• Maybank MasterCard Standard

    Maybank MasterCard Standard
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    Maybank MasterCard Standard
    Annual Fee:
    Free for 1st year
    Reward type:
    Travel, Shopping and Dining

    Overview of Maybank Standard MasterCard

    This standard card from Maybank offers financial flexibility since cardmembers can use this card overseas for payment in any of the leading currencies and payback in Philippine Peso. The EMV-compliant chip card is makes it a secure credit card, shielding against fraudulent transactions, both online and offline. This card is truly international since its finds acceptance in over 20 million merchant establishments across major countries and territories around the world.

    As a privileged cardmember, you can get easy access to customer service by contacting the toll free number or by visiting any of the 79 branches nationwide. Therefore, if you’re looking for a standard card with latest features at affordable rates, the Standard MasterCard from Maybank is the right card for you. The sections below will throw further light on the nitty gritties of this credit card.

    Features & Benefits

    Affordable Fees & Charges

    This card is offered at an Annual Fee of just P1,000 which remains waived for the first year. Plus, Supplementary cards are offered at P500, payable annually. If you’re someone who is new to the world of credit cards and wants to share the credit line with loved ones, this can be the ideal choice for you.

    EzyPay Installment Payment Plans

    All those high value goods and articles can be easily converted into installment payments of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months when you make a buy goods at partner stores and swipe the Standard Mastercard to make the payment. You don’t have to pay anything extra since it comes to you at 0% interest rate with no hidden fees or charges.

    EzyConvert Installment Payment Plans

    This card offers a plethora of installment payment benefits. This installment option is also extended to outstanding purchases of P3,000 or above made at non-partner outlets. Go ahead and save money in terms of the interest charges paid by repaying in 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months’ installments of your choice.

    EzyTransfer Balance Transfer Installment Service

    If you’re carrying high value balance on credit cards from other banks, you can easily go ahead and transfer them over to the Maybank Standard card and save loads of interest charges by way payment in installments. The cardmember can transfer balances from up to 3 credit cards with a min. of P5,000 from each card.

    EzyCash Cash Advance Program

    A one of its kind benefit, this program lets you convert available credit into cash and pay in installments. The minimum amount you can take out as cash is P10,000, to be repaid in 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. The approved amount can either be received as a direct credit into the bank account or be collected as a check.

    TreatsPoints Rewards Program

    Primary and Supplementary cardmembers can earn 1 TreatsPoints (Reward Point) for every P25 spent on this credit card. The points are directly credited to the primary account and can be used to redeem against cash credit or items from the rewards catalogue. The cardmember can call the toll free helpline to initiate a redemption without any hassles.


    Interested aspirants can easily apply for the card on the basis of the eligibility criteria points provided below.

    • The applicant should be a resident of the Republic of the Philippines
    • Should fall within the age group of 21-65 years
    • The gross annual income of the applicant should be at least P150,000, drawn on regular salary or income via business.


    All the applicants should provide a primary ID such as Passport, Driver's License, SSS Id etc. to name a few. The ID should be issued by a government agency. In addition to this requirement, the applicant is also required to produce the documents below on the basis of his/her employment type.

    Salaried Applicants

      • Latest ITR (Income Tax Return) with Bank or BIR Stamp. ITR can be substituted by BIR Form 2316.

      • Last three months’ payslips

      • Original COE (Certificate of Employment)

      • Details of an active credit card (Card number)

    Self Employed Applicants

      • SEC or DTI Registration Certificate

      • AFS (Audited Financial Statements) with Bank or BIR Stamp

      • Latest ITR with Bank or BIR Stamp

      • Details of an active credit card (Card number)

    Interest Rate & Fees

    • Interest charges are billed at the rate of 3% per month, applicable for purchases/charges made by both Primary and Supplementary cards.
    • The Annual Fee for Primary Card is P1,000, payable at the time of subscription renewal while Supplementary cards are charged P500. This fee is waived on the Primary card for the first subscription year.
    Fee Description Amount
    Late Payment Fee P500 or 5 percent of the outstanding balance, whichever is higher.
    Cash Advance Fee P500 or 3 percent of the amount withdrawn, whichever is higher.
    Card Replacement Fee P400 for each replaced card.
    EzyCash Manager’s Check Delivery Charge P100 for each check delivered under the EzyCash facility.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is there a fee charged by Maybank for redemption of rewards for items from the catalogue?
    2. The bank bills a fee of P500 to the credit card account for an invalid dispute raised by the cardmember during redemption. Otherwise, no general fee is charged for redeeming the TreatsPoints.

    3. I would like to pay off an amount converted to installment payments under the Ezy payment program. Will I be charged a penalty?
    4. Yes. there will be a monetary penalty billed at the rate of 5% of the outstanding principal amount or P500, whichever is higher. This is applicable to all the programs under the Ezy Installment option from Maybank.

    5. What is Maybank Secure Online Shopping (MSOS)? How does it benefit me?
    6. The MSOS is a security platform aimed at making your purchases and charges, free from exposure to fraudsters. It helps in securing online transactions through validation from a OTP (One Time Password), sent to the cardholder's mobile phone.

    7. How do I contact the Customer Service team of Maybank?
    8. The Customer Service wing can be reached by calling 32-588-3888 (PLDT Domestic) or 1800-10-588-3888 (toll free) for resolution of issues/questions relating to credit cards.

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