• PBCOM Personal Loan

    PBCOM Personal Loan

    The Philippine Bank of Communications, known more popular as the PBCOM, is one of Philippine’s biggest commercial banks. It is also one of the oldest, having completed 75 years of banking in the year 2014. PBCOM is also famed for its soaring head office in the city of Makati, which is the tallest office structure in the country.

    You’re probably eligible for an PBCOM Personal Loan if you are

    PBCOM Personal Loan Minimum Age

    At least 25 years old

    PBCOM Personal Loan Maximum Age

    Less than 65 years old

    PBCOM Personal Loan Eligible Employment Type

    Salaried or self-employed
    with regular income

    PBCOM Personal Loan Minimum Income

    Earn more than the minimum
    income required

    Your PBCOM Personal Loan amount eligibility is based on these factors

    PBCOM Personal Loan Minimum Salary

    Minimum income required
    P22000 per month

    PBCOM Personal Loan Maximum Loan Funded

    Maximum allowed personal loan is P1000000

    PBCOM Personal Loan EMI

    EMIs of other loans lower
    your eligibility

    Increase your eligibility for Bank Personal Loan amount by these steps

    PBCOM Personal Loan Payoff Outstanding Credit Card Bills

    Pay off your credit card bills

    PBCOM Personal Loan Tenure

    Choose longer tenure loan up to 4 years

    Documentation needed to apply for PBCOM Personal Loan

    • 1.Filled up application form
    • 2.Photocopy of 2 valid IDs
    • 3.Photocopy of latest credit card billing statement
    • 4.Documentation for salaried applicants:
      • Original certificate of employment or 1 month pay slip
      • Photocopy of latest ITR or BIR 2316
    • 5. Documentation for self Employed applicants:
      • Photocopy of DTI
      • Photocopy of latest 2 years ITR and Financial Statements
      • Photocopy of latest 6 months bank statements

    PBCOM Personal Loan DetailsUpdated on 20 Jun 2018

    PBCOM Personal Loan Details
    Interest Rate EIR - 28.40% to 37.40%. (p.a)
    Tenure 1 - 4 years
    Processing Fee P2500

    Philippines Bank of Communication Personal Loan

    PBCOM Personal Loan is the ticket to accomplish your life’s inevitabilities, big or small. It is an instant cash solution as it is easy to get approved and disbursed quickly without drama. PBCOM employers are trained to give special attention to every client and a tailored service as you apply for a loan is guaranteed. The attractive interest rates (ranging from 26.9% to 35.9%), flexible repayment tenures and recompensing modes ensure that customers flock to PBCOM like moths do to flames.

    PBCOM also promises quick approval and delivery of personal loans with the most competitive rates in the market. Not only this, PBCOM also gives you the facility of flexible payment options and cost effective finance plans to take care of one’s special needs like tuition expenses, home renovation, travel & vacation or even immediate medical expenses as well.

    It is very simple to get a personal loan with PBC. To avail a personal loan from PBC, all you need is an annual income of Php 260,000 which will make you eligible for a loan of Php 40,000 to Php 1 million with comfortable and flexible loan tenors of up to 48 months. Equal monthly installments that cover principal as well as interest can be given as checks addressed to the bank, or paid online.

    Approved purposes of loans as given by PBCOM are mentioned below:

    • Education-related expenses such as tuition fee, hostel fees, and others.
    • Important and special events in life such as engagement, wedding, etc.
    • Home renovation, buying of furniture, kitchen appliances and gadgets
    • Vehicle repairs and addition of new features like a stereo
    • Business purposes
    • For travel and vacation

    Your fixed monthly repayment sum is calculated by multiplying your agreed loan money into factor rate (as per the tenure chosen).

    Interest Rates for PBCOM Personal Loan

    The Annual Interest Rate for a personal loan from PBCOM ranges between 28.4% to 37.4%.

    Below is the computation for the monthly installment along with monthly add-on rates:

    Annual Interest Rate Term (In months) Factor Rate Rate per month
    28.40% 12 0.09670 1.337%
    18 0.06887 1.332%
    24 0.05509 1.343%
    36 0.04158 1.380%
    48 0.03508 1.425%
    37.40% 12 0.10116 1.783%
    18 0.07343 1.787%
    24 0.05979 1.813%
    36 0.04660 1.883%
    48 0.04043 1.960%

    Eligibility Criteria – PBCOM Personal Loan

    To be eligible for a personal loan from PBCOM, one must fulfil the following criteria:

    • The applicant should be at least 21 years of age while submitting the form and he/she should not be above age 65 by the maturity of the loan.
    • The applicant should be a citizen of Philippines or resident foreigners with Permanent Residency Certificate or Visa with required employment permit.
    • The applicant should be a resident within any PBCOM business center locale.
    • The loan seeker should have a prevailing credit card issued by any local bank in less than a year before application. It should have at least Php 30,000 of credit limit.

    Terms & Conditions for the Applicant’s Income

    The earnings of applicant should fall within the income prerequisites mentioned by PBCOM. The minimum expected yearly income from an applicant is Php 260,000 per year, who is a permanent worker or if on probation period, should be in the same line of work or field for the past two years.

    This rule is slightly varied for a self-employed or freelance professional as their minimum annual income should be at least Php 300,000. The applicant must show proof of running the business for at least three years or show proof of professional experience for the past one year.

    Documentation Requirements – PBCOM Personal Loan

    The below mentioned documents & Ids are required to process a PBCOM Personal Loan Application

    For Salaried Applicants

    • A completely filled out and signed personal loan application form from PBCOM
    • Duplicate copies of at least 2 photo bearing national identity cards
    • Most recent credit card slips
    • Duplicate copy of your credit card
    • Income Proofs – Most recent Income Tax Return Papers, latest 3 months salary slips, a certificate mentioning the remuneration promised by the employer/organization

    For Self-employed / Professionals / Freelancers

    • A completely filled out and signed personal loan application form from PBCOM
    • Duplicate copies of at least 2 photo bearing national identity cards
    • Post dated checks
    • Most recent credit card slips and duplicate copy of your credit card
    • Income Proofs – Most recent Income Tax Return Papers, latest appraised financial declarations, duplicate copy of Business Registration with SEC or DTI (if you are applying loan for your business)

    Frequently Asked Questions – PBCOM Personal Loan

    1. What are the different modes of payment of my monthly installments towards the loan?
    2. You can repay the loan in monthly installments through post dated checks or an automatic debit arrangement from your savings or salary account.

    3. How can I claim my personal loan from PBCOM?
    4. The proceeds of your personal loan will be released via a Manager’s Check.

    5. Is there a way I can request to have the loan processed faster than the usual time taken?
    6. Yes, you can. For this, you have to provide an original Certificate of Employment with a Top 1000 Corporation. This certificate must include, date of employment, position held in the company, tenure of employment and the applicant’s gross annual income.

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