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    Overview of PNB-AIM Platinum MasterCard

    An exclusive credit card created for the Alumni Association of Asian Institute of Management, the PNB-AIM Platinum MasterCard comes with exclusive privileges and attractive features.

    Features and Benefits

    Annual Membership Fees

    The annual membership fee for principal as well as supplementary cardholder of the PNB-AIM Platinum MasterCard is waived for life. The interest rate charged by the Philippine National Bank is 2.50%.

    Other Charges and Fees

    The cash advance transaction fee is P100, while the cash advance service fee is 5% of the cash advance amount. The security fee charged by PNB is P120.

    Cash Advance

    You can withdraw 30% of your credit limit using your PNB-AIM Platinum MasterCard. Cash can be withdrawn from over 600 PNB ATMs, more than 5,000 BancNet in the Philippines and 820,000 ATMs in the world.

    Global Acceptance and Usability

    AIM Platinum MasterCard users can swipe their cards in over 22 million merchant shops in almost all countries in the world. PNB allows you the advantage of making your credit card payments in all branches and more than 900 ATMs of PNB and Allied Savings Bank. You can also pay via SM and Savemore Payment Centers, BancNet Online and BDO bank branches in the Philippines. The bank offers an affordable minimum payment, which is 5% of the outstanding amount on your bill or P500 for Peso transactions/ USD50 for Dollar transactions, whichever is higher.

    Balance Transfer Facility

    Enjoy the convenience of credit card balance transfer offering a low interest rate advantage. Using the balance transfer feature, PNB-AIM Platinum MasterCard cardholders can consolidate credit card balances into your PNB account.

    Installment Payment Plan

    PNB offers an installment payment plan at 0% interest, where you can make your big-ticket purchases and pay later in installments. Cardholders can choose from payment terms of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months. This feature allows you to enjoy your shopping without having to worry about the big-figure price tag.

    PNB MasterCard inControl

    If you are a PNB MasterCard cardholder, you can control the spending on your credit card online at any given point of time you desire. Using the MasterCard inControl feature of PNB, you can set limits on the way your credit card will be used.

    Insurance on Card

    You can avail three types of insurance on your card, one for your travel benefits, and the other two for card protection.

    1. Fraud transaction insurance: You can stop worrying about unauthorized usage of your card in case of lost or stolen card as PNB offers a fraud transaction insurance on your card for a monthly fee of P10. This feature ensures there are no fraudulent transactions carried out using your card. You can contact Ally Live at 818-9-818 or call on the domestic toll-free number 1800-10-818-9-818 for more details.
    2. Purchase Protection Insurance: PNB’s purchase protection comes with an extended warranty and protection without a fee. This feature provides coverage against theft or accidental damage towards items for 90 days from the purchased date.
    3. Travel Insurance: Free travel insurance of up to P3 million can be availed when you book your flight tickets in full using your PNB-AIM Platinum MasterCard. Lost luggage, travel delays and other travel-related grievances are also covered in this plan. AIG Philippines Insurance can be contacted on (02) 878-5400 for more details.

    Dual Billing Facility

    With the PNB card, you can enjoy convenient and flexible billing as it bills in Peso for local transactions and in US Dollars for international transactions. This option allows you to pay in either Peso currency or Dollars, based on that day’s payment rate.

    PNB Rewards

    Cardholders can earn 1 rewards point every time they spend P50 using the PNB-AIM Platinum MasterCard.

    Cash Credits – This feature facilitates redemption of points for cash that gets credited into your account. Every 4 point earned can be redeemed for P1.00 in cash credit. Rewards point redemption can be done in chunks of 500.

    Mabuhay Miles – You can also choose to redeem your rewards points for Mabuhay Miles. You can get 1 Mabuhay mile redeemed for 1 point. The cardholder is required to have a minimum of 2,000 points to be able to redeem them. Succeeding redemptions are allowed in chunks of 100 points.

    MasterCard Moments

    MasterCard’s exclusive e-newsletter that releases monthly gives you a snapshot of the best deals and bargains in the world. You can stay updated on the upcoming deals and bag the offer at the right time.

    Electronic State of Account or eSOA

    PNB-AIM Platinum MasterCard cardholders can access their electronic account statement online at any time via secure online access.

    Customer Service Hotline

    You can reach PNB’s customer care for your credit card related concerns and inquiries 24/7. For domestic, you can call on the toll-free number 1800-10-818-9-818 or for Metro Manila at 818-9-818.


    In order to be eligible to apply for the PNB-AIM Platinum MasterCard, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

    • Applicant must be a resident of Philippines and a Filipino Citizen.
    • Principal card applicant must be between 21 to 65 years.
    • Supplementary card applicant must be above 16 years.
    • The net yearly income of the applicant must be a minimum of P120,000.
    • If employed, the applicant must be a regular employee for a minimum of a year.
    • If self-employed, the applicant must be profitably employed for at least two years.

    Documents Required

    • Income proof: Photo bearing ID issued by the government such as TIN, SSS ID, Passport, Driver’s License, Unified multi-purpose ID or ID’s issued by private firms regulated by SEC/IC or BSP.
    • Income proof

      Employed applicants – Last three month payslip or ITR (Income Tax Return) and Employment Certificate with hiring date, position and net income.

      Self-employed applicants – Latest ITR or AFS (Audited Financial Statements) or DTI/SEC stamped registration papers.


    1. How do I request for a refund on the excess amount paid on my PNB-AIM Platinum MasterCard account?

      PNB charges an Over Limit Fee of P300 or USD10 in case of excess payment.

    2. In case, my payment does not get through owing to insufficient funds, what is the Returned Check Fee charged by PNB?

      The Returned Check Fee levied on PNB MasterCard cardholders is P1,000 for Peso transactions and USD10 for Dollar transactions.

    3. In case of a lost or stolen card, what is the Lost card fee for PNB-AIM Platinum MasterCard cardholders?

      The Lost card fee that cardholders will have to pay the Philippine National Bank is P400.

    4. What is the balance transfer rate offered by PNB to its customers?

      PNB offers a balance transfer rate of 0.55% for 24 months to its cardholders.

    5. Will I avail any travel insurance on the AIM Platinum MasterCard?

      Yes, PNB gives you travel accident insurance worth a maximum of P3 million.

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