• Security Bank Diners Club Seaoil Credit Card

    Security Bank Diners Club Seaoil Credit Card
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    Security Bank Diners Club Seaoil Credit Card
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    Travel, Gas, Shopping, Utilities, Dining and Entertainment

    Overview of Security Bank SeaOil Credit Card

    The financial world has been revolutionised by the use of credit cards. Armed with a wide variety of features and benefits, the sheer number of credit cards on the market today ensures that there is something beneficial for every credit card holder.

    Perfect for those who are on the road most of the time and for motorists, the Security Bank SeaOil credit card has a plethora of benefits and features that will appeal to every Filipino who is eligible to own a credit card.


    • Customers can procure a rebate of 4 percent on fuel at SeaOil Stations
    • Roadside Assistance is provided throughout the week at all times.
    • Upon activation of credit card, customers can get fuel worth P500.


    • Gas Benefits
      • Customers receive a rebate of 4 percent on purchases of SeaOil fuel.
      • On SeaOil Lubricants, customers can get a discount of 10 percent.
      • Dining Benefits
      • Every time customers use their Diners Club SeaOil credit card on dining expenses, they stand to earn 1 Rewards Point for every P20 that is spent.
    • Travel Benefits
      • Customers can procure roadside assistance 24/7 that covers minor and towing on site.
      • Information such as weather and traffic updates, closest SeaOil stations and breaking news is provided.
      • International hotels, dining and leisure deals such as room upgrades without additional charges can be procured at renowned outlets thanks to the Diners Club Privileges.
    • Entertainment Benefits
      • Customers can use their SeaOil credit card by Security Bank and avail one Rewards Point for every P20 that is spent.
    • Shopping Benefits
      • Customers can utilize the ChargeLight offer to convert their purchases into economic installments of 3 to 24 months.
      • Card holders can also enjoy unique and exclusive privileges with respect to shopping throughout the year with Diners Club Privileges.
    • Utility Benefits
      • Customers need to only enroll once for all their utility bills and can experience convenience with regard to their payments due to the Bills Assist Online Facility.
      • When customers use their Diners Club SeaOil credit card to pay their bills, they earn one Rewards Point each time they spend P20.


    • Customers can avail the facility of Balance Transfer wherein they can transfer balances from their other credit cards at rates of interest as low as 1.9 percent.
    • Diners Club SeaOil credit card users can utilize the ChargeLight Installment Plan and shop at participating outlets at a rate of interest of 0 percent.
    • Users can share the benefits and features of their card by procuring a maximum of 5 supplementary credit cards and share it with their loved ones.
    • A cash advance of a maximum of 30 percent of the credit limit can be procured.
    • Users can experience exclusive travel and dining offers from around the world through the Diners Club.
    • With the Online Banking facility by Security Bank, customers can download their account statement as and when they want, access their balance and also view their past ten transaction details.
    • Customer service is available at all times.
    • Thanks to the Bills Assist online option, customers can consolidate all their bills and pay all of their dues easily and quickly.
    • Customers can easily request for changes in their mailing address, update their online profile by just a click of a button.

    Fees and Charges

    Yearly Fee P1500 (first year fee waived)
    Minimum Income per month P16667
    Principal Cardholder - Minimum Age 21 to 65 years
    Supplementary Cardholder - Minimum Age 16 to 65 years
    Fee for Supplementary Cardholder P750
    Finance Charges 3.5 percent per month
    Required Identification GSIS/SSS No. and Tax Identification Number
    Fee for Card Replacement P400
    Fee for Retrieval of Sales Slip P400
    Cash Advance Amount 30 percent of the limit of credit
    Charge for Late Payment 6 percent of amount outstanding or P600, whichever is higher
    Limit for Cash Back N/A
    Charge for Cash Advance 5 percent of the cash advance amount or P500, whichever is higher

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is the yearly fee charged?

      The annual fee is P1500 and the yearly fee is waived for the first year.

    2. What is the rate of interest charged on the Security Bank SeaOil credit card?

      3.5 percent per month is the interest rate charged.

    3. Can Rewards Points be procured by using the SeaOil credit card from Security Bank?

      Yes, customers can procure Rewards Points by spending P20 on their Security Bank SeaOil credit card on various purchases.

    4. Is it necessary to have a postpaid account in order to procure the SeaOil credit card from Security Bank?

      Yes, it is necessary to have a postpaid account in order to avail the SeaOil credit card from Security Bank.

    5. What is the expiry period for Rewards Points?

      There is no expiry period for Rewards Points.

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