• Union Bank Philippine Medical Association Visa Card

    Union Bank Philippine Medical Association Visa Card
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    Union Bank Philippine Medical Association Visa Card
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    The UnionBank Philippines Medical Association Credit Card is a special card that supports various medical associations in Philippines through its cardmembers. The card comes with features that are almost similar to most credit cards offered by UnionBank including cash withdrawal facilities, easy bill payment options and instalment payments.

    UnionBank donates 50% of the card’s annual fee and 0.5% of retail expenses incurred by the customer (on his/her credit card) to medical associations in Philippines. Let us look at the card’s prominent features and benefits in detail.

    Features and Benefits

    The Philippine Medical Association Visa card comes with a host of benefits, many of which are worth mentioning.

    • Annual membership fee:
      • The membership fee for the card is waived for the first year. Subsequently, an annual membership fee of P1,500 will be charged on transactions.
    • Contactless payments:
      • The card can be used to make contactless payments at merchant terminals where there is a provision for contactless payments to be made.
    • Monthly instalment payments:
      • Customers can convert their purchases into easy, flexible monthly payments that can be stretched for periods of up to 36 months.
      • In order to convert purchases into monthly payments, customers need to contact the bank’s Customer Service Center.
    • Balance transfer:
      • Existing credit card debt from other credit cards can be transferred to the Philippine Medical Association Visa Credit Card. Customers enjoy low interest periods of up to 12 months depending on the amount they wish to transfer.
    • Easy utility bill payments
      • Customers can charge their utility bills automatically to their credit card. Customers also earn reward points on utility bill payments using their credit card.
    • Cash withdrawals:
      • Customers can withdraw cash from ATMs and cash withdrawal is against their allotted credit limit. Cash withdrawals are subject to interest charges (levied at a compounding rate) and cash advance handling charges.


    • The Union Bank Don Bosco Philippine Medical Association Visa Card allows customers to earn reward points on online shopping purchases, grocery shopping, utility bill payments, medical bills and and travel reservations.
    • For every P35 spent using their card, customers can earn 1 Reward Point.

    Eligibility Criteria

    In order to eligibile to apply for the Union Philippine Medical Association Visa Card, the following eligibility conditions need to be met:

    • The customer has to be a minimum of 21 years of age.
    • The applicant must either be a citizen of Philippines or a permanent resident.
    • The minimum income criterion that needs to be met in order to be eligible for the credit card is P180,000.
    • Applicants have to salaried or self-employed if they wish to apply for the card.

    Documents Required

    • Documents indicating proof of identity - Passport, Driving License, TIN Card, PRC ID, Voter’s ID.
    • Income documents - Certificate of employment, latest payslips and banks statements for the last 3 months.
    • Latest Income Tax Return stamped by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

    Fee and Charges

    Particulars Fee
    Primary card annual fee P1,500 p.a. (Annual fee waived for the first year)
    Cash advance 30% limit
    Cash Advance Monthly Effective Interest Rate 2.9%
    Cash Advance fee 3% of the amount withdrawn or PHP500, whichever is higher.
    Finance Charge 3.50% p.a.

    Card Security Feature

    UnionBank credit cards come with in-built security features that prevent unauthorised use of the card. Online and offline transactions are protected by PIN numbers and Passwords, information that is limited only to the authorised customer. In case of online transactions, customers can choose to receive a One-Time-Password sent to their customer's registered mobile number while offline transactions at merchant terminals require customers to enter their PIN number. Also, any transaction performed using the card will trigger an alert via SMS. No transaction, whether online or offline, will be completed without the customer’s authentication.

    How to apply for the UnionBank Philippine Medical Association Visa Card?

    Customers can apply for the credit card by visiting the official Union Bank website in Philippines and placing an online request by filling out the online application form. Customers will also be required to submit their documents including their proof of identity, proof of income and documents bearing residential information to the bank. The entire process can be done online (documents can be uploaded online after filling out the online application form).

    Customers can also visit any branch of Union bank and physically fill out the application form along with the supporting documents. Once the bank processes and reviews the application, the card will reach the customer’s mailing address within 7 working days.

    Reporting Loss/theft of your Credit Card

    If you have lost your credit card or your card has been stolen, you are immediately required to contact Union Bank’s customer service number at 1-800-10-6318000 and report it to the bank. You are required to provide details of your most recent transactions along with your card details. If any unauthorised transactions have taken place on your card, the bank will take cognizance and investigate if you’ve acted in gross negligence or fraudulently. A penalty will be imposed in such a case and criminal proceedings may be initiated if you’ve been found guilty of acting fraudulently.

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