• PNB Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard

    PNB Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard
    Credit Card
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    PNB Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard
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    Travel, Insurance, Shopping, Dining and Entertainment

    The PNB-The Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard is a special credit card that has special benefits for customers shopping at Jewelmer Joaillerie. The card gives them the facility to avail a discount of 20% at the store in the month of their birthday. Cardholders can apply for this card and reap the benefits.

    Features and Benefits

    • Global acceptance and utility: The cardholders of PNB-The Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard can use their card in any corner of the world because it is accepted by more than 22 million merchants across the globe. Payment of bill is made convenient by channels like branches of PNB, Allied Savings Bank, Savemore Payment Centres across the Philippines, through BancNet Online, SM and BDO branches. There is a provision of an economical minimum payment amounting to P500 or 5% of the total balance, whichever of these two is higher.
    • 0% Instalment Payment Plan: Cardholders can use the PNB-The Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard to make your big purchases as the cardholder gets the benefit of 0% interest on instalments. You can choose a suitable instalment plan that can range between 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 months.
    • Balance Transfer: Cardholders can avail the facility of credit card balance transfer as PNB offers the advantage of a low interest rate. By using this feature, the PNB-Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard customers can transfer all their credit card balance to their PNB account.
    • Cash Transfer: Cardholders are allowed to withdraw 30% of their credit limit using their PNB-Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard. They can withdraw cash from more than 5,000 BancNet counters in the Philippines, 820,000 ATMs all over the world and 600 PNB ATMs.
    • Rewards Points: The PNB Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum card entitles the cardholder to 1 reward point, every time they spend P40 using the card at The Jewelmer Joaillerie, while they can earn 1 rewards point for every P50 spent anywhere else apart from the store.
    • Cash Credits: Cardholder can redeem over 500 points using their PNB-The Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard and get a cash credit worth P125. This amount is credited to the amount due once redemption is done.
    • Mabuhay Miles: For every reward that the cardholder earns on the card, they can get redeem it with a Mabuhay Mile. The cardholder needs to gather a bulk of 2,000 points for the initial redemption. Later, the following redemptions can be done in bulks of 100.
    • Save the Palawan Seas Foundation: Using this facility, the cardholder can redeem P125 for every 500 points they have gathered. This is a separate agreement.
    • Dual Billing: PNB-The Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard cardholders can avail a flexible and convenient billing as it gives out the bills in US Dollars for international transactions and in Peso for local customers. So, one can choose their currency that they want to pay in using that day’s payment rate.
    • MasterCard Moments: MasterCard releases an exclusive e-newsletter every month with the latest updates on the best deals in the world. Cardholders can also have a preview on the upcoming bargains online.
    • ONB MasterCard inControl: The Philippine National Bank allows the cardholder to access their credit card account online. Using the PNB MasterCard inControl, they can set limits on their card and its usage. This way they can control how, when and where they wish their credit card to be used.


    • Cardholders can get a 20% discount on their birthday month at Jewelmer Joaillerie.
    • Cardholders can get loyalty gifts from Jewelmer Joaillerie by redeeming the gathered reward points.

    Insurance Offered

    • Purchase Protection Insurance – PNB offers warranty and security for an extended period of time for free. The items that the cardholders buy using the Jewelmer Joaillerie are covered against theft or damage by accident. The insurance can be claimed within 90 days from the purchase date.
    • Fraud Transaction Insurance – Cardholders can now put a check on unauthorized usage of their cards owing to this insurance. In case of a stolen or lost card, this insurance will provide you coverage against fraudulent transactions. The charge for this insurance is just P10 per month or P120 yearly.
    • Travel Insurance – If the cardholder buys travel tickets using the PNB card, they can avail up to P3 million as travel insurance for free. The insurance also includes lost luggage, flight delays and others. To find out more, cardholders can call on (02) 878-54-00 to reach AIG Philippines.

    Security Feature

    One-Time PIN or OTP: This security feature has been implemented on all online transactions made through your PNB Credit Card. Cardholders will receive a One-Time PIN or OTP for every online transaction that they make. They will receive this OTP on their registered mobile number. The OTP will provide them with an added level of security from unauthorized purchases made using your card.

    To receive this OTP, they must update their mobile number with the bank in case of any changes. If they wish to update their mobile number, they can contact the bank on their Customer Service Hotline Number available 24/7 at 02-818-9-818 or on DTF at 1800-10-818-9-818.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria to apply for this credit card:

    • Principal applicants of this credit cards must be Filipino citizens only.

    Age criterion:

    • Minimum age – 21 years.
    • Maximum age – 65 years.

    Income criterion

    • Minimum monthly income required is P10,000

    Documents Required

    The following documents must be submitted to complete the application process:

    A valid ID Proof document containing your signature and photo such as your passport, Social Security System Card or SSS Card, TIN Card, etc.

    BIR Form 1700 (Most recent Income Tax Return) or BIR Form 2316 (Certificate of Payment or Tax Withheld).

    Employed applicants must submit one of the following documents:

    • A copy of last 3 months’ payslips.
    • A copy of last 2 months’ credit card statements – the applicant must be a principal cardholder, having a good credit standing for 12 months with another credit card issuer.
    • Original COE (Certificate of Employment) – the certificate must contain your hire date, your designation and your gross income.

    Self-employed/business persons/proprietors must submit:

    • A copy of the business registration with the SEC or DTI.
    • Last 2 years’ audited financial statements that includes your income statement and balance sheet.
    • Most recent ITR or Income Tax Return containing bank/BIR validation.

    Fees and Charges

    Annual Membership Fee For principal cardholders: P2,500 For supplementary cardholders: P1,250
    Monthly interest rate 3.25%
    Cash advance fee P100
    Service fee for cash advance 5% of the cash advance amount

    How to apply for PNB-The Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard

    Applicants will have to download the application form available on Philippine National Bank’s official website. They can visit the website and navigate to the PNB-The Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard. By scrolling down to the bottom of the page where they will find the option, “Download Application Form here”. They can click on this link, download the form, take a print out and fill in all the required details.

    Applicants can either submit or fax their application form along with the required documents to the nearest PNB branch.

    Lost/Stolen Card Liabilities

    If your PNB-The Jewelmer Joaillerie Platinum MasterCard has been lost, misplaced or stolen, you must immediately contact the bank and report the incident at 818-9-818 or on their toll-free number at 1800-10-1800-9818.

    If you inform the bank within 4 days of the loss/theft, you will lose a maximum of $50 in case someone has used your security credentials without your authorization. However, if you do not inform the bank within 4 days and the bank can prove that the incident could have been stopped, you could lose up to $500.

    If you have purchased Fraud Transaction Insurance for your credit card, you will stay protected from fraudulent transactions made on your card.

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