• Union Bank World Wide Fund Visa Card

    Union Bank World Wide Fund Visa Card
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    Union Bank World Wide Fund Visa Card
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    The UnionBank of Philippines enjoys the reputation of offering a wide range of financial products to suit the variety of needs and demands of their customers. Loaded with rewards, this card comes with features such as flexible installment plans as well as a complimentary credit life insurance policy. Using your UnionBank World Wide Fund Visa Card, you can support the various sustainability and conservation programs carried out by the WWF-Philippines. Through this card, you can automatically donate 50% of your annual fee, 1% of the interest of your revolving balance and 0.5% of your expenses at retail outlets towards the foundation.

    Features and Benefits

    Following are the features and benefits of UnionBank World Wide Fund Visa Card:

    • You can avail exclusive instalment plans from various electronic appliance brands and furniture stores. You can get a payment plan with up to 36 monthly instalments at 0% interest.
    • The Credit Card Bill Manager facility in the UnionBank credit card lets you auto-charge your utility bills. You can enroll for this service on the bank's website.
    • You can avail exclusive discounts at shopping outlets, restaurants, and leisure, across Philippines for using your UnionBank Visa Card.
    • Monthly card payments can be made via OTC at UnionBank branches and ATMs, MegaLink and Bancnet ATMs, Auto-Debit Arrangement from your UnionBank savings or current account, or pay online at the bank’s website.
    • You can get up to 53 days credit at 0% interest from cut-off date to payment due date, only if the full balance is paid.
    • You can get a complimentary credit life insurance policy.
    • Other features and benefits of a UnionBank credit card include cash advance facility, 24/7customer service, worldwide recognition, and e-Statement of Account.
    • The worldwide acceptance feature on your UnionBank Credit Cards makes it easier for the cardholder to shop at over a million establishments around the world that accept VISA and MasterCard logos.


    As a UnionBank credit cardholder, you can earn rewards points each time you use your UnionBank World Wide Fund Visa Card. These points can be redeemed for reward items from the UnionBank credit card rewards catalogue. Visit the bank website to take a look at the catalogue. Reward items can be cashback offers, annual fee waivers, free fuel, gift vouchers, and airline tickets. Redemption process can be carried out online via the UnionBank website or through the bank’s dedicated customer service facility.

    Insurance Offered

    This card offers credit life insurance with which your outstanding balance up to P400,000 will be covered in case of your untimely death or disability.

    • In case of temporary disability, this cover will pay your minimum monthly instalment of P500 or 5% of your outstanding balance, depending on whichever of the 2 is higher.
    • In case of your death due to an accident or illness, this insurance cover will pay your balance up to P400,000.
    • In case of your total permanent disability, this insurance cover will pay your balance up to P400,000.
    • This insurance cover is renewable until 60 years of age as long as you own this credit card and it is in good standing and you pay your premiums.

    Supplementary Cards

    UnionBank offers unlimited number of supplementary cards for your family members. The primary cardholder of a UnionBank World Wide Fund Visa Card is held liable for the credit usage and charges incurred on a supplementary card. To apply for a supplementary card, a copy of the supplementary cardholder’s ID with photo and signature has to be submitted to the bank along with the application form. The supplementary cardholder must be minimum 14 years of age. The identity proof document can be a Passport, Driver's License, Postal ID, Company ID, PRC ID, SSS ID, BIR ID, School ID, etc.

    Security Feature

    Most UnionBank credit cards are equipped with a smart chip that acts as an effective security feature against card duplication. The smart chip technology is used to prevent credit card fraud.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria to apply for UnionBank World Visa Card in the Philippines. The requirements are:

    • The applicant must be a Filipino citizen or a Philippines resident.
    • The principal cardholder must be 18 to 60 years old while the supplementary cardholder must be minimum 14 years of age.
    • The applicant must be a salaried employee or self-employed for minimum 1 year.
    • The minimum annual income requirement is P6,00,000.
    • The applicant must have a business or personal landline number.

    Documents Required

    The following documents to the bank to complete your application process for UnionBank World Wide Fund Visa Card:

    • Copies of 2 ID proof documents with your signature + 3 specimen signatures.
    • Income proof for employed applicants and fixed salary earners:
      • BIR Form 2316 (W-2).
    • Income proof for self-employed applicants:
      • Income Tax Return (ITR) BIR Form 1701 or 1702 containing a bank/BIR stamp.
      • Business Name Registration with the Department of Trade and Industry Certificate.
    • If you reside outside Metro Manila, you must additionally submit your latest proof of billing address.

    Fees and Charges

    Annual fee

    Principal card: P1,500

    Supplementary card: P750

    The annual fee is waived for the first year.


    3.5% per month, calculated on a daily basis

    Cash advance fee

    6% of the amount withdrawn or P300, whichever is higher.

    Cash advance Over-the-Counter fee

    P500 per transaction

    Overlimit fee


    Pre-termination fee

    P500 or 5% of the remaining principal balance, whichever is higher

    Sales slip retrieval fee

    P200 per charge slip

    Credit Life Insurance Premium (U-Protect/U-Secure)

    P0.36 for U-Protect or P0.55 for U-Secure will be charged for every P100 outstanding balance

    Late payment charge

    6% of the overdue amount or P500, whichever is higher.

    Minimum amount due

    P500 or 5% of the total amount due, whichever is higher

    Foreign currency conversion fee

    Currency rates available in the wholesale currency markets or the government-mandated rates plus 2% processing fee

    Returned cheque fee


    Dispute fee


    Refund fee


    Replacement card fee

    P400 per card

    How to apply for UnionBank World Wide Fund Visa Card

    To apply for a UnionBank credit card, visit the UnionBank website and download the credit card application form. Fill up the form and submit it with the relevant income, identity, and address proof documents to the nearest bank branch for verification. You can also submit the application form and the necessary documents online on the bank website or fax it to the bank at (02) 636-6248.

    Lost/Stolen Card Liability

    In case you lose or misplace your credit card, or it gets stolen, you must immediately report the incident to the bank through the following ways:

    • If you are in Metro Manila – Call the bank’s 24 hour Customer Service Centre at 632 8418600.
    • If you are outside Metro Manila – Call the bank’s domestic toll-free number at 1-800-1888-2277.

    Since your credit card is protected with a Lost Card Protection feature, you would not be bearing any financial liability in case your credit card has been used fraudulently. But this feature will only be in effect after you have informed the bank regarding the loss/theft.

    You will be charged a Lost Card Replacement Fee of P400 for the replacement of your credit card.

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