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    The Philippine National Bank (PNB) is a highly popular bank in the Philippines. The bank has several personal banking services that are created for different financial needs. You can choose from many credit cards that are made available by the bank. PNB Platinum MasterCard is a card given by PNB that allows you to live your dream life conveniently.

    Features and Benefits

    Let us take a look at the features and benefits offered by PNB Platinum MasterCard:

    • Wide range of privileges: You will get attractive rewards, discounts, and perks with this credit card.
    • Flexibility in billing: When you purchase goods or services within the Philippines, you will have to pay in Peso. When you shop for goods from any foreign nation, you will get to choose the US Dollar or Peso as your currency for your transaction.
    • Option in payments: PNB Platinum MasterCard gives you the option of making payments according to your preference and convenience. If you have a Peso account, you can pay the higher of P500 or 5% of your full bill. If you have a dollar account, you may pay the higher of $50 or 5% of your full bill.
    • Balance transfer programmes: You can enjoy making payments at low interest rates if you go for a balance transfer programme. You can shift credit card balances of other banks to your PNB Platinum MasterCard and then pay interests at a lower rate of interest.
    • Cash advance: This credit card will provide you with cash of up to 30% your available credit limit. You can get access to the cash by visiting any BancNet or a MasterCard ATM, or a PNB ATM in the country.
    • Interest-free payment plans and LuXexclusive: Have you always wanted to buy a product from a luxury company or an exorbitantly priced product? You need not worry about making the payment. With your PNB Platinum MasterCard, you can make all your dreams come true. You can buy any item and pay in installments. The payment term can be 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and it will go on up to 24 months. You also do not to fret about paying any interest as these installments are offered at 0% interest.
    • Ease in making payments: You can pay your PNB credit card bills at any branch or ATM of the Philippine National Bank or Allied Savings Bank. You may also pay these bills at a BDO branch and at Savemore Payment Centres or through SM and BancNet Online.
    • PNB MasterCard inControl: This credit card comes with a splendid feature that enables you to monitor your credit expenses proficiently. You will be able to assign limits for your credit card usage and you can plan how and when you want to use your credit card.


    Let us take a look at the rewards offered by PNB Platinum MasterCard:

    • Mabuhay Miles: When you choose Mabuhay Miles, 1 Mabuhay Mile or 1 point is equivalent to P50. You will need at least 2,000 points to make the first redemption. Later, you can make redemptions with 100 points.
    • Cash credits: You will be able to redeem your reward points for cash credits whenever you want. 1 point is equivalent to P50 and 4 points are equivalent to P1. You can make the redemptions for cash credits with 500 points.

    Insurance Offered

    Let us take a look at the insurance products offered by PNB Platinum MasterCard:

    • Travel insurance: If you use your PNB Platinum MasterCard for all your expenses for a particular travel plan, you will get travel insurance for free! This travel insurance will cover your losses when your flight gets delayed, when your luggage gets stolen, when your flight gets cancelled, etc.
    • Protection for purchases: This credit card offered by PNB will provide you with amazing purchase protection insurance. Whenever you purchase a product from a store, you will receive additional warranty and protection and these features are available for free. If any of your purchased products get damaged or stolen, your loss will be covered fully. The protection period ranges for 90 days after the item is bought.

    Fees and Charges

    Let us take a look at the fees and charges you will have to pay for your PNB Platinum MasterCard:

    • When you go for the PNB Platinum MasterCard, your annual fee will be P3,000.

    How to apply for PNB Platinum MasterCard

    You can apply for a PNB Platinum MasterCard by filling the credit card application form that is available on the bank’s official website. You will need to fill the form, sign it, scan it, and then send it through email to the bank’s official email ID.

    You can also fill the application form available online and then submit it at your nearest PNB branch.

    Lost/Stolen Card Liabilities

    When your credit card gets stolen or lost, certain transactions may be made by the person who has got hold of your card. Until you inform the bank, you will be held liable for all these unauthorised transactions. This card comes with insurance for fraud protection at P120 for a year and P10 for a month. This fraud protection insurance will cover you for unauthorised transactions made with your card.

    If your PNB Platinum MasterCard gets stolen or lost, you will need to use the following contact details:

    Domestic toll-free at 1800-10-818-9-818 OR (02) 818-9-818 for Metro Manila OR

    E-mail: PNBCardsCustomerCare@alliedbank.com.ph.

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