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    RCBC Bankard offers a broad array of credit cards for all kinds of financial requirements. You can go for a corporate credit card offered by RCBC Bankard for meeting your business expenses efficiently. With this unique credit card, you can enhance the wealth of your business extensively. It is specially designed to cater to the needs of every corporate entity.

    Features and Benefits

    Let us take a look at the features and benefits offered by RCBC Bankard Corporate Card:

    • This credit card helps companies in meeting all their expenses. A company can meet their expenses incurred on travel, entertainment expenditures, office location, office supplies, office equipment, etc.
    • A company can give this corporate credit card to all employees and they will be able to purchase anything for the company such as office supplies, office stock, etc. This method of giving the employees a card will help the company in keeping tabs on every employee’s expenses.
    • The RCBC Bankard Corporate Card is provided under the Mastercard Corporate Payments Program. Hence, this card uses the Smart Data System of MasterCard. This is an advanced system that will enable any corporate entity to administer and monitor all corporate expenses easily, thoroughly, and conveniently.
    • The RCBC Bankard Corporate Card is given to companies and it is handed to certain employees and officers chiefly for meeting all expenses associated with a business. These expenses can be business representation, travel expenses, office products, etc.
    • This credit card is supplied in both Philippine Peso and US Dollar.

    Insurance Offered

    When you take a credit card from RCBC Bankard, you can go for RCBC Bankard CREDIT PROTECT Plus. This is a protection programme offered by RCBC Bankard in order to protect you from situations such as death and disability. You will also get protection if your credit card gets stolen, misplaced, or lost. When your card goes missing, if someone makes unauthorised transactions, you will get covered by this programme. You can choose from Plan 175 and Plan 275 to enjoy the protection benefits. The premium payments for both these plans differ.

    Some of the benefits covered by RCBC Bankard CREDIT PROTECT Plus include credit life, misplaced or stolen credit card, permanent disability caused by accident, accidental death, identity theft issues, cloning, etc.

    Under this programme, you will also get free alerts through SMS when you make pre-defined purchases with the help of Spend Monitor. You will also receive a free web shopper from RCBC Bankard.

    Advantages of RCBC Bankard CREDIT PROTECT Plus

    Let us discuss some of the advantages of RCBC Bankard CREDIT PROTECT Plus:

    • You do not have to give any medical examination while applying for this protection programme.
    • Your premium payments will be low irrespective of your job or age. These premium payments are fixed in nature.

    How to apply for RCBC Corporate Card

    You can apply for RCBC Bankard Corporate Card by contacting your RCBC Corporate Banking Relationship Manager or your RCBC/RCBC Savings Bank Business Centre Manager. You may also visit the nearest RCBC Bankard branch for full information regarding the RCBC Bankard Corporate Card.

    Security Features

    All credit cards offered by RCBC Bankard come with extensive security so that all your credit card transactions are safe and secure. Let us take a look at some of the security features provided for RCBC Bankard credit cards:

    • RCBC Bankard Shop Secure
    • With your RCBC Bankard Corporate Card, you can register for RCBC Bankard Shop Secure in order to have a safe online shopping experience. You will get it for free. You can register your RCBC Bankard MasterCard by following a registration process that is available on the official website of RCBC Bankard.

    • EMV Chip Technology
    • RCBC credit cards are provided with EMV chip technology which retains and safeguards the data of a cardholder. This technology helps in reading the card and in conducting the transaction. You only have to dip this card. You do not have to swipe it. The best part about this technology is that you will be able to use this card even at a store that is not enabled with EMV. This is because an EMV-enabled card comes with a magnetic-stripe feature as well.

    How to Report Stolen or Lost Credit Card

    You can call the hotline of RCBC Bankard for immediate support. You can call them at 888-1-888.

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