• BDO Time Deposit

    BDO Time Deposit

    BDO Time Deposits do have a lot of perks but before you opt for it, make sure that you do not mean to spend that money until the maturity date. It is the best way to protect your hard-earned money (even from yourself) and let the money accumulate.

    The given rates are subject to change as the bank deems fit. BDO Time Deposits are categorized into two.

    • Peso Time Deposit
    • Dollar Time Deposit

    Peso Time Deposit

    Peso Time Deposit

    Peso Time Deposit can gain you a higher interest rate than your regular Peso savings bank account. It is the most commonly used BDO Time Deposit. The minimum initial deposit required is a thousand Php with flexible tenures ranging from one month to one year. After deposit, a deposit certificate will be issued which has to be kept safe as this is the account ownership proof.

    Dollar Time Deposit

    Dollar Time Deposit

    Dollar Time Deposit grants more earnings for your dollars and keep the maturity date according to your convenience. The least initial deposit allowed is 1000 PHP for terms ranging from 1 month to 12 months.

    Dollar PRA (Philippine Retirement Authority)

    Dollar PRA is especially beneficial to former Filipinos and those returned after working abroad. The minimum initial deposit can be decided after consulting a PRA official. The terms for this can range from 1, 2, 3, 6 to 12 months. Interest rate for deposits up to 3 months is .5%. it is .75% for the 6 month term and 1% for a 1 year tenure.

    Two Year Dollar Time Deposit

    The least first deposit required for the Two Year Dollar Time Deposit is 50,000 PHP, which will gain you an interest rate of 1.75%.

    Three Year Dollar Time Deposit

    The minimum first placement is the same as it is for the Two Year Dollar TD, but will garner 2% of interest rate per year.

    Five Year Dollar Time Deposit

    You can earn 2.75% interest rate yearly if you opt for this.

    Interest Rates

    BDO Unibank offers a huge array of options in deposit tenures to choose from, enabling customers to select from a wide range of interest rates as well based on the term. BDO Time Deposits generate high interest earnings and are highly competitive in the market. The time deposit rates are frequently updated as per the market standards. With BDO, you can earn a large interest if the tenure of your Time Deposit is long. Updated interested rates of BDO can either be found online or by visiting any of their branches. The interest rates in a BDO Time Deposit differs based on the currency variant such as Peso or US Dollar.

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    FAQs about BDO TD

    1. What are the features of a BDO Peso Time Deposit?
    2. The Peso Time Deposit gives you a greater interest rate than the usual Peso savings bank account. It offers a wide variety of tenures ranging from a month to a year with a minimum deposit of Php1000. The account ownership proof is the deposit certificate issued at the time of deposit.

    3. What is the minimum initial deposit in BDO’s Dollar Time Deposit?
    4. The minimum initial amount in BDO’s Dollar Time Deposit is USD 1,000.

    5. What is a Premium Flexi Earner?
    6. Premium Flexi Earner is a Time Deposit with a minimum tenure of five years and a minimum initial deposit of 10,000 Php. The annual interest rates are re-priced per month.

    7. What is the deposit tenure range offered on BDO’s Dollar Time Deposit?
    8. The tenure offered on Dollar Time Deposit ranges from a month to a year.

    9. What are the features of BDO’s Dollar PRA (Philippine Retirement Authority)?
    10. BDO’s Dollar PRA is useful for individuals who have returned after working overseas and for former Filipinos. The minimum initial deposit is decided after a PRA official’s consultation. The tenure ranges from a month to a year. Deposit terms of 3 months earn an interest rate of 0.5%, 6 months earn 0.75% and an year earns 1%.

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    News About BDO Time Deposit

    • Increase in BDO Unibank Net Income

      The first half of this year has proved to be very fruitful for BDO Unibank Inc. The bank reported a 13% year-on-year increase in its net income. The net income of the bank during the first half of 2016 increased to P13.2 billion and during the second quarter, its net profit grew by 40.8%.  According to the bank, the increase is due to broad-based improvement across its businesses and a one-time gain from the merger of BDO Life. BDO said that deposit taking, core lending and fee-based businesses were the reasons for better performance. The customer loan increased to P1.4 trillion and the total deposits grew by 17%. The bank’s income from fee-based service increased by 18% and was generated from wealth management/investment, electronic banking/payments, etc. The operating expenses extended by 31% as a result of the merger of BDO Life and ONB. BDO has said that it will keep an eye out for growth opportunities and continue performing strongly.

      01st August 2016

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