• Landmark Anson’s RCBC Bankard MasterCard

    Landmark Anson’s RCBC Bankard MasterCard
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    Landmark Anson’s RCBC Bankard MasterCard
    Annual Fee:
    Free for 1st year
    Reward type:
    Travel, Gas, Groceries, Shopping and Dining

    Overview of Landmark Anson’s-RCBC Bankard MasterCard

    One of the most popular credit cards within the Philippines, the MasterCard by Landmark Anson’s-RCBC combines the best of so many worlds such as that of discounts, loyalty points apart from being a credit card. Now customers need not carry multiple cards to avail multiple benefits as this one card combines the best of all of them. In addition to this, even the membership fee for the first year has been waived.

    Benefits and Features

    • Customers will receive a rebate of 5 percent on purchases made at Anson’s, Landmark Supermarket, Landmark Department Store from Monday to Friday on transactions that are straight charge that will be reflected in their statement. A maximum of P3000 single receipt purchases are allowed for purchases made at Anson’s.
    • Additional terms and conditions are applicable on the above such as -
      • This rebate is applicable only to items such as kitchen and small home appliances only. In addition to this, the purchases have to be straight charge and single receipt and not exceeding P3000.
      • The rebate earned by customers will be reflected in their monthly statements.
      • The rebate computation will commence on the cut off date for the statement and will be posted during the next statement date.
      • Qualified transactions applicable for the rebate will be mainly based on the date of transaction.
      • In order to qualify for the rebate of 5 percent, Landmark-Anson’s account of the credit card user must be active and must have a credit standing that is good at the time of rebate computation.
      • There will not be a yearly maximum cap of the rebate. However, RCBC Bankard has the right to set a maximum cap at any given point of time.
      • These rebates cannot be transferred to another RCBC Bankard account nor it can it be transferred to another person.
      • Whenever these rebates have been credited to the Landmark- Anson’s account of the customer or has been utilized prior to the purchase being charged back, the account will be debited for the rebates that have been credited.
      • Abuse and fraud regarding the redemption or earning of these rebates will result in the sequestration of these rebates and also termination of the bank’s account.
      • The rates and calculation of rebates are subject to change at the bank’s discretion.
      • Any tax or handling fee as a result of the rebates will be the liability of the cardholder.
    • High Rewards for purchases can be procured when compared to other loyalty credit cards.
      • For every P50 charged to the Landmark-Anson’s RCBC Bankard MasterCard, customers will earn one rewards point, whenever they shop at Landmark and Anson’s.
      • If used in other places, then customers can earn one rewards points for every P83.33 charged to their credit card.
      • These points can be collected and exchanged for exciting Landmark Gift Checks or can also be credited to the Landmark-Anson’s card.
    • Ensure that a good standing is maintained for the credit card. Although it comes with certain fantastic benefits, it is a credit card at the end of the day and good credit standing has to be maintained without fail. Some tips to ensure this are -
      • Ensure that a budget is set at the beginning of the month and purchases are planned.
      • Bills must be paid for prior to the due date in order to avoid penalties.
      • Customers must also ensure that they stay within the limit of their credit so that their card does not get suspended.

    Eligibility and Documentation

    In order to be eligible to procure the Landmark Anson’s- RCBC Bankard MasterCard credit card, customers must meet the following requirements -

    • Customer must be a minimum of 21 years old.
    • Customer must possess a landline, either at home or work.

    Documents required are -

    • Copy of one ID with signature and photo (TIN card, SSS Photocard, Driver’s License/ Company ID, Passport)
    • Any proof of income (copy)
    • If customer is employed(any one of the following must be submitted) -
      • W2 or Income Tax Return with Bank Stamp or BIR
      • Most recent monthly salary payslip
      • Original copy of certificate of employment along with details of annual income that has been signed by authorized HR group signatory. The certificate must not be over six months old.
    • If self-employed or businessman or proprietor (any one of the following must be provided)
      • most recent financial statement that has been audited along with Bank stamp or BIR along with a copy of the Income tax return or/and Bank Stamp or W2 BIR.

    Fees and Charges

    Brand Principal Membership Fee Supplementary Membership Fee Rate of Interest per Month Interest Rate per month for Cash Advance
    Landmark Anson’s-RCBC Bankard MasterCard P80 per month P40 per month 3.5 percent/3.54 percent 3.55 percent
    Membership Fee for First Year Waived
    Fee for Returned Check P1000
    Retrieval Fee for Invoice P150
    Fee for Card Replacement P300
    Fee for Cash Advance P500 or 3 percent of cash amount, whichever amount is higher
    Fee for Late Payment P200 or 7 percent of the past due amount, whichever amount is higher
    Service Fee charged for Gaming Transactions 5 percent of each transaction or P1000, whichever amount is higher
    Pre-Termination of Installment Fee 5 percent of each unpaid amount of principal or P500, whichever amount is higher
    Service Fee Applicable for Foreign Currency Transactions 3.5 percent of the amount that has been converted representing the service fee of the bank
    Minimum Amount that is due A sum of -
    • P500 or 5 percent of the amount due, whichever is higher ($15 for US cards)
    • Past due amount, if there is any
    • Current late charges
    • Over limit amount


    • Customers can shop for free with their Landmark Anson’s-RCBC bankard MasterCard credit card when they convert their Rewards points to Landmark and Anson’s gift cards.
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