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    Overview of Land Bank Classic International Visa Card

    Land Bank Visa credit cards empower you with the freedom of convenient and cashless transactions at Visa accredited merchants. Land Bank Classic International Visa card comes with easy to understand features, low interest rates, free travel accident and medical insurance for your travel abroad.

    Land Bank Classic International Visa Card Features

    Annual Membership Fees

    The annual membership fees of the Land Bank Classic International Visa card is charged at the time of issuing the card and every year during membership renewal. The annual membership fee for a principal cardholder is P1,500 and for a supplementary cardholder the fee is P500.


    If you settle the due amount on or before the payment date, no Finance Charges are levied. However, if you pay an amount which is less than the outstanding amount or the minimum amount due, your status with the bank is that of a borrower or revolver. In this case, a Finance Charge is imposed. If the amount you pay is lower than the minimum due amount or if you make a payment post the due date, you will be penalized with a late payment fee.

      Peso Transactions Dollar Transactions
    Finance Charge 3.25% 2.50%
    Late Payment Fee

    (Based on Minimum Amount Due)

    2.25% 2.00%

    Other Charges

    Cash advance handling fee – P50 or USD 2 per transaction.

    Overseas spending fee – 1% Assessment fee plus Service fee of 1% of the Converted amount

    Cash advance interest charge – 5%

    Worldwide Acceptance

    The Classic International Visa card is accepted globally in major countries. You can use your Visa card anywhere in the world as 30 million accredited merchants accept it.

    Medical Insurance and Travel Accident Insurance

    If your Land Bank account is active at the time of death or an accident, you are entitled to personal insurance that covers accidental death or dismemberment. If you purchase your travel tickets using your Classic International Visa card, you can also avail travel insurance package for free.

    Utility Payment

    Your Land Bank Visa card allows you to make hassle-free utility payments such as at MERALCO and PLDT, making your day-to-day tasks easier and faster.

    Deferred Payment Plans

    The card has a feature that allows you to make your payments at ease. You can convert payments for items purchased at select merchants into installment schemes and pay at your convenience. The payment plans allow you to choose from prevailing interest rates.

    Minimum Payment

    The Land Bank Classic International Visa card allows you to make a monthly payment of just P200 or 3% of the total balance due, whichever is higher, for peso limit. While for dollar limit, you can pay $5 per month or 3% of the total amount due, whichever is higher.

    Cash Advance

    You can enjoy a cash advance of up to 30% of your credit limit using your Land Bank Visa card, at ATMs with VISA or VISA Plus logos.

    Payment Modes

    Land Bank Visa cardholders enjoy the advantage of having a number of accessible payment centres which include its branches as well as Banco de Oro branches all over the nation. There are various payment options that can be used to make payments for your card such as through phone, internet, ESM (Efficient Service Machine) and ATM Bills Payments.

    Bank Helpline

    You can call the bank’s hotline numbers for any card related grievances:

    24/7 Lost Card Hotline – 840-7499

    Toll-free – 10-840-7499

    Eligibility Criteria

    The following eligibility criteria must be fulfilled to apply for a Land Bank Classic International Visa card:

    • You should have a minimum annual income of P300,000.
    • Your source of income should be stable and reliable.
    • You should be of legal age.
    • Your name should not be a part of the report of BAP – Credit Bureau(cancelled credit cards, adversely classified loans, court cases or mishandled current account).

    Documents Required

    The general documents required to apply for a Land Bank Classic International Visa card are:

    • A latest ID picture of 1x1 size.
    • A fully filled application form.

    Employed Applicants

    • Any authenticated ID proof.
    • Latest ITR (Income Tax Return).
    • Latest pay slip.
    • Employment certificate from your employer displaying breakup of salary and other components.
    • For those who are renting, you are required to have a co-obligor.
    • For resident aliens, an I-card or an Alien Certificate of Registration.

    Self-employed Applicants

    • Latest Income Tax Return with Audited Financial Statements.
    • Registration documents with DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) or SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).
    • For applicants who are renting, a co-obligor is required.
    • For resident aliens, an I-card or ACR is necessary.

    Corporate Card Applicants

    • ITR and Audited Financial Statements for the previous three years.
    • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws along with the respective Registration Certificate granted by SEC.
    • Secretary’s certificate or board resolution that authorizes:
    • The membership application.
    • The officer’s designation in the company to sign for and behalf the company.
    • Issuance of the Visa card to the authorized person.


    1. What is the Balance Transfer Rate on the Land Bank Classic International Visa card?
    2. The balance transfer rate on the Classic International card is 1.60% monthly for 24 months.

    3. What is the minimum age of a supplementary cardholder to be eligible for a Classic International card?
    4. You should be at least 13 years old to be eligible to be a supplementary cardholder of a Classic International Visa card from Land Bank.

    5. How much does Land Bank charge in case of replacing a lost or misplaced Classic International Visa card?
    6. Land Bank levies a fee of P300 on losing or misplacing a Classic International Visa card.

    7. What is the sales slip retrieval fee for local and international purchases using the Classic International Visa Card?
    8. The sales slip retrieval fee for local purchases using the Classic International Visa card is P350, while it is USD8 for international purchases.

    9. What is the annual membership fees for a principal Land Bank Classic International Visa cardholder?
    10. The annual membership fees for a Classic International Visa card is P1,500.

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