• Standard Chartered Platinum Cash Rewards Card

    Standard Chartered Platinum Cash Rewards Card
    Credit Card
    Annual Fee
    Reward type
    Standard Chartered Platinum Cash Rewards Card
    Annual Fee:
    Free for 1st year
    Reward type:
    Travel, Gas, Groceries, Shopping, Dining and Premium

    This card provides platinum class rewards by offering you rebates on routine spends all year round. The best part about these rebates is that they are available not only in the Philippines, but at major destinations around the world. A flat rebate of 3% is offered on spends in the categories of dining and departmental stores, plus a rebate of 0.3% on spends in all other categories.

    If that is not sufficient, you can enjoy the best of deals and discounts in the Philippines with the promos which offers customized deals for Platinum Cash Rewards card holders. The 360° Rewards program offer rewards points for all spends across various categories and accumulated spends can be redeemed for a host of rewards which includes gift certificates and paying off annual fees.

    Features & Benefits

    Pleasing Cash Rewards

    As mentioned earlier in this article, you get attractive rebates on regular spends such as dining and departmental stores. The more you spend with your Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards card, the more you save on the bill. The cash rebates are provided at the end of each billing segment and will reflect on the statement for your convenience. With this outright benefit, you don’t have to look for savings elsewhere, since rebates are offered for the most basic charges.

    Access to Visa Platinum Privileges

    Since this card is offered to you by Standard Chartered in association with Visa, you get access to handpicked privileges for all your leisure needs such as Clubs, Dining and Golf. These privileges are available in the Philippines and across major destinations around the world.

    Supplementary Cards For Your Loved Ones

    Share the credit with your loved ones as this card offers you up to 5 Supplementary Cards for your loves ones. Get them exclusive cards and monitor the transactions under a single statement. The minimum age for a Supplementary card holder is just 16 years.

    EZPay Installment Payment Option

    Save money on your big-ticket purchases as this card lets you spend at partner stores and brands and pay back in installments of 3 -24 months at 0 percent interest rate. You can also convert existing large value purchases into installment plans under the same plan where you get up to 48 months to payback by simply calling the Contact Centre.

    Cash Advance Facility

    As a privileged platinum cardmember, you can make cash advances of up to 30% of the total card limit at any of the ATMs. No more worrying about cash during those emergency situations when you need it the most.

    Smart Cash Loan Program

    The Standard Chartered Smart Cash program, a one of its kind loan program on credit cards lets you avail a multi-purpose loan of up to 90% of the available credit limit. The cardmember can use the loan amount for a variety of expenses such as medical charges, vacation etc. The loan comes to at nominal rates and can be availed by simply calling the Contact Center.

    Balance Transfer from Other Cards

    As a standard feature, you can transfer outstanding balances from other credit cards, pay in installment options of your choice and also save money by way of paying nominal interest charges.

    Wide Range of Channels To Access Your Account

    Standard Chartered offers a wide range of channels to access your account such as Online Banking, SMS Alerts and eSOA where your receive monthly statements right into your inbox, to the registered email address. With these multiple channels, you can track your spends and payments anytime, anywhere!

    360° Rewards Program

    For every P10 spend using this card, you get 1 rewards point into your account. Accumulated points can be redeemed for air miles, additional cash rebates, gift certificates and can even be used to offset the annual fees.

    Wide Range of Payment Channels

    Paying your credit card bills has never been so easy with the online and offline payment channels Standard Chartered offers. You can pay monthly bills at branches, ATMs, via online banking and over the counters at BDO, RCBC, Save More Market Bills Payment Centers and SM Bills Payment Counters.

    Promo Offers Across Segments

    Round the year promo offers await you with you Standard Chartered Platinum Cash Rewards Card. This card is eligible for the best of deals such as discounts at restaurants, holiday deals and so on.

    Interest Rate & Fees

    • The EIR (Effective Interest Rate) for the Platinum Cash Rewards card is is 3.5% per month which is applicable for all retail transactions made by both principal and supplementary card members.
    • The Annual Fee for Primary card is billed P2,750 for each renewal and P1,375 for Supplementary card.
    Fee Description Amount
    Late Payment Fee 7.5% of the minimum amount due or P600, whichever is higher. If the cardmember fails to make the payment beyond 60 days, an additional penalty of P100 is levied until the full payment is realized by the bank.
    Cash Advance Fee 4% of the amount withdrawn or P375, whichever is higher.
    Card Replacement Fee P400 for each card replaced. Includes all reasons for replacement such as loss or damage.
    Returned Check Fee P200 for each returned check.
    Overlimit Fee P500 as penalty for each billing cycle if the assigned credit limit is exceeded.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I have the Standard Chartered Platinum Cash Rewards card and would like to apply for a limit increase. How does it work?
    2. Before making a request, the cardholder should be a member for at least 11 months. If you satisfy this rule, please call 830-1111 to request for a limit increase. Based upon your credit history and eligibility, the bank will make a decision.

    3. How much is the minimum amount due for this card?
    4. The minimum amount due will either be P200 or 1% of the outstanding amount (inclusive of principal, interest charges & fees). Based upon your financial convenience, you can decide to more than the minimum payment due before the due date failing to which there will be a late payment fee levied (see section above for the rate).

    5. I recently made an overpayment on my Platinum Cash Rewards card account. How do I seek a refund?
    6. You can call the Contact Center on the phone number provided and request for a refund. A fee of P500 is applicable for each request of refund.

    7. Is there a penalty if I decide to preclose an installment availed under the EZPay installment program?
    8. Yes, there will a monetary penalty charged to the account at the rate of 5% of the outstanding balance in the EZPay account, subject to a minimum of P1,500.

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