• Tips For Choosing The Best BDO Credit Card

    Banco de Oro or BDO was established in 1968, and is currently one of the foremost banks of Philippines offering a wide range of services and banking products. It is the largest bank within the Philippines in terms of loans, assets and deposits and is owned by the SM Group of Companies. Following its merger with the Equitable PCI Bank, it is currently known as Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc. Banco de Oro is a universal bank and as part of its banking portfolio, offers various services such as remittances, credit cards, investments, brokerage and cash management among others.

    Credit cards are probably one of the most popularly used financial products available today. These are nothing but plastic cards issued by a bank that allows customers to procure items on credit. Credit cards are one of the most popular products offered by BDO to its customers.

    Keeping up with the demands presented by ever increasing needs and myriad requirements, Banco de Oro offers a wide variety of credit cards. BDO has tied up with Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, American Express and JCB.

    The following credit cards are offered by BDO to customers within the Philippines.

    MasterCard Visa JCB UnionPay American Express
    Forever 21 Platinum Gold Diamond Cashback
    ShopMore Gold Lucky Cat Gold Platinum
    Standard Classic     Blue
    Bench       Green
    Gold       Cathay Pacific
    Platinum       Gold
    Installment Card        

    When there are so many options available, making the right choice is not just important, it is also quite hard. This exhaustive range of cards is provided so as to be in sync with the growing demands in the country. Each card comes with certain unique benefits and features that caters to myriad requirements of Filipinos.

    With such a wide range, choosing a card is not very easy. Although all cards offer a number of benefits and features, it is important for customers to procure a credit card that is most suited to their financial abilities and requirements and not just any random card. Given below are certain pointers that would make it easy for customers to decide on the card that is best suited for them.

    Tips to choose the most suitable card -

    • Understand the needs and requirements
    • Before customers procure a particular credit card, they have to understand their needs and the reason they are availing credit cards. Certain cards are advantageous for retail purchases, some are better for those who require a lot of fuel, others are mainly for luxury spends. Customers need to ascertain their requirements, and apart from this also determine their expectations from the card. Cards given above can be compared based on all their features and the benefits offered and based on this, the card should be chosen and availed.

    • Understand the affordability factor
    • Credit cards come with many attractive benefits, but this does not mean that the particular card is suitable for everyone. Customers need to choose a credit card that is in sync with their finances and not just one that promises good benefits and rewards. The whole point of a credit card is that, after purchasing something and charging it to the card, customers will have to pay the credit card bill. Therefore, a card that is difficult to pay for will only add to the customer’s financial woes later on.

    • Check the rates and charges
    • It is imperative for customers to go through all the legalities and understand the terms and conditions governing the card. Certain cards come with free annual fee and some have additional rates imposed on them. In order to avoid future confusion and hassles later on, customers will have to thoroughly read up on all the rates and charges.

    • Check up on the benefits, points and rewards
    • Credit cards come with various perks and deals such as dining offers, retail discounts and others that are exclusive to certain cards. Rebates and rewards points are also offered which can be exchanged for other offers. For example, there are cards that offer travel related perks which is ideal for those who travel most of the time. Looking up on these offers can help customers determine the credit card that is most suited to them.


    Variety is the spice of life, but too much ends up confusing the palate. Similarly, BDO offers a myriad of credit cards for various purposes but this can be confusing to customers who are unaware of all the benefits that come with it. Understanding the above points can help individuals make a choice on the card that they require and is most suited for their financial position and requirements.

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