• PNB UERM College of Medicine Alumni Association (UERM CMAA)

    PNB UERM College of Medicine Alumni Association (UERM CMAA)
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    PNB UERM College of Medicine Alumni Association (UERM CMAA)
    Annual Fee:

    Free for 1st 5 years
    Reward type:
    Insurance and Shopping

    PNB UERM CMAA Platinum Mastercard is a special co-branded card by the PNB bank. It’s free for the first 5 years and offers special privileges to students and alumnis of UERM College of medicine. It comes with all the perks that a platinum Mastercard can offer, and more.

    Features and Benefits

    • Annual fee waived for the first 5 years.
    • Free registration in any activities at UERM CMAA Continuing Medical Education
    • Waiver of annual dues of the Alumni Association for a year.
    • 10% discount in the lifetime membership fee of the Alumni Association.
    • 10% discount in the registration fee of the Alumni Association Homecoming.
    • 24x7 customer service.
    • Great deals with Mastercard Moments.
    • Electronic Statement of Account (eSOA).
    • Cash Advance of up to 30% of the card credit limit.
    • 0% installment plan on terms of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 up to 24 months on shopping at select establishments for luxury items.


    The cardholder can earn 1 point on for P50 spent via PNB UERM College of Medicine Alumni Association (UERM CMAA) Platinum Mastercard.

    PNB UERM CMAA Platinum Mastercard reward points are valid for a whole year from the time the cardmember earns the points.

    The points can be redeemed in 2 ways:

    • Cash Credits - Cardholder can redeem their points for Cash Credits any time they want. Every 4 points gets the cardholder P1 Cash Credit. But redemptions can be made only with a minimum of 500 points at a time, and in multiples of 500.
    • Mabuhay Miles - A cardholder can opt for Mabuhay Miles rewards scheme under which he/she will get 1 Mabuhay Mile per point on the card. The first redemption has to be a minimum of 2,000 points. The following redemptions can be done in blocks of 100 points.

    Insurance Offered

    • Travel Insurance - Cardholders can avail free travel insurance of up to P3 million on charging the fare on their PNB UERM CMAA Platinum Mastercard. Other travel related benefits with this insurance include coverage for flight delays, baggage loss, etc.
    • Purchase Protection Insurance - Extended warranty and security on all items purchased using the credit card. The Purchase Protection Insurance covers items against accidental damage and theft for 90 days from the days of purchase.
    • Fraud Transaction Insurance - This insurance provides cover against all expenditures and misuse of the credit card upon being lost or stolen. The cover comes at a premium of P120 per annum.

    Supplementary Cards

    PNB UERM CMAA Platinum Mastercard offers its patrons the opportunity to share its benefits with their loved ones, without any liabilities keeping them doing so. So the supplementary cards with this principal card comes free for life.

    However, the supplementary card applicant cannot be younger than 13 years old.

    Security Feature

    • OTP Generation: PNB has implemented the use of OTP for every card transaction online. Each card transaction is now verified with a one-time pin sent to the mobile number of the cardholder.
    • PNB MasterCard inControl: This program generates unique card numbers only to be used on internet for online purchases. This program has various other features that gives a cardholder complete control over his/her credit card operations.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Current or ex-student of UERM College of Medicine.

    Documents Required

    • ID Proof can be any of the following:
      • Passport with ACR
      • Internal Revenue Service I.D. (IRS I.D.)
      • SSS I.D.
      • National I.D.
      • Work Permit Issued by DOLE (mandatory if employed in Philippines)
    • A foreign national must submit the copy of any of the following as valid ID proof:
      • ACR/ICR or I-Card
      • Philippine Retirement Authority ID
    • Income proof for the employed can be one of the following
      • Latest duly-stamped ITR or BIR Form 2316
      • Latest 3 months payslips,
    • If self-employed, then the required income proof will be latest audited Financial Statements.

    Fees and Charges

    Annual Fee Free for the first 5 years
    Supplementary Card Fee Free for life
    Cash Advance Transaction Fee P100
    Cash Advance Service Fee 5% of the Cash Advance amount
    Security Fee P120
    Card Replacement Fee P400
    Returned Check Fee P1,000
    Late Payment Fee P300
    Foreign Currency Transaction Service Fee 2.50% of Mastercard’s conversion rate for the day.

    How to apply for PNB UERM CMAA Platinum Mastercard

    To apply for a PNB UERM CMAA Platinum Mastercard, an applicant must download the application form from the PNB website.

    The duly filled and signed form then has to be then scanned. The copy, along with the requisite documents has to be sent to the PNB via

    Lost/Stolen Card Liabilities

    If the PNB UERM CMAA Platinum Mastercard is lost or stolen, the cardholder must immediately report the loss of the same to PNB via its Customer Service Hotline.

    The cardholder must also report the loss to the PNB in writing within 24 hours of informing about the loss via phone call. This written statement must be accompanied with an affidavit describing the date, place and circumstances of the loss/theft of the credit card.

    Liabilities: The PNB cardholder will continue to be held liable for any and all transactions before the bank’s receiving the advice of loss/stolen credit card. Such liabilities may include fraudulent transactions or signature being forged.

    Once PNB receives the written advice, the cardholder shall be free from all liabilities. The bank will, however, charge a card replacement fee of P400 to cover the cost of the new card as well as the cost of disseminating information about the loss/theft.

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