• RCBC InstaCard Credit Card Program

    Credit cards are a boon in most people’s lives. The added balance, fantastic features and the freedom to purchase whatever they want even if they cannot afford it at that moment, are some of the reasons why credit cards are a very popular means of financial transactions. There are many different types of credit cards that cater to a myriad categories and requirements. Most of them come with specific benefits such as cashback on fuel purchases or promos that are time sensitive and so on. All major banks within the Philippines provide various credit cards. RCBC Bankard provides a wide range of credit cards and also comes with a set of really great programs such as the InstaCard credit card program.

    RCBC Bankard

    One of the most important and sought after credit card providers within the Philippines, RCBC Bankard focuses on providing innovative products with the best possible features and quality with top class customer service. The InstaCard Program by RCBC is an option that comes with fantastic features.

    The first requirement of all banks with respect to their customers before providing credit cards for them is to ensure that customers have a good credit record and score. Those individuals who possess good credit histories can readily avail credit cards of their choice at economical rates of interest, however for those who have an unfavourable credit record, acquiring cards may prove to be a little more difficult. This is because those with bad credit records are seen to be risky by creditors and banks in terms of payment of credit card bills.

    However, customers with less than favourable credit records, who want to procure credit cards now have it easy thanks to the InstaCard program by RCBC. Customers, through the RCBC InstaCard Credit Card program, can procure any RCBC Bankard credit cards of their choice without having to worry about credit approval.

    RCBC InstaCard Program

    Through this program, all customers regardless of their credit records can avail any RCBC credit card of their choice that is most suited to their financial requirements. Customers need not have to wait to get their credit approved and this is completely guaranteed regardless of the individual’s prior credit history.

    In addition to this, customers can also determine their limit of credit based on their choice and requirements.

    Customers can also enjoy other unique benefits such as -

    • Individuals who use RCBC Bankard credit cards can avail a revolving fee of just 2.5% every month.
    • In addition to the above, customers can enjoy a membership fee that is as low as P60 every month.

    Eligibility and Documentation

    Customers prefer to avail credit cards from banks and companies where the application process is simple and hassle free.
    The application process for customers to procure RCBC Bankard credit cards is simple and convenient.

    In order to avail RCBC Bankard credit cards, customers must follow the steps given below -

    • Firstly, customers must decide and choose the RCBC Bankard credit card that is most suited to their requirements.
    • Customers must then open an InstaCard account in the closest RCBC branch or RCBC Savings bank branch. After the required initial deposit and maintaining balance, customers will also have to open a current/savings account in any of the RCBC branches.
    • Post the above, customers must submit the following documents -
      • The InstaCard application form which is available at the branch itself
      • Opening forms for the Current/Savings account
      • Deeds of assignment (available at the bank itself)
      • Required IDs

    Customers can also apply for the same online.


    • Applicants must be 21 years of age or older.
    • Applicants must not possess a delinquent account at RCBC Bankard.
    • Customers must have a minimum deposit hold out amount of P5000 or US$ 2000.
    • The current/savings account amount that is indicated for the InstaCard application by the customers will be on hold and subject to the requirements given below -
      • The current/savings account amount and number provided in the ‘Deed of Assignment’ and the application form will be considered as the credit limit and collateral for the card.
      • In case of cancellation, the hold-out amount will be in effect for 60 days and until RCBC Bankard confirms it.
      • Post cancellation of the credit card, the hold out amount on the deposit will be released after 60 days so as to allow the posting of overdue billings.
    • The membership amount for customers is free for the first year and after this, the amount is lower than usual.
    • For peso cards, the revolving interest rate is as low as 2.5% and for dollar cards, the rate is 2%.

    Fees and Charges

    Card Brand Black Card Dollar Black Card Peso Diamond Card UnionPay Diamond UnionPay Classic GOLD MasterCard
    Membership fee principal $5 per month P150 per month P150 per month P150 per month P60 per month P100 per month
    Membership fee supplementary Free Free Cancelled for up to 3 supplementary cards, in case it is above P75 per month Free P30 per month P50 per month
    Interest rate per month 2%/2.02% 2.5%/2.53% 2.5%/2.53% 2.5%/2.53% 2.5%/2.53% 2.5%/2.53%
    Cash advance - monthly rate 2.03% 2.533% 2.533% 2.533% 2.533% 2.533%
    Card Brand Landmark Anson’s MasterCard LJC MasterCard Mango MasterCard Classic MasterCard Sta. Lucia Mall MasterCard Wilcon MasterCard
    Membership fee principal P60 per month P60 per month P60 per month P60 per month P60 per month P60 per month
    Membership fee supplementary P30 per month P30 per month P30 per month P30 per month P30 per month P30 per month
    Interest rate per month 2.5%/2.53% 2.5%/2.53% 2.5%/2.53% 2.5%/2.53% 2.5%/2.53% 2.5%/2.53%
    Cash advance - monthly rate 2.533% 2.533% 2.533% 2.533% 2.533% 2.533%

    Other charges

    Membership fee for the first year Not applicable
    Fee for returned check $25 or P1000
    Fee for Invoice retrieval $5 or P150
    Fee for replacement of card $25 or P300 or P500
    Fee for cash advance P500 ($10 for dollar cards) or 3% of the amount of cash that is procured, whichever amount is higher
    Fee for late payment P200($5 for dollar cards) or 7% of the past amount due, whichever amount is higher
    Fee for pre-termination of installment P500 or 5% of the principal amount that is unpaid
    Cancellation fee $10 or P300
    Minimum amount that is due A sum of the following -

    •P500($15 for dollar cards) or 5% of the total amount that is due, whichever amount is higher

    •Amount due in the past, if any

    •Late charges currently

    •Over-limit amount

    The RCBC Bankard InstaCard program is a boon for those with an unfavourable credit record looking to procure credit cards. RCBC Bankard offers a wide range of cards that is suited for the myriad requirements of customers. Through the InstaCard program, customers can procure the RCBC Bankard credit card of their choice.

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