The offer is applicable at Fully Booked, Bibliarch and Sketch stores.
    • O% Instalment Options
      • Customers can convert their purchases into easy, flexible monthly payments that can range from 3 months to 6 months.
      • Only purchases of a minimum of P3000 can be converted into 0% interest instalment options.

    Joining Benefit

    Customers get a Gift Card worth P500 when they spend a minimum of P12,000 within the first 3 months of receiving the card. The Gift Card can only be used by Principal Cardmembers.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • The applicant has to be minimum of 18 years of age
    • The applicant must meet the minimum income eligibility criteria in order to be eligible for the Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard credit card.
    • All documents required by the bank need to be duly submitted. Discrepancies in information can lead to the rejection of the application.

    Documents Required

    Customers are required to submit the following documents to the bank to complete their application process:

    • Copy of Identity (TIN, Passport or Voter ID)
    • Proof of income - latest computerized payslips, bank statement for the last 3 months.
    • Visa permit, Passport Copy, Work Permit and employment letter (in case of foreigners who wish to apply for the HSBC Gold Visa Credit Card).
    • Latest copy of duly filed Income Tax Returns.

    Fees and charges

    Monthly Interest Rate 3.5%
    Minimum amount due every month 5% of the monthly outstanding balance
    Late payment charges 7% of the outstanding balance, or P200, whichever is higher
    Annual credit card membership fee P1,500
    Lost card replacement charges P300
    Cash advance fee transaction fee P100
    Cash advance service fee 5% of withdrawn amount
    Cash advance interest charge 3.55%
    Overlimit fee P300

    Card Security

    Online and offline transactions through credit cards are secure and aren’t successful without authentication by the customer. While offline transactions require customers to enter their PIN at merchant terminals to authenticate a transaction, online transactions are secured by a One-Time Password (received to the customer’s registered mobile number or a permanent password that the customer can set.

    How to apply for RCBC Fully Booked MasterCard

    Customers can apply for the credit card by visiting the official website of the bank and filling out the online application form and submitting it along with their relevant documents. Documents that need to be submitted will be intimated to the customer by the bank. Once the online form is submitted along with the documents, a representative from the bank will get in touch with the customer and verify the customer’s details besides obtaining any further information that may be required. Once all this done, the bank will process and review the application and the card is dispatched within 10 working days.

    Customers can also choose the offline route by visiting the nearest bank branch and physically filling the credit card application.

    Reporting Lost/Stolen Credit Cards

    If you want to report a lost/stolen credit card, you must immediately contact the bank’s Customer Service Centre and inform the bank about the loss/theft. In case of theft, you might be required to lodge an official complaint at the nearest police station and submit a copy of the same to the bank. While informing the bank about the loss of your card, you will need to provide your personal information, card details and most recent transactions you’ve performed using your card - this is done to verify your identity. Upon obtaining the details, the bank will subsequently block your credit card and prevent any transactions from taking place on your card. The bank will investigate cases of fraud or negligence. A penalty will be imposed for lost credit cards and the customer will be penalised if it is proven that he/she has acted fraudulently or in gross negligence. 

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