• Blue Cross Health Insurance

    Blue Cross Health Insurance

    Overview of Blue Cross Health Care

    You cannot predict the future; you could get hurt or sick at any point of time. The only thing you can do is be prepared to bear the damage to your bank account. Health insurance is a safety net that can help soften the blow considerably. Since it is a good guess to make that all of us will need some sort of medical care in our lifetime, doesn’t it make sense that we be prepared for it financially? Especially with the advances in medical care resulting in dramatic increase in the cost. The benefits of having medical insurance is multifold; Chances are that you will go for that routine procedure and preventive care if you don’t need to think twice about the expense. If you don’t want the added worry of finances when someone in your family gets sick, plan ahead and look out for a health insurance that fits your budget and needs.

    Blue Cross Insurance, Inc. is a leader in the health, travel and accident insurance market in Philippines. Although based in the Philippines, Blue Cross has sister companies in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other operating entities in Hong Kong. Their product portfolio is furnished with the most advanced packages in medical and travel insurance. For example, Euro Plans for travel, international US Dollar contracts, as well as local Peso policies to individuals and groups. Blue Cross offers their customers only the crème of the nation as it is partnered with Philippine’s most sought after doctors, dentists, medical specialists, hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. Blue cross is also partnered with numerous nationwide health institutions.

    Health Insurance Schemes Offered by Blue Cross Health Care

    1. Blue Royale
    2. Blue Royale is great for customers who want complete peace of mind in case of any and all medical issues. It comes with unparalleled benefits and great terms. Here are some of the features and benefits of Blue Royale that you should know:

      Features and Benefits:

      • You get to pick the hospital, pharmacy, clinic and doctor anywhere in the world.
      • The maximum medical coverage you are eligible to is US$ 2,000,000
      • Reimbursements of medical charges are quick and easy.
      • As a mother you are eligible for maternity benefit
      • No matter where in the world you are, you will be assured Emergency Assistance
      • The insurance supports any Emergency Evacuation Services
      • You have the option of Out-patient Coverage for Vision and Dental
      • The insurance also takes care of the Transport of Mortal Remains
      • At the worst moments of life, such as if you are diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer, stroke or heart attack, you can be sure that Blue Royale will stay by your side. The ‘Critical Cover Extra’ is one of the key features of Blue Royale that is available for everyone with Blue Royale (for ages 0-65 years) and Blue Royale Premier Insurance (for ages 66 years and older). Critical Cover Extra provides the insurance holder with a large sum of money to cover all the expenses in the event of any of the eight medical conditions.
    3. Blue Royale Premier
    4. Blue Cross makes sure that you are financially secure even in your later years with the ‘Blue Royale Premier’. This scheme is specially designed for senior citizens, thus the features and benefit reflect just that.

      Features and Benefits:

      • The choice of doctor, hospital, pharmacy and clinic is completely yours. Take your pick from around the globe.
      • Blue Royale Premier boasts the best medical plan for Senior Citizens
      • The maximum medical coverage you are eligible to is US$ 100,000
      • Reimbursements of medical charges are quick and easy
      • Complete range of Medical Insurance Benefits specially designed to meet the needs of senior citizens.
      • Pick up your phone anytime for complete support from the efficient Blue Cross staff with the 24-Hour Customer Assistance and Emergency Hotline.
    5. Blue Royale DuoProtect
    6. If you are looking for a health insurance for your overseas workers, Blue Royale DuoProtect is the ultimate choice. This product provides you with complete medical and travel coverage for your entire team.

      Features and Benefits:

      • You can be sure that your employees’ interests are the priority as most of the requirements are similar to that of the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency for Seafarers.
      • Encompasses the entire International group’s medical and travel plan
      • The maximum medical coverage you are eligible to with this plan is US$50,000
      • You may encounter many issues while travelling such as baggage loss, loss of travel documents, flight delay and much more. Now you can travel worry-free as the Blue Royale DuoProtect covers all these issues.
      • Blue Royale DuoProtect covers your bill even if you need medical assistance when you are travelling abroad. The choice of doctor, hospital, pharmacy and clinic is completely yours. So stay calm and take your pick.
      • At all medical facilities associated with Blue Cross, you have the option of availing the no-cash-outlay medical treatment.
      • Reimbursements of medical charges are quick and easy
      • The 24-Hour Customer Assistance and Emergency Hotline makes sure you have the support of the competent Blue Cross staff any time you need.
    7. Select Standard and Select Plus
    8. Select Standard is an insurance which gives you the freedom to pick your own medical aid and the opportunity to reimburse up to Php 3,000,000 in medical benefits for each disability per lifetime. Select Standard Plus lets you avail an aggregate of upto Php 3,000,000 in medical benefit limit per year.

      Features and Benefits:

      • With Select Standard you can be assured complete reimbursement of eligible medical expenses. The plan entitles you to a maximum of Php 3,000,000
      • Select gives you the freedom to choose your preferred hospital, doctor or specialist. Get the best medical attention that you know you deserve.
      • Select is your complete safety net. The medical benefits that comes with Select is unparalleled. Whether it is in-patient or out-patient care that you need, you can count on Select for complete financial security and assistance.
      • You are not exempt from receiving the best medical aid when you travel. Select covers all your medical expenses even when you are abroad.
      • Blue Cross provides the services of full time medical professionals and worldwide network of alarm centers that are just a phone call away. Any day, any time, the emergency assistance partner is available for your needs.
      • You have the option of ‘enhancing your coverage’ of your Select Plus & Select Standard Plan with the ACCESS facility Coverage. This has the same benefits as Select Standard and Select Plus, but comes with the added benefit of availing no-cash-outlay in-patient medical treatment, as long as you use one of their associated network of hospitals. In case you decide to go to a hospital that is not associated with Blue Cross, you can still claim your standard reimbursement from Blue Cross.
    9. Lifestyle
    10. Aimed at the health conscious youth of the country, Lifestyle comes loaded with benefits for the age bracket of 21 years to 40 years.

      Features and Benefits:

      The plan offers a maximum of PhP 500,000 and covers expenses related to accidents and illnesses such as Appendicitis, Dengue, Pneumonia, etc. The plan encompasses Out-Patient Benefits, including Dermatologic services and provides customers with a Blue Cross-Enjoy VIP Kit

    11. Blue Cross Flexi For Groups of Atleast 50 members
    12. Since your most valuable asset is your employees, doesn’t it sound like a good idea to insure their health? If you are looking for medical insurance for a large group (50 members or more), BC has the perfect scheme to meet your need. The flexibility of the BC Flexi lets you, the client, modify your benefits according to your needs. You have the option of either availing only reimbursement or reimbursement and no-cash out plans.

      Features and Benefits:

      • Room & Board up to 45 days
      • Miscellaneous Hospital Expenses
      • Sports Coverage
      • Artificial Limb
      • Operating Theatre Fee
      • Up to 10 days of ICU fee
      • Private Duty Nurse (up to 10 days)
      • Emergency Ambulance
      • Surgeon's Fee (subject to RUV computation)
      • Anesthetist's Fee (35% of Surgeon's Fee)
      • Physician's Visit (non-surgical - up to 45 days)
      • Emergency Out-patient
      • Specialist's Fee
      • Companion Allowance (up to 5 days)

      This scheme can be customized to fit your needs, for example; the benefits, maximum limit per disability and inner limits. It is possible to remove companion allowance, specialist's fee or whatever other details that you would like to alter.

    13. Blue Cross Flexi Baby Group
    14. Blue Cross Flexi Baby Group’s range of medical benefits are wide and flexible. Reasonable premiums is one of the main highlights of this scheme. It makes sure that you are provided with any financial aid you need, any time.The 24-Hour Customer Assistance and Emergency Hotline makes sure you have the support of the competent Blue Cross staff any time you need. The benefits of the group insurances are very similar.

      Features and Benefits:

      • Blue Cross Flexi Baby Group is intended for small groups consisting of 20 to 29 members, who are aged between 18 and 65 years.
      • Choose the hospital, specialist and doctor of your preference. Also get simple and fast reimbursement.
    15. Healthline TPA (Third Party Administered Plan)
    16. A Third Party Administered Plan is basically fund management. You will simply have to deposit a revolving fund and decide what medical expenses you want to shoulder with it. Blue Cross takes care of things from there. Your fund will be managed, and you will be provided with the network of systems, hospitals and doctors to take care of your group.

      Features and Benefits:

      • Financial control & flexibility
      • Big savings
      • Fund Transparency
      • Broad network of accredited medical providers
      • Financial Security
      • Access to all regular HMO benefits
      • Electronic member validation
      • Pro-active company responsibility
      • No cash out-lay

    Blue Cross Health Care FAQs

    1. How do I get more information on Blue Cross Medical Plans?
    2. On the official website, click on "Contact Us" link at the top right corner. You could also call (+632) 899-8001 or e-mail medical_sales@bluecross.com.ph for any assistance. The Account Executives are trained to answer all your queries. They can even attend to you in person give you a free presentation.

    3. What is a pre-existing condition?
    4. Before you apply for a health insurance, if you have a disability or illness, it is called a pre-existing condition. It can be clinically determined whether the client has a pre-existing condition, even if the client doesn’t know it himself. The Medical Director will take a call on whether Blue Cross will providing cover for a pre-existing condition. Incase it is not covered, the client will be informed so.

    5. After I apply for a health insurance, how soon can I expect the benefits to kick in?
    6. You can expect the coverage to begin thirty days after the date specified on the Policy. Although, accidental injury will be covered immediately.

    7. When I am travelling abroad, will my medical plan cover overseas expense?
    8. Blue Royale Medical Plans are designed to cover all your medical expense even if you are travelling abroad. You will get all the benefits no matter how many trips you make, as long as each trip is not for more than ninety days.

      Select and Premier Medical Plans is designed to give you Emergency Coverage when you are travelling overseas. It should be noted that the maximum period of cover is only for 90 days of accumulated travel or stay abroad during the Policy year. Also each trip should not exceed 30 days.

    9. What do I do in case of an emergency?
    10. No matter where you are on the globe, you just have to pick up the phone for help and the wee trained staff at Blue Cross will hand hold you through the steps you must take next.

      a) Customer Service Department at tel. no. +632 899-8001. Office hours are from 8:30 to 5:30 p.m (Monday to Friday) or you could email them at e-mailcustomer_service@bluecross.com.ph

      b) Assist America (Global Emergency Services)

      Tel. No. +63-2-811-2521 and E-mail address is medservicesphils@assistamerica.com

    Incase you need some emergency assistance, make sure you have the following information at hand to provide:

    This Reference Number: 63-AL-BCI-01111 (Medical)

    Authorized representative’s name, telephone number and relationship to the patient

    Patient’s name, age, gender and employer

    Name, location and telephone number of hospital or treating doctor, if applicable

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