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    How to Calculate Installments with the BankBazaar.ph Housing Loan Calculator?

    There are no arguments when it comes to terming housing loans as a major lifetime milestone, a major responsibility. Thus, you could use all the help that can be found when dealing with housing loans in the Philippines. With the BankBazaar.ph Housing Loan Calculator, unearth such details concerning your mortgage loan as monthly installment amount, total number of Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) due and other such amortization details. The byword here is simplicity and convenience- taking care of an otherwise tedious and complicated process, comfortably and in quick time.

    Why Choose the BankBazaar.ph Housing Loan Calculator?

    Its Fast- Gather such important details as total EMI due and number of remaining installments in 30 seconds flat.

    Its Simple- Why stress it out, or choose the escape route? Avoid stress and confusion by using this very simple tool. Time and patience saved, guaranteed!!

    Try Stuff- How about a different interest rate or longer/shorter tenure? Simple customizations help you understand your mortgage loan better, and what works best for you in terms of repayment.

    We’re Here- Have a question? Aren’t sure about how the concept of housing loans work? Confused about the housing loan calculator? Simply ask, and our expert customer support team will help you out.

    Step to Use Housing Loan Calculator

    1. Go to ‘Finance Tools’ option on the main menu. Next, choose ‘Housing Loan Calculator’.
    2. The resultant page contains two ruler scales- 1) Loan Amount, 2) Tenure.
    3. Intuitive next step- Mark housing loan amount on ruler titled ‘Loan Amount’.
    4. Next, mark the overall tenure of your mortgage loan on the ruler titled ‘Tenure’.
    5. The next boxes are ‘Interest Rate in %’ and ‘Processing Fee (% of loan amount)’. Supply both the values in line with what applies for your specific loan. Note- the default values are already populated in these fields and can be easily changed to match the values as applicable to you.
    6. Click on the button marked ‘Calculate’.
    7. The complete breakup of the total interest due and monthly installment are now listed before you.

    With this simple, quick and immensely user friendly Housing Loan Calculator, find those minute details pertaining to your loan that often requires a sizable impetus of time and patience, in record time. We promise, you will be hooked to this simple tool and utilize its pristine simplicity for all future EMI calculations concerning your housing loan.

    And, in the event of you encountering a bug through this process or having a query or concern, contact us and our customer support team will be happy to help you out.

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