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    Union Bank Great Treats And Rewards Visa Card
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    Union Bank Great Treats And Rewards Visa Card
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    The UnionBank Great Treats and Rewards Visa card is one of UnionBank’s top credit cards and is particularly known for its rewards programme. The card is built to make various aspects of everyday life more amusing - the card allows customers to enjoy reward points on shopping, dining, online retail purchases, groceries, insurance premiums and more. Customers can convert their reward points for some truly exciting vouchers and discounts.

    Let us look at the key benefits, features, fee details and other aspects of the UnionBank Great Treats and Rewards Visa Credit Card.

    Features and Benefits

    • Annual fee waiver
      • The annual fee for the card is waived if the minimum expenditure on the card is P150,000.
    • Cash withdrawal facility
      • Customers can withdraw cash by using their UnionBank credit card. Withdrawals can be made at ATMs. Cash withdrawals made using UnionBank credit cards are subject to handling charges and interest charges.
      • Interest is levied on an everyday basis at a compounding rate until the entire amount is repaid in full.
    • Balance transfer facility
      • UnionBank allows customers to transfer their existing credit card debt (from cards of other banks) to their UnionBank Great Treats and Rewards Visa Card. The debt will be held by UnionBank and customers can flexible repay their outstanding balance, getting rid of debts from other credit cards.
    • Discounts on dining and shopping
      • The UnionBank Great Treats and Rewards Visa Credit Card offers great discounts on dining and shopping, both online and offline. Customers can check the Union Bank website for details on periodic dining discounts and seasonal shopping discounts.
    • Easy Bill Repayment Options
      • Customers can pay their monthly credit card bills in a convenient manner either through online internet banking, at UnionBank ATMs or by visiting their nearest UnionBank branch in Philippines.
      • Customers can choose to receive their statements either physically (in which case the statement will be delivered to the customer’s mailing address) or through e-mail.
      • The monthly has to be paid by the payment due date. Customers are required to make a minimum payment of 3% of their monthly outstanding balance by the payment due date. Failure to do so will result in late payment charges and other penal charged being levied by the bank.
    • Insurance benefits
      • Customers can enjoy discounts on insurance premiums and flexible payment options when they purchase insurance using their UnionBank credit card.
      • Discounts on repairs and other offers
      • Customers get discounts on home repairs and refurbishments when they use their credit card to make purchases at UnionBank’s partner merchants.


    The UnionBank Great Treats and Rewards Visa Card is particularly known for its rewards programme as the card lets customers earn reward points on almost all types of purchases ranging from shopping, online purchases, groceries, travel and insurance.

    • For every P35 spent using the card, customers can earn 1 Reward Point.
    • Reward Points can be converted into discount vouchers and cash rebates.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • The applicant has to be minimum of 18 years of age.
    • The applicant must earn a minimum of P600,000 p.a. in order to be eligible for the card.
    • All documents required by the bank need to be duly submitted. Inaccuracies in information provided to the bank can lead to the rejection of the application.

    Documents Required

    Customers are required to submit the following documents to the bank to complete their application process:

    • Copy of Identity (TIN, PAssport or Voter ID)
    • Proof of income - latest computerized payslips, bank statement for the last 3 months.
    • Visa permit, Passport Copy, Work Permit and employment letter (in case of foreigners
    • Latest copy of duly filed Income Tax Returns.

    Fee and Charges

    Particulars Fee
    Primary card annual fee P1,500 p.a. (Annual fee waived for the first year)
    Cash advance 30% limit
    Cash Advance Monthly Effective Interest Rate 2.9%
    Cash Advance fee 3% of the amount withdrawn or PHP500, whichever is higher.
    Finance Charge 3.50% p.a.

    Card Security Feature

    The UnionBank Great Treats and Rewards Visa card comes with a comprehensive security framework that protects both online and offline transactions from information breaches or compromise of information. All transactions, both online and offline, need to be authenticated with secure PINs or Passwords that only the individual customer is aware of.

    In the case of online transactions, customers can choose to receive their One Time Password to their registered mobile number or enter their secure VISA Pin to authenticate the transaction. The same is the case with offline transactions where customers are required to enter their PIN number to authenticate a transaction at a merchant terminal.

    Note: Transactions, both online and offline, will only come through if accurate security information is provided.

    How to apply for the UnionBank Great Treats and Rewards Visa Credit Card

    Customers who wish to apply for the UnionBank Great Treats and Rewards Visa card can visit the official UnionBank website in Philippines and fill out the online credit card application. Customers will also need to provide supporting documents including income proof and identity proof. An executive from the bank will subsequently get in touch with the customer and verify the details, following which the bank will process the credit card application. Customers can also visit their nearest UnionBank branch in Philippines and physically fill out the application form. Once the bank approves the application, the card will reach the customer’s mailing address in about 7 working days.

    Reporting Lost/stolen Credit Cards

    Customers who’ve lost their credit card are required to immediately contact the bank’s customer service center and inform the bank about the loss of their card. In case of theft, customers might need to lodge a complaint at the nearest police station and submit a copy of the same to the bank. Once all details are verified, the bank will block the credit card and prevent any transactions from taking place on the card. The bank will investigate if the customer has acted fraudulently or in gross negligence and accordingly levy penalty charges. 

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