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    Overview of Fortune Medicare

    Founded in the year 1985, Fortune Medicare, Inc. has been providing quality healthcare to Filipinos in the form of tailor made health insurance plans for individuals, families & corporates. As a leading HMO(Health Maintenance Organisation) in the country, FortuneCare has disbursed health benefits worth more than P3 billion since its inception.

    The company maintains a strong network of over 400 reputed hospitals and clinics that consists of 9,000 plus medical and dental specialists spread across the country. With a strong orientation towards customer service, the company offers an array of medical programs and services to meet the ever growing health needs of individuals. FortuneCare also runs a nationwide network of company-owned clinics through its subsidiary HealthProtect, Inc. to provide top notch outpatient services to the insured members. The company leverages latest technology to administer and provide seamless services 24/7 through various online and offline channels.

    Health Insurance Schemes offered by Fortune Medicare in Philippines

    1. Individual Family Lite:
    2. A program designed to offer the most comprehensive coverage for individuals and families at affordable rates.

    3. Individual Family Group:
    4. A comprehensive protection program custom made for a group of employees or an association for centralised collection. This program also includes health benefits for individual and families.

    5. Corporate Health Program:
    6. A customisable health care services scheme offered to corporate companies based on their requirements with option to avail Dental Benefits.

    7. YES Card:
    8. YES Plus and YES Premium cards are the two card options available under under this program. The benefits include emergency care for illness or accident at any of the network hospitals or clinics. This includes both outpatient treatment and hospitalization. This program also extends accidental death insurance and memorial services.

    9. Prestige:
    10. A comprehensive and customised health care plan that caters to the needs of the high end segment. The program offers extensive health benefits and comes with higher limits to cover wellness and medical expenses. This program gives access to Fortune Care’s hospitals and clinics across the nation with no frills. Other options such as Executive Outpatient Check Up and freedom to choose a specialised doctor or hospital speaks volumes about the premium benefits it offers. It also provides immediate access to quality healthcare in any part of the world with the Worldwide Emergency Assistance benefit.

    11. WHealth:
    12. A comprehensive health care option tailor made to suit the requirements of micro and small enterprises that provides medical benefits such as Emergency Care, Preventive Services, Inpatient and Outpatient care.

    Features and Benefits of Fortune Medicare

    Depending on the health care program availed, the following are the salient features and benefits of various programs administered by Fortune MediCare. Some of these may not be a standard feature of a specific plan. Do check with Fortune representatives before making a decision.

    Outpatient Care Services

    Medical services under this category can be availed at Fortune CARE owned clinics or at any of accredited hospitals and clinics if there are no company administered outlets available in the locality.

    • Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat(EENT) care and other general consultations.
    • Treatment of injuries(Minor) and surgical procedures for lesions covered under the program.
    • Regular laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures such as X-ray and ECG as prescribed by accredited Physicians.
    • First dose of anti-rabies, anti-venom, anti-tetanus during emergency up to P5,000 in an year on the basis of single availment only.
    • Cauterization of warts up to P2,500 in an year. Genital and sexually transmitted warts are not covered.

    Hospitalization Care Services(Inpatient Care)

    • Treatment of illness/injury at the accredited hospitals under the supervision of specialist doctors and support staff.
    • Professional services of doctors/physicians and room charges up to the maximum rate as per the contract.
    • Operating and Recovery room along with medications during the confinement period.
    • Intravenous fluids, Blood and its components such as Plasma, Oxygen and its administration.
    • Use of ICU, CCU and other recommended units subject to the maximum available limit along with laboratory examinations and diagnostic procedures.
    • Dressings, sutures, plaster casts and other supplies required to treat the ailment or disease.

    Preventive Healthcare Services

    • Immunization(cost of sera not included) and consultations on healthy habits, diet and exercise.
    • Family planning, Counselling and Consultation for unenrolled babies less than 3 months of age.
    • Annual Physical Examination(APE) at Fortune CARE clinics which includes Physical Examination, Medical History Taking, CBC, Chest X-ray, ECG, Pap Smear & FBS(available only if indicated by the consulting physician for members aged 35 and above).

    Emergency Room Care

    Immediate access to Outpatient or Inpatient services when a member in critical condition is admitted to the emergency room. Medical conditions which requires immediate attention such as Doctors services, Oxygen, Intravenous fluids and other services are made available. Fortune Medicare reimburses up to 80% of the treatment costs if the member is admitted for listed care at an accredited hospital.

    Special Diagnostic Procedure Benefits

    The insured member is entitled to a wide range of examinations falling under the category of Immunologic and Special Laboratory Examinations along with Special and Computer-Based Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures.

    Worldwide Emergency Care

    If the insured member is undergoing an approved treatment in a hospital/clinic located in a foreign country, Fortune Medicare will take care of 80% of the medical costs. The total costs should not exceed the amount which the member would incur in treating the same ailment at an accredited hospital in Philippines.

    Eligibility for Fortune Medicare

    Corporate Health Program

    • The participating company should be registered with Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.
    • A minimum of 20 employees is required as principal payers. The member should be a regular employee of the company.
    • The member should be atleast 18 years old with an upper cap of 64 years.


    • A minimum of 10 employees is required for subscription with an upper limit of 50 employees.
    • The participating company should be registered with Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.
    • The age of the participating member should be atleast 18 years up to a maximum of 65 years. The member must be a regular employee of the company.
    • Coverage for legal dependents depends on the eligibility conditions laid out by Philhealth.

    Fortune Medicare FAQs

    1. Is the Fortune Health Care membership valid after an employee resigns from the company?
    2. To ensure continuity in membership and benefits after resignation, the member should re apply for a new membership under the standard program. The application is subject to medical underwriting and subsequent approval.

    3. How do I get a new membership ID card. I lost the card recently.
    4. Report this incident immediately to Fortune medicare following which you’re required to the submit Lost ID form, Photocopy of valid ID proof and pay a processing fee of P50.00.

    5. How do I make a claim for reimbursement of medical expenses?
    6. If you’ve availed treatment in a non-accredited hospital and seeking a reimbursement, file a claim within 10 days from the date of availing medical services or discharge. Contact the claims center to register the claim and furnish the required paperwork including bills from the hospital/facility.

    7. Do members of a corporate plan settle the membership fee individually?
    8. No. Corporate and group plan fee is settled by the centralised authority such as payroll or HR department in the company.

    9. How do I get in touch with Fortune Medicare for some information that I need on a specific program?
    10. You can reach them over phone on the numbers below.

      Metro Manila: (632) 857-5499

      Provincial: 1-800-10-633-8888

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