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    Travel has always been a significant determinant of our lifestyle. The 21st century has been all about cross border leisure and business dealings, paving way for increased spending in travelling to various destinations. One of the most common challenges associated with travel has to be the risks involved in the journey. These risks/spoilers have the potential to leave a scar on rest of the journey, even to the extent of calling it off mid way.

    Thankfully, we have products such as Travel Insurance to shield your from the potential spoilers. It works like any other non-life insurance plan which offers protection during the course of travel, offering you cover against standard/customized set of hazards in return for payment of a certain amount. If offers cover for both domestic and international journeys where services are administered through a well laid out network run by a specialist.

    Overview of AIG Travel Insurance Philippines

    AIG is one of the most easily recognized brands in the general insurance segment not only in Philippines, but across major countries and regions worldwide. The group has over 88 millions customers and operates in over 100 countries across various continents. The group has been one of the pioneers of the general insurance industry in the Philippines since its inception in the year 1920. AIG offers insurance products and solutions for individuals as well as businesses for mitigating risks.

    In its Travel Insurance portfolio, AIG offers a variety of products to provide cover to the discerning traveller and shields them from all related risks/spoilers associated with the journey. The products offered in this category are as below.

    1. Travel Guard Student Assist
    2. Travel Guard Domestic
    3. Travel Guard Annual Business
    4. Travel Guard Standard & Enhanced
    1. Travel Guard Student Assist: A one of its kind travel insurance option for Filipino students travelling overseas that offers comprehensive aid and assistance to cover all possible risks. Students can avail customized plans to include covers such as medical coverage, trip interruption coverage, upgrades and more.
    2. Travel Guard Domestic: A customer made plan for Filipinos who are exploring destinations within the boundaries of Philippines. The insured member gets access to a host of assistance services, 24/7. Journeys by air, sea and land finds coverage under this comprehensive travel insurance plan. Further details on this scheme is provided in the section that follows.
    3. Travel Guard Annual Business: An ideal travel insurance plan tailor made for travellers on a business trip. It offers plans with coverage that can either be availed in Peso or US Dollar, depending on what the member wants to choose. It provides a host of cover options such as medical assistance, compensation for loss of baggage/delay in flights etc. to help the member travel worry free to the destination and back.
    4. Travel Guard Standard & Enhanced: These are two different travel insurance plans that are differentiated on the basis of destination of travel. Both the plans offer comprehensive financial and medical assistance. The Standard plan is designed to cover risks during travel to nearby Asian countries, while the Enhanced plan is made for trips to Schengen countries. Both schemes come with a set of standard benefits coupled with covers that the insured member can opt for.

    Features and Benefits of AIG Travel Insurance

    Travel Guard Student Assist

    • Along with Dismemberment and Accidental Death Benefit, the Felonious Assault Coverage offers aid to the student in case of robbery or any other criminal act of violence directed at them during his course of travel to the destination country.
    • Reimbursement of the tuition fee is offered in cases where there is an interruption in study. AIG will offer reimbursement of the advance tuition fee payment made towards the current semester.
    • AIG offers worldwide assistance through AIG Travel Asia Pacific (ATAP), the official service provider under this travel insurance plan. The service provider is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer assistance during critical times. ATAP also maintains assistance centers at key locations around the globe for quick response and better coordination.
    • Student Assist is offered as two distinct plans. The Short Term Plan provides cover up to 4 months while the Long Term Plan offers coverage of up to 12 months to students studying abroad.
    Basic Benefits Optional Benefits

      • Compassionate Visit

      • Study Interruption

      • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

      • Accidental Death or Dismemberment (Personal Accident)

      • Personal Liability

      • Worldwide Assistance, 24/7

      • Personal Effects & Lost Baggage

      • Felonious Assault Benefit

    Expenses incurred towards Medical Treatment

    The insured student can customize the plan in accordance with their needs and include optional benefit in this travel insurance plan. The premium amount varies on the basis of covers opted for.

    Travel Guard Domestic

    • Cover starts right from the transportation stage where risks can play the spoilsport. This plan covers transportation through land, air and sea. In addition, it also provides protection for up to 100 kilometers from the place of origin, regardless of the location as long as it is within the country.
    • AIG offers worldwide assistance through AIG Travel Asia Pacific (ATAP), the official service provider under this travel insurance plan. The service provider is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer assistance during critical times. ATAP also maintains assistance centers at key locations around the globe for quick response and better coordination.
    • One can also opt to cover the entire family under the Travel Guard Domestic travel insurance plan where the premium remains the same as one would pay for a single cover. Unlimited children can be included under the coverage ambit where they get an ADB of up to P100,000.
    Basic Benefits
    ADB (Accidental Death Benefit)
    Medical Expense Reimbursement for Accidents
    Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation
    Round the Clock Travel Assistance

    Travel Guard Annual Business

    • This plan offers a unique benefit known as the Staff Replacement which extends aid to represent you on your job assignment if you’re unable to attend to duties owing to hospitalization due to injury or sickness. The replacement person’s travel and accommodation expenses are covered under this plan.
    • If you’re travelling on business, more often than not, you may encounter issues with the currency options available in the destination country. Under the Annual Business plan, you can choose the currency of transaction on the basis of which the premium will be payable. The benefits provided are also based on the currency you choose at the time of availment.
    • ATAP (AIG Travel Asia Pacific), the official assistance service provider will extend the required help in to help you deal with critical situations and operates 24/7. ATAP also runs physical assistance centers around the globe to administer and offer immediate relief to travellers without any delay.
    • This plan also offers cover for medical emergencies and travel inconveniences for one whole year from the time of availment. This cover is subject to a sublimit of 90 consecutive days.
    Basic Benefits
    Hospital Confinement
    Emergency Evacuation & Medical Repatriation
    Personal Accident
    Reimbursement of Medical Expenses
    Trip Cancellation & Trip Curtailment
    Loss of Deposits made with the Airline
    Flight & Baggage Delay
    Loss of Baggage including Checked In Belongings
    Loss of Travel Documents
    Staff Replacement
    Personal Liability

    Travel Guard Standard & Enhanced

    • The Standard Plan offers you comprehensive cover while travelling to countries in the Asian region such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Thailand. On the other hand the Enhanced Travel insurance policy option is valid on destinations to Schengen countries in Europe and can also be used for visa application.
    • ATAP (AIG Travel Asia Pacific), the official assistance service provider will extend the required help in to help you deal with critical situations and operates 24/7. ATAP also runs physical assistance centers around the globe to administer and offer immediate relief to travellers without any delay.
    • If you’re hospitalized due to sickness or injury, you can avail treatment at any of the network hospitals. The bills are directly settled by AIG or its associates with the hospital or medical facility, making it a cashless deal.
    Basic Benefits
    Cover for Medical Expenses
    Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Expenses
    Personal Accident
    Compassionate Visit
    Child Guard
    Trip Cancellation & Termination
    Baggage & Flight Delay
    Loss of Travel Documents
    Personal Liability


    1. Travel Guard Student Assist
      • Students who are going to study abroad or scheduled to join an overseas educational trip.
      • No limit on the age is considered as long as it a valid and acceptable trip.
    2. Travel Guard Domestic
      • Travellers between the age group of 1-70 years.
    3. Travel Guard Annual Business
    4. Frequent travelers between the age group of 17-70 years.

    5. Travel Guard Standard & Enhanced
      • Travellers looking forward to availing the Standard plan should be travelling within Asia.
      • The Enhanced plan is open for availment for people travelling to Schengen countries.

    Claims Process

    In accordance with its international status, AIG maintains world class customer service and claims assistance process. It provides claims assistance services through a well knit global network consisting of multiple centers and hubs.

    Customers insured under the Travel Guard Standard and Enhanced plan can contact dedicated Assistance Center on +63 2 878 5462 by phone or email: AIGPHLWeServeCSR@aig.com. Emergency Assistance can be accessed anytime of the day and year.

    As described earlier, AIG Travel Asia Pacific (ATAP) is the official service provider which provides all related assistance services anywhere in the world. They can be contacted on hotline number +632 878 1280.

    The claims process is quite easy and is centered around the Travel Claim Form, available for download on the official website of AIG Philippines. The steps below will guide you with the claims process.

    • Duly accomplished Claim Form with signature where required
    • Original Insurance Policy document should be provided
    • Copy of Passport
    • Copy of airline ticket/boarding pass

    In addition to the documents and forms above, the claimant is also required to submit additional paperwork on the basis of the “Type” of claim. The advisor you speak to on the hotline service will advise you further in this regard.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can you provide details pertaining to the “Compassionate Visit” benefit provided under the Travel Guard Student Assist travel insurance plan from AIG?
    2. The benefit helps the student or family member in meeting the expenses relating to travel and accommodation. If the member student is hospitalized for 5 consecutive days or more, AIG will bear the expenses involved. It will sponsor round trip air ticket (economy class) and accommodation expenses for an immediate family member to visit the member.

      Likewise, this plan will also pay for travel and accommodation expenses incurred by the student in event of death/hospitalization of parents/spouse/children in the home country for more than 5 consecutive days .

    3. Please explain the Personal Liability benefit. How does it work?
    4. The Personal Liability benefit provides cover against legal and financial liability against bodily injury or damage caused to a third party person/property by the insured member. This benefit is valid for both overseas and domestic travel. AIG and its associates will provide the required assistance to help the insured deal with the situation when he/she needs it the most.

    5. Can you please provide more details surrounding Repatriation Expense Benefit?
    6. AIG offers this benefit on all its Travel Insurance plans. The insurer and its associates will arrange and pay for repatriation of the mortal remains of the insured member to Philippines in the event of his/her death due to accident/sickness during the course of trip. It also bears the cost of transporting the remains and arranges for services and supplies through a mortician.

    7. I will be travelling internationally and changing flights en route to my destination. Please provide specifics on the “Flight Delay” benefit provided under AIG travel Insurance plan.
    8. AIG provides suitable compensation in case of delay in flight by reimbursing expenses. Delays for more than 12 hours owing to conditions such as severe weather, strike by airline personnel, equipment/engine failure of the aircraft are accepted. Further details can be obtained by calling the claims center on the phone numbers provided.

    9. Please provide details with regard to including family under the ambit of coverage under the travel insurance plan offered by AIG.
    10. You can cover the entire family which includes spouse and children between the age of 1-18 years. The coverage value for spouse is equivalent to coverage of the principal member. The coverage for children is of the same value as the principal assured. The ADB (Accident Death Benefit) for children is only 25% of the cover provided for the primary insured. The maximum benefit provided under the Family Plan will not exceed 200% of the ADB and 300% of the rest.

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