• Health Card in the Philippines

    Health is the most important thing in everyone’s life. Everything falls in place when you live a healthy life. But emergency situations can occur anytime and then medical attention is of utmost importance. In Philippines, during such situations, people trust their health cards.

    Some of the different health cards available in Philippines are Maxicare EReady, PNB Healthy Ka Pinoy, Medicard RxER and PhilCare ER Vantage.

    How to choose a health card?

    There are providers of health insurance who assist you only when you get admitted to a hospital. All health cards do not deal specifically with in-patient insurance. However, there are some health cards that offer coverage for the out-patient procedures too. Thus, you should go for the one that is convenient for you.

    It could be that you already have a health card. On top of that, you may choose to go for different health cards that offer specific coverages. So, purchase health cards according to your needs.

    Some health cards are ready to pay for certain lab tests even when you do not fall ill. Since prevention is better than cure, these health card issuers are ready to offer support much before there is a sign of sickness. Some lab tests like urinalysis, blood count, fecalysis, etc. are covered by these health cards.

    Some health cards handle specific situations. So, if you have a plan of action that you wish to pursue, you can easily choose a card like this.

    Features and Benefits

    Maxicare EReady

    • This card offers coverage for emergency room fees, professional fees of the doctor and medicines for immediate relief.
    • You can avail an amount of up to P 15000 for animal bite treatment, vaccines and laboratory procedures.
    • This card can only be used at accredited hospitals.

    PNB Health Ka Pinoy

    • You can avail medical expenses twice in a year with this health card.
    • The maximum coverage amount that you can avail is P 20000.

    Medicard RxER

    • In cases of trauma, this card will offer a coverage of P 20000 at accredited hospitals.
    • For lab tests and diagnostic procedures like CT scans, ultrasound and MRI, you can get a coverage of up to P 5000.
    • Avail unlimited consultations with physicians free of cost.
    • With all other specialists, the consultation fee is P 350.

    PhilCare ER Vantage

    • You can access more than 400 accredited hospitals using this health card.
    • Hospital deposit is not required.
    • Avail coverage for emergency treatment against animal bites. However, vaccines are not included in this.
    • Avail private room (room and board).

    How to apply

    Maxicare EReady – You can purchase this health card through the account offices Maxicare. You may also buy it from brokers or accredited agents.

    PNB Health Ka Pinoy – You can walk into any branch of PNB and fill the application form available at New Accounts counter. After that, you can pay the premiums at teller counter.

    Medicard RxER – You can apply for this health card online.

    PhilCare ER Vantage – Apply for this health card at PhilCare Clinics or via agents.

    Fees and Charges

    Health Card Fees
    Maxicare EReady P 749 (with major hospitals)
    P 549 (without major hospitals)
    PNB Healthy Ka Pinoy P 750
    Medicard RxER P 1998
    PhilCare ER Vantage P 1300 (Private Room)
    P 1100 (Semi Private Room)
    P 900 (Ward Room)

    Top companies offering health insurance in Philippines

    Health insurance is something that you need to tackle financial problems when there is an emergency situation. It is an important financial product that you need in your life. You must research well before you opt for a health insurance.

    Some of the top companies offering health card in Philippines are as follows:

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