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    Business or Leisure, you will agree to the fact that travelling is one of the most exciting things in life. The current century is redefining the way we do business and spend leisure time, often fulfilled by travelling either to domestic or foreign destinations. On the flipside, the risks associated with travelling has also increased. Spoilers such as delayed flights/trains, loss/stolen baggage, medical emergencies and many more can leave a scar on the travel itinerary.

    You may not have absolute control over these risks, but you can get a Travel Insurance to indemnify self and co-travellers in case of an unforeseen event. This type of non-life insurance is one of the most preferred way to secure the perils. It functions similar to any other product in the non-life segment by offering you cover and financial assistance in case of a mishap. These comprehensive services are offered through a well knit network operated by the assistance service provider. Travel Insurance is available for both domestic and international travel.

    Its inexpensive, easy to obtain and offers a host of benefits and services to help you overcome risks and challenges associated with travel.

    Overview of ACE Travel Insurance Philippines

    Part of the ACE Group of Companies, a leading multi-line property and casualty insurers in the world, ACE Insurance Philippines is a subsidy company and offers a variety of insurance products in the country. Their portfolio consists of Property & Casualty Insurance, Personal & Health Insurance along with Accident and Health Insurance for individuals and companies. The group offers customized schemes based on the needs of various groups and administers services through a worldwide network spanning across 53 countries.

    ACE is world renowned for its products in the Travel Insurance segment. It offers comprehensive cover for travellers to indemnify all possible risks associated by providing financial & medical aid in case of emergencies.

    ACE offers a range of highly customizable travel insurance plans to help you to get the right kind of coverage as per the risks involved in the itinerary. One can opt for tailor made plan such as coverage for single trips or annual plan that offers blanket covers for unlimited trip during the period of availment.

    Plus, you also benefit from the salient network worldwide where benefits and services are easily accessible without hassles.

    Features and Benefits of ACE Travel Insurance

    The Travel Insurance plans offered by ACE extends financial, legal and medical aid. Some of the benefits have been detailed below.

    Medical Expenses & Emergency Medical Evacuation

    During the course of travel, if the insured member falls sick or needs immediate medical assistance, treatment can be availed from any of the network hospitals or medical facilities based in the specific location. Based on the plan availed, related expenses will be directly settled by ACE. If an evacuation is required, the service provider will make all necessary arrangements and even bear the expenses for evacuation and repatriation.

    Hospital Confinement & Daily Cash Benefit

    If the insured member is hospitalized during travel and needs prolonged treatment, ACE and its associates extend the required financial & administrative assistance. It also offers a daily cash benefit to help the insured member in managing non-medical expenses.

    Personal Accident

    In case of accident or a mishap that results in death of the insured member, a lump sum amount is paid to the immediate family members. Permanent disability is also compensated suitably.

    Travel Delay or Cancellation

    In cases where there is delay in travel owing to acts of the service provider such as flight delay, ACE extends all possible assistance required for the traveller to make alternative arrangements.

    Loss of Baggage or Delay in Arrival

    If you’re travelling by flight and encounter a situation where your personal baggage is lost, ACE will extend financial assistance for you to make alternative arrangements such as purchasing apparel and refreshments through its worldwide network. It even goes an extra mile by offering compensation for loss of personal money.

    Personal Liability

    This product also offers protection from liability arising out of injury or death to a third party person as a direct result of an act of the insured member in question. It also covers damage/loss to a third party property.


    There is a cap on the age of the person who wishes to avail travel insurance from ACE along with other eligibility conditions, to be communicated at the time of signing up for the insurance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I have signed up for a travel insurance from ACE. If required, how do I avail medical assistance? I am scheduled to travel to a foreign country shortly.
    2. Based on the plan you’ve signed up for, you can visit any of the hospitals or medical facilities in the network. Post availment or discharge, the bills are directly settled by ACE or its associate with the hospital, making it a cashless deal.

      If the treatment is availed outside the network or facilities where cashless option cannot be exercised, you can make the payment and get it reimbursed later.

    3. I will be changing a series of flights en route to my international destination. Does ACE Travel Insurance offer assistance in case of a missed flight?
    4. Yes, ACE does offer assistance in case you miss boarding the connecting flight en route to your destination. You can contact the claims center for further information on the conditions guarding this feature.

    5. How do I contact the claims center with regard to filing a claim under the Travel Insurance policy availed from ACE?
    6. Call the customer service hotline for on +63 2 8496000 for further assistance on filing the claim. You can also send them an email at philippines.cs@acegroup.com.

    7. What is the coverage range? Does the policy cover start from the time of availing the insurance?
    8. The policy start and end date depends on the type of policy availed. If you’ve availed the policy for a single trip, the policy is activated a few hours before the journey and ceases after an hour or so after arrival at your destination.

      Refer to the fine print provided in the policy document for further details in this regard.

    9. I travel quite frequently to foreign countries for business development in my organization. Is there a blanket cover or an annual travel insurance plan offered by ACE to insure my travel?
    10. You can look at signing up for the annual plan which provides cover for unlimited trips for up to 45 days per trip. Further details can be obtained at the nearest branch or by calling the customer service on the phone number provided in Question 3 of this section.

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