• Veterans Bank Time Deposit

    Veterans Bank Time Deposit

    Philippine Veterans Bank Time Deposit

    Time deposits have been one of the most trusted form of investment for several decades. A time deposit is secure investment where a certain amount of money is deposited with the bank. This amount is usually locked-in with the bank for a certain period of time as it accumulates interest. Upon maturity, the depositor gets the principal invested amount along with the compounded interest on the deposited amount. With banks offering highly competitive rates of interest, time deposits have become a wise investment option which yields guaranteed returns. For Filipino citizens, the Philippine Veterans Bank offers multiple time deposit schemes based on the varying needs of the customers. The various time deposit schemes offered by the bank include Peso Time Deposit, U.S Dollar Time Deposit, Veterans Bank Hyper Saver Time Deposit, Veterans Bank Maxi-Return Time Deposit and Veterans Bank Advantage Plus Time Deposit.

    About Philippine Veterans Bank

    Established in the year 1963 by the war veterans of World War II, the Philippine Veterans Bank, also known as Veterans Bank or PVB, is a privately owned commercial bank headquartered in Makati, Philippines. Originally set up to dedicatedly serve the banking needs of war veterans, PVB now functions as a commercial bank serving the retail and corporate market. The Veterans Bank currently has a wide spread network of branches and ATMs in 60 cities and offers a range of financial services like deposits, loans, trust, investment banking, and international services among others.

    Veterans Bank Time Deposit Schemes

    Under time deposit, Veterans Bank offers multiple services based on currency and investment returns. Read on to find out more about each of these time deposit services.

    1. Peso Time Deposit

    The Peso Time Deposit is one of the popular time deposit schemes offered by the Veterans Bank which guarantees a high-yield on your investment. This time deposit scheme is open for individuals of Metro Manila and other provinces, corporate accounts and government accounts. Applicants of this scheme can choose from a term period of 30, 60, 90, 180, 271 or 360 days. The minimum initial amount required to avail this time deposit is PhP 5,000 (for individuals) and PhP 10,000 (for corporate accounts).

    2. U.S Dollar Time Deposit

    The Veterans Bank U.S Dollar Time Deposit is another high-yielding time deposit scheme open to individuals and corporate accounts. This time deposit scheme comes with a flexible tenure of 30, 60, 90, 180, 271 or 360 days and requires a minimum initial deposit of USD 1,000 (or individuals) and USD 5,000 (for corporate accounts).

    3. Veterans Bank Long-Term Time Deposits

    Veterans Bank in the Philippines offers three types of long-term time deposits that are affordable and can guide you towards your investment goals. They are Hyper Saver Time Deposit, Advantage Plus Time Deposit and Maxi-Return Time Deposit.

    • Hyper Saver Time Deposit

      Veterans Bank offers an affordable investment product that you can invest for five years and yield a high return when the term matures. The time deposit features an insurance incentive for free.


      • The term of the hyper saver time deposit is five years and one day.
      • The interest rate is calculated at a compounded monthly interest and it is 2.75%.
      • The minimum deposit for a hyper saver time deposit is set at P100,000, while there is no maximum limit.
      • The withholding tax for this type of term deposit is exempted and documentary stamps are waived.
      • Free insurance includes:
        1. Cash assistance benefit owing to loss of life:
          • 25% of Accidental Death Benefit, not to cross P250,000.
          • For ages between 71 to 75 years, cash assistance offered is 12.5% of benefit amount.
        2. In case of loss of life/accidental death, Veterans bank pays 100% of the invested amount which can be maximum up to P5 million.
        3. If there is either permanent dismemberment or disablement owing to an accident, 100% of the time deposit amount is granted, however up to a maximum of P5 million.
        4. In case of unprovoked assault and murder, the complete invested amount is given, however not crossing P5 million.
    • Maxi-Return Time Deposit

      The Maxi-Return Time Deposit helps you yield maximum returns by depositing Php 100,000 for five years and one day. Apart from being a maximum-return time deposit, this product also offers an insurance incentive for free along with in-hospital benefit.


      • The term period for Maxi-Return Time Deposit is five years and one day.
      • The time deposit is offered at an interest rate of 2.75%.
      • The amount to be deposited for Maxi-Return time deposit should be minimum P100,000. There is no maximum limit set for deposits.
      • Documentary stamps are waived, while withholding tax is also exempted on this investment instrument.
      • The free insurance covers:
      • 100% of the deposit is granted not exceeding P5 million, in case of accidental loss of life or death, accident leading to permanent disability or dismemberment or murder and assault caused without provocation.
      • Daily-In-Hospitalization Income Benefit in case of confinement caused by accident or illness provides:
      • 0.10% of the amount under the Accidental Death Benefit.
      • Ages between 71 to 75 years are provided with 0.05% of the death benefit amount.
      • Maximum benefit of P5,000 per day allowed with a minimum of 1 day confinement and a maximum of 30 days confinement.
      • Cash Assistance Benefit caused by illness/sickness provides:
      • 25% of accidental death benefit amount of up to P250,000.
      • Ages between 71 to 75 years gets cash assistance coverage of 12.5% of accidental death benefit.
    • Advantage Plus Time Deposit

      The Advantage Plus Time Deposit offers the advantage of a flexible and convenient time deposit that allows you to withdraw interests on a monthly basis from the account. With a deposit of at least P100,000, the advantage plus time deposit credits the interest amounts to your savings account. This time deposit also offers an add-on insurance incentive free of charge, along with in-hospital benefit.


      • The term period of the Advantage Plus time deposit is five years and one day.
      • The time deposit operates at an interest rate of 2.75% based on straight line computation.
      • The minimum deposit for Advantage Plus time deposit is set at P100,000, while there is no limit for maximum deposit.
      • The withholding tax is exempted in this investment product.
      • Documentary stamps is waived off.
      • Features of the free insurance incentive:
        1. The complete time deposit amount is granted in case of accidental death, loss of life, permanent dismemberment or disability or murder and assault without provocation.
        2. Cash assistance benefit owing to loss of life provides:
          • 25% of the benefit amount of up to Php 250,000.
          • For ages between 71 to 75 years, the cash assistance coverage is only 12.5% of the accidental death benefit.
        3. Daily In-Hospital Income Benefit for Confinement due to an ailment or accident, provides:
          • A minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 30 day confinement with a maximum allowed limit of P5,000 per day.
          • 0.10% of the benefit amount granted.
          • 0.05% of the amount for the age group of 71 t0 75 years.

    Interest Rates for Veterans Bank Time Deposit

    Veterans Bank offers affordable time deposits with a variety of deposit tenures to choose from. Customers can opt for any term based on the interest rate and yield earnings accordingly. Veterans Long-Term Time Deposits are high-yielding products with competitive interest rates as per market standards.

    The yield depends on the duration of your tenure and the longer the term, the higher the interest. The Long-Term Time Deposits are for the duration of five years and one day. Updated interest rates can be found on their website as well as its branches.

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