• HSBC Credit Card Rewards Redemption

    The HSBC Credit Cards are a preferred plastic currency option in the Philippines. HSBC Bank is a global banking behemoth with assets spread across the planet, and Philippines serves as one of its premier bases in Southeast Asia. Patrons who subscribe to the various credit card offerings from HSBC Bank in the Philippines are eligible for some great reward options on individual swipes of their cards. These rewards/bonus points can be redeemed in favor of specific products or services, through HSBC’s homegrown rewards catalogue as well as web portals/ retail outlets that have partnered HSBC for precisely this reason.

    The basic premise is very simple. Use your HSBC credit card to affect a charge/payment and if the quantum of the charge is in line with the basic requirement as defined in the terms and conditions defining such promotional programs, you are appropriately ‘rewarded’ with reward points. Next, you can redeem these points to purchase a product/service, that is sufficiently described and displayed on the HSBC sponsored ‘Rewards Catalogue’ website.

    Accelerate Your Rewards with HSBC Credit Cards

    As the name so aptly describes, the ‘Accelerate Your Rewards’ initiative from HSBC Bank offers the customers an opportunity to earn a higher number of reward points when certain specified transactions are affected with their HSBC credit cards. The HSBC Philippines website offers a complete glimpse of such offers that differ from card to card. For example, the HSBC Premier MasterCard can be used at select restaurants, bars and other leisure establishments across the Philippines and will earn you 3x bonus points for every card purchase affected. Similarly,

    Bonus Points (BP) Applicable Credit Cards Criteria
    Earn 1 BP HSBC Premier MasterCard, HSBC Platinum Visa and HSBC Gold Credit Card Charge PHP20 on your credit card.
    Earn 1 BP HSBC Advance Visa Credit Card Charge PHP15 on your credit card.

    HSBC Rewards Catalogue

    On their home website, HSBC Philippines offers patrons the chance to redeem the reward points accumulated by them in return for attractive products, services, gift certificates etc. A whole range of products and services are attractively displayed and correspond to a set number of reward points that must be redeemed in order to purchase the said item. The updated and comprehensive rewards catalogue is HSBC’s proud initiative to appropriately reward its loyal customers, as also a means to encourage more people to subscribe and use the popular line of credit cards from HSBC Bank, Philippines.

    Note that the HSBC Rewards Program is segregated into four sub-categories that correspond to individual credit card type. These are listed and adequately described herein.

    Rewards Relating to Premier MasterCard

    The HSBC Premier MasterCard is a popular option in the bank’s arsenal of credit card offerings. Naturally, the rewards offered for regular activity with these credit cards are highly lucrative and in perfect sync with HSBC’s commitment to offer its patrons the very best of everything. This rewards catalogue features 65+ items spanning fine dining options, shopping discounts, gift certificates, travel privileges and more.

    Rewards Relating to Platinum Visa

    The Platinum Visa credit card from HSBC comes with an exciting tagline, ‘Get Closer to your Dream Vacation’ and the card itself lives upto this expectation. The rewards attached to this card are pro-travel, while also including a sizable chunk of offerings concerning dining, shopping and leisure.

    Rewards Relating to Gold and Advance Visa

    Popular credit card choices from HSBC, the Gold Visa and Advance Visa, come with their own listing of exciting rewards. Ranging from the basic everyday necessities to the indulgent luxuries, everything is on offer in this rewards catalogue. In keeping with HSBC’s commitment to relate with all their credit card users, the rewards on offer are varied and are sure to appeal to a wide demographic.

    Rewards Relating to Classic and Red Card

    Another line of popular credit cards from HSBC Philippines, the Classic and Red are sturdy workhorses that are intended for the everyday Filipino. The rewards catalogue corresponding to these cards include 65+ items that range from everyday conveniences to luxurious indulgences.

    How to Redeem the Accumulated Reward Points?

    1. To begin with, log into the HSBC Philippines website and navigate through to the ‘Rewards Catalogue’ page.
    2. Next, click on the rewards e-catalogue that corresponds to your specific HSBC Credit Card.
    3. Pick the items that appeal to you from this catalogue. Ensure that you duly note down the following details concerning the chosen item- Name and Product Code.
    4. Fill up the form appropriately and mention your intent to procure the said item with pure points, fast track option, bonus points or cash. Also note down the ‘Redemption Center Code’- this is an outlet from wherein you will pick-up the chosen item.

    As is obvious, the rewards system associated with HSBC credit cards is a study in simplicity and convenience. Customers signed up with HSBC, and using their excellent line of credit cards are sure to experience the best when it comes to such varied experiences as lifestyle, leisure, travel, shopping and fine dining. Enjoy!!

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