• RCBC Bankard Gold Cards

    RCBC Bankard Gold Cards
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    RCBC Bankard Gold Cards
    Annual Fee:
    Free for 1st year
    Reward type:
    Travel, Insurance, Gas, Groceries, Shopping and Dining

    Overview of RCBC Bankard Gold Credit Card

    This card is perfect for those who wish to climb the ladder of life to its highest point and celebrate life from the top. With a variety of exciting benefits and features, this card is perfect for every ambitious Filipino out there.


    • For all purchases charged to their RCBC Bankard Gold credit card, customers can avail Flexible Rewards Points.
    • Online security is given utmost priority so that customers can shop freely, without worrying about security.
    • Customers have the option of converting all of their extravagant purchases into installments.
    • This card can also be used in many places throughout the world.
    • The best part is that, the membership fee for the first year is waived.

    Benefits and Additional Features

    • Recognition Worldwide and Acceptance
      • The Gold credit card by RCBC Bankard is accepted and recognised by some of the most important establishments throughout the Philippines and also other merchants throughout the world. Gold credit cardholders need to only look for JCB logos, Visa and Mastercard logos to avail this option.
    • Privileges while travelling internationally
      • Customers will find that the Gold credit card by RCBC Bankard is their perfect companion for all travel related needs as it comes with a variety of fantastic benefits such as free purchase protection and travel insurance, concierge services all over the world for free, 0 percent installment for all purchases made overseas, exclusive access to the Miascor Lounge.
      • In addition to this, JCB card users have access to the JCB Plaza Lounge wherein a variety of services can be availed.
    • Convenient Payment in Peso
      • Customers of the RCBC Bankard Gold credit card can charge their purchases abroad in any currency and pay for the same in pesos when they return home.
    • Easyterms Installment by RCBC Bankard
      • Through the Easyterms Installment program by RCBC Bankard, customers can pay for all of their extravagant purchases at easy installments of 0 percent rate of interest for 3-12 month installment tenure or regular installments at low rates of interest. These retail purchases can be converted to installment by contacting the RCBC Bankard Customer care.
    • Rewards Program
      • Every time customers charge P125 from drugstores, gas stations, supermarkets or P36, they can earn one Rewards Point. These points can be redeemed for a variety of exciting gifts such as credit to their RCBC Bankard credit card, shopping certificates at over 100 stores throughout the Philippines. Customers can also deposit the same to their checking or savings account.
      • Apart from this, customers can enroll in AIRMILES Program by RCBC Bankard to earn AIRMILES instead of Rewards Points.
      • Cash rebate can also be procured by enrolling in the CASH REBATE offer by RCBC Bankard.
    • Cash Advance
      • Customers have access to their cash anywhere in the world with the RCBC Bankard Gold credit card. 30 percent of the credit limit is accessible through cash withdrawal at ATMs that bear Visa or Cirrus logo.

    Eligibility and Documentation

    In order to be eligible to procure the RCBC Bankard Gold credit card, customers must meet the following requirements -

    • Customer must be a minimum of 21 years old.
    • Customer must possess a landline, either at work or at home.

    Documents required are -

    • Copy of one ID with signature and photo
    • TIN card, SSS Photocard, Driver’s License/ Company ID, Passport
    • Any proof of income (copy)
    • If customer is employed(any one of the following must be submitted) -
    • W2 or Income Tax Return with Bank Stamp or BIR
    • Most recent monthly salary payslip
    • Original copy of certificate of employment along with details of annual income that has been signed by authorized HR group signatory. The certificate must not be over six months old.
    • If self-employed or businessman or proprietor (any one of the following must be provided)
    • Most recent financial statement that has been audited along with Bank stamp or BIR along with a copy of the Income tax return or/and Bank Stamp or W2 BIR.

    Fees and Charges

    Principal Cardholder Fee P3000 per year
    Supplementary Cardholder Fee P1500 per year
    Interest Rate/Retail Monthly Effective Rate of Interest 3.50 percent/3.54 percent
    Interest Rate for Cash Advance 3.55 percent
    Membership Fee for First Year Waived
    Fee for Returned Check P1000
    Retrieval Fee for Invoice P150
    Fee for Card Replacement P300
    Fee for Cash Advance P500 or 3 percent of cash amount, whichever amount is higher
    Fee for Late Payment P200 or 7 percent of the past due amount, whichever amount is higher
    Fee for Pre-Termination of Installment P500 or 5 percent of the unpaid principal, whichever amount is higher
    Service Fee Applicable for Foreign Currency Transactions 3.5 percent of the amount that has been converted representing the service fee of the bank
    Minimum Amount that is due A sum of -
    • P500 or 5 percent of the amount due, whichever is higher
    • Past due amount, if there is any
    • Current late charges
    • Over limit amount

    Promotions Available

    • Customers can procure unique dining offers at La Verana, Le Bar and Spiral at SOFITEL with their RCBC Bankard Gold credit card.
    • Customers can travel to Cebu with their JCB by RCBC Bankard and avail discounts from some of the best hotels in the city.
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