• HSBC Debit Card

    HSBC is one of the top banks across the globe and offers great financial products and services for the customers. The products are designed to cater to the needs and requirements of the consumers. The debit cards offered by HSBC bank come with unique benefits and features. You can enjoy enhanced security on this card.

    Features and Benefits of HSBC Debit Cards

    There are a myriad of benefits and features offered by HSBC debit card.

    • This card comes with an EMV chip that offers enhanced protection. Unlike traditional cards, this HSBC Visa debit card creates a unique code for each and every transaction that you make.
    • You can avoid the long queues at the ATMs as you can carry out cashless transactions in Philippines and foreign countries.
    • Access your funds anywhere in the world. Use HSBC and PLUS ATMs or other networks like Expressnet, Bancnet and Megalink.
    • You can avail text message alerts when there is a transaction using your card. However, you must register for it online.
    • You can avail different types of privileges every time you purchase something using the HSBC VISA debit card. On all your fuel transactions, you can avail a rebate of 3 percent at the participating Caltex fuel stations.

    How does it work?

    • The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation VISA debit card is directly linked to your savings or current account.
    • You can use the card to draw cash by swiping it at VISA or Bancnet merchants, or online.
    • The amount spent on the transaction is deducted from your account in real time.
    • Some of the common transactions for which your VISA debit card can be used are grocery, shopping, pharmacy, online, travel, fuel.

    Instructions for activation

    • You must sign on the panel on the back of your card when you receive it.
    • Do not store your card’s PIN with the card and keep it secure.
    • Keep a track of all your transactions to stay protected against fraudulent acts.
    • In case of loss or theft of card, you must report it immediately by calling on the hotline number of HSBC.

    Activation through ATM

    • Insert the debit card in any local ATMs of HSBC bank.
    • Enter the PIN that has been issued by the bank for your card.
    • Carry out a transaction on screen.
    • Your card will get activated after this step.

    Safety Features

    • The HSBC debit card comes with EMV chip technology that secures all your transactions with different codes for each transaction.
    • The text alerts on your phone allows you to constantly track your expenses along with date, place, amount and time of the transactions.

    FAQ's about HSBC Debit Card

    1. Who can apply for the HSBC VISA debit card that comes with EMV technology?
    2. The holders of Advance Deposit and Premier Accounts are eligible to make an application for the HSBC VISA debit card. Those who do not have this account but wish to avail this card can walk into the nearest branch of HSBC bank to open an account. For all the individuals who have deposit accounts associated with them, an upgraded card will be issued that comes with the new chip technology. This will happen before December 31, 2016. You are likely to receive notifications account the conversion or upgrade through text messages, emails, direct mailer or online banking. An earlier upgrade can also be requested by you. You must visit a branch for that or call up the customer service number.

    3. What is EMV and Chip Technology?
    4. EMV or Europay, MasterCard, Visa Chip Technology is a new standard that is accepted globally when the security of the card is concerned. The features on such cards are far better than the ones that come with traditional cards. These cards offer enhanced protection against fraud.

    5. When will my card get converted or upgraded to the new Chip Technology?
    6. The existing ATM or debit card holders, will get the upgraded VISA debit card with the chip technology by December 31, 2016. Notifications about the conversion or upgrade will be sent to you via direct mailer, electronic mailer, text messages and internet banking. You can choose to request for an early upgrade. For that, you must visit a nearest branch or call on the 24X7 customer care hotline number.

    7. Why will the ATM card be replaced by a debit card?
    8. Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation wants you to avail more features than what an ATM has to offer. Your debit card provides you with the additional convenience of paying for different transactions around the globe via swiping at establishments or online. You will not have to carry cash around from now on.

    9. What will happen if I do not upgrade to a Chip Technology card?
    10. According to Circular 808 of BSP, all the ATM Cards from HSBC will be automatically upgraded or converted to the Debit Chip card by December 31, 2016. For all the individuals who have not activated their upgraded card, the old card will get deactivated after 90 days.

    11. What should I do if my card is stolen?
    12. In case of loss or theft of your HSBC VISA Debit Card, you must inform the customer care service as early as possible and block the card. You can also apply for the replacement card.

    13. Is it possible for me to request for a converted or upgraded ATM / Debit Card instead of waiting for the bank to send it?
    14. Yes, you can place a request by calling any HSBC bank branch. There are separate hotline numbers for the advance customers and Premier customers. Please, get in touch with the bank to know more about it.

    15. Why is HSBC Bank upgrading or converting to Chip Technology cards proactively?
    16. The bank wants you to avail all the features and benefits of the debit card without being worried about the security. So, the bank wants to upgrade you cards to Chip Technology ones that will keep you safe from fraudulent activities. You will not have to worry about swiping your card at any merchant outlet, may it be local or overseas.

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