• Union Bank Riviera Golf Club Visa Card

    Union Bank Riviera Golf Club Visa Card
    Credit Card
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    Union Bank Riviera Golf Club Visa Card
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    Travel, Shopping, Dining and Entertainment

    The UnionBank Riviera Golf Club Visa Card is a card specifically designed to offer golfing privileges to customers who love the sport and wish to enjoy exclusive privileges and benefits. The card comes with a host of other features as well including reward points, cashbacks and rebates. The card allows for easy payment of gold related fees at golf clubs with no interest charges on these payments. So, if you love golf, you can play the sport all through the year and pay your fees with ease and convenience!

    Let us look at the features, promotions and benefits offered by the UnionBank Riviera Golf CLub Visa Card.

    Features and Benefits

    • Privileges at golf clubs
      • As cardholders of the UnionBank Riviera Golf Club Visa credit card, customers get exclusive privileges at golf clubs in Philippines.
    • Seasonal discounts
      • Customers can enjoy excellent discounts on shopping, travel, entertainment, leisure and dining from time-to-time.
    • Instalment payment options
      • Customers can convert their purchases into flexible monthly payments spread over periods ranging from anywhere between 3 months and 36 months.
      • In order convert purchases into flexible monthly payments, customers can contact the bank’s customer service center and place a request.
    • Cash withdrawal facility
      • Customers can use their credit card to withdraw cash from ATMs across Philippines.
      • Cash withdrawals will attract cash advance handling charges and interest charges. Interest will be levied at a compounding rate on an everyday basis until the entire amount is repaid in full.
    • Convenient bill payment options
      • Customers will receive either an online statement (e-mail statement) of their monthly credit card bill or a physical statement (sent to the customer’s registered mailing address), or both.
      • The monthly due amount (minimum amount) has to be paid by the payment due date. Usually, the minimum monthly amount is 3% of the monthly outstanding balance.
      • Customers can pay their bills through online internet banking, at ATMs or by visiting their nearest UnionBank retail banking branch.
      • Usually customers enjoy an interest free period of about 21 days from the release of the monthly statement. However, interest will not be charged only if the entire amount is repaid in full within the interest-free window.
    • Annual fee waiver
      • The annual fee for the credit card is waived for the first year. Subsequently, an annual fee of P1,500 will be charged.
    • Balance transfer
      • Customers can transfer their existing credit card debt to the UnionBank Riviera Golf Club Visa Card.
    • Discounts on insurance premiums
      • Customers can enjoy discounts on auto insurance premiums.
    • Auto-charge bills
      • Customers can auto-charge recurring monthly bills to their credit card by enabling the auto-charge facility on their card.

    Insurance Offered

    All card members are eligible for the UnionBank Credit Life Insurance cover of P400,000. The insurance covers accidental death, permanent disability and partial disability.


    The UnionBank Riviera Golf Club Visa Credit Card has an impressive rewards programme. For every P35 spent on the card, 1 Reward Point can be earned. Reward points can be redeemed for discounts on travel deals, shopping deals and more.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • The applicant has to be minimum of 18 years of age.
    • The applicant must earn a minimum of P600,000 p.a. in order to be eligible for the card.
    • All documents required by the bank need to be duly submitted. Inaccuracies in information provided to the bank can lead to the rejection of the application.

    Documents Required

    Customers are required to submit the following documents to the bank to complete their application process:

    • Copy of Identity (TIN, Passport or Voter ID)
    • Proof of income - latest computerized payslips, bank statement for the last 3 months.
    • Visa permit, Passport Copy, Work Permit and employment letter (in case of foreigners).
    • Latest copy of duly filed Income Tax Returns.

    Fee and Charges

    Particulars Fee
    Primary card annual fee P1,500 p.a. (Annual fee waived for the first year)
    Cash advance 30% limit
    Cash Advance Monthly Effective Interest Rate 2.9%
    Cash Advance fee 3% of the amount withdrawn or PHP500, whichever is higher.
    Finance Charge 3.50% p.a.

    Card Security Feature

    Online and offline transactions are secured through UnionBank’s card security framework that requires customer authentication for any transactions to be successful. Customers are required to enter their Password/PiN at merchant terminals or online payment gateways. For online transactions, the customer can choose to receive a One-Time-Password sent to his/her registered mobile number or use his/her secure password. In case of transactions at offline merchant terminals, customers need to enter their PIN number in order to complete the transaction. Customers will receive an SMS notification for every successful or declined transaction, thereby helping customers keep a tab on all transactions.

    How to apply for the UnionBank Riviera Golf Club Visa Credit Card

    If you wish to apply for the UnionBank Riviera Golf Club Visa Credit Card, you can visit the official UnionBank website and fill out the online credit card application form and upload your supporting documents. You can also visit the nearest UnionBank branch and physically fill out the credit card application. Once you’ve submitted the form, a representative from the bank will contact you to verify the information you’ve provided. Your application will then be processed and reviewed by the bank.

    Reporting Lost/Stolen Credit Cards

    If you are a UnionBank customer and wish to report the loss/theft of your credit card, you must immediately contact the bank’s customer service center and inform the bank about the loss/theft of your credit card. Any unauthorised transactions taking place before you inform the bank might land you in trouble, as banks will thoroughly investigate if customers have acted negligently or negligently. In case of theft, you might have to submit a copy of the theft complaint filed at the nearest police station, following which the bank will take action. Upon informing the bank, your card will be permanently disabled and no further transactions on your card can take place.

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