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    BDO Travel Insurance

    About BDO

    BDO is a universal bank offering the best investment products and financial services in the Philippines. The wide spectrum of services provided by BDO include loans, credit card, remittances, corporate cash management, deposit-taking, foreign exchange and many others. Owing to high sales and customer focus, BDO has been successful in achieving strong business partnerships and relationships with their customers. BDO has also achieved consistent growth and expansion by making select acquisitions. One of the most sought after products of BDO is Insurance brokerage services, offered in its credit card plans as well as travel money card.

    Overview of BDO Travel Insurance

    With BDO’s travel insurance plans, you can forget about travel anxiety. As long as your trip is covered and you own a BDO Credit Card with an Insurance scheme, you can be rest assured that your medical and financial issues will be taken care of. BDO’s Mastercard and Money Card offers travel insurance covers depending on the type of card being offered by BDO. BDO’s Travel Insurance Plan is provided by a subsidiary of the bank, known as the BDO Insurance Brokers, Inc.(BDOI). BDOI is a regulated body and functions under the supervision of the Insurance Commission.

    BDO’s Travel Insurance Features

    Medical Assistance

    BDO offers medical aid as a part of insurance coverage with its credit cards, which includes sickness, injury, medical attention or treatment, as long as the medical condition is incurred while on a trip. In this case, if your BDO credit card or money card has an insurance plan, your medical expenses will be paid up to a certain amount based on the specific policy schedule of you card plan. Medical insurance cover also includes providing financial aid in case of a medical evacuation, repatriation, accidental death and disablement.

    Travel Related Issues

    Your BDO card can also come to your rescue in case you miss your connecting flight or there is an unforeseen flight delay or a sudden trip cancellation. As long as you are on a covered trip, you can claim a reimbursement up to a certain fixed amount depending on the type of insurance plan on your BDO Credit Card or Travel Money Card.

    Baggage Inconvenience

    When you are on a covered trip and you face issues with your baggage, such as loss, damage or delay, your BDO credit card allows you to claim up to a certain amount of reimbursement in case you had to spend on essential clothing at the scheduled destination owing to a delay or misplacement of your baggage.

    To sum it up, the insurance cover features vary from card to card and depends on the type of BDO credit card you opt for. There are certain general exclusions in the insurance policies of BDO. Some examples are self-inflicted injuries, taking drugs without prescription, bodily injury in case of war and other such instances.

    Why Travel Insurance?

    Travelling is a welcome change from your day-to-day monotonous life, be it for pleasure or for business. However, you cannot really have peace of mind unless you are also prepared for unexpected, unfortunate inconveniences, while travelling. An ideal travel insurance scheme should cover events such as accidents, lost baggage, flight delays and cancellations. Unexpected events can ruin your travel plans and leave you penniless and helpless, hence it is vital to choose the perfect travel insurance that offers financial as well as medical assistance.

    Who Can Buy Travel Insurance?

    For those who travel frequently, having a travel insurance is advisable. Travel insurance is useful when you are travelling abroad and your personal health insurance does not cover mishaps outside of the country. A travel insurance is of great financial help when a major part of your flight charges is non-refundable. Apart from considering these crucial issues, your life is precious and you must remember that if you can afford to travel, you should be able to afford your safety during the travel.

    BDO Credit Cards with Travel Insurance Cover

    BDO Gold Mastercard

    The BDO Gold Mastercard provides ‘Free Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance’ to all its principal and supplementary cardholders. It offers up to Php 5 million cover for free if your transportation fare has been paid for, using your BDO Gold Mastercard. The insurance also covers your family members which includes your spouse and children.

    BDO Platinum & Titanium Mastercard

    BDO’s both Platinum and Titanium Mastercard provides you with a high travel insurance coverage amount of Php 20 million as a part of ‘Free Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance Coverage’. As long as you charge the fares of your travel locally or abroad using either of your BDO elite cards - Platinum or Titanium, you can claim for a reimbursement on your unfortunate trip expenses.

    BDO World Elite Mastercard

    BDO offers a wide range of travel insurance cover on its World Elite Mastercard. With the ‘Comprehensive Insurance and Purchase Protection Coverage’, World Elite Mastercard holders are secured with an amount up to USD2Million.

    BDO Visa Travel Money Card

    BDO Visa Travel Money Card holders get a travel insurance cover of up to Php 5 million for free. However, at the time of your flight abroad, you will have to add a minimum of USD 1,200 or its equivalent in any other currency to BDO’s Visa Travel Money Card.

    FAQs on Travel and Medical Insurance

    1. What is the Cover in case of Trip Cancellation for a World Elite Mastercard holder?
    2. The non-refundable portions of the trip or the unexpected and unplanned expenses of the trip can be claimed in the case of a cancelled trip, when the trip is charged on your World Elite Mastercard. The claim amount is as per the Insurance policy schedule.

    3. Is there a Cover for Loss of Travel Documents on World Elite Mastercard?
    4. If you are a World Elite Mastercard holder and you lose your passport or visa during a trip bought using the card in question, you can avail a reimbursement up to a limited benefit amount set in the insurance policy schedule. The reimbursement can be claimed on money spent on additional stay, travel and communication during the time spent to obtain the lost documents.

    5. Is Legal Services Covered under ‘Travel and Medical Insurance’ on World Elite Mastercard?
    6. If you incur legal fees owing to false accusation or arrest by any government, your fees is covered by the Insurance plan of your World Elite Mastercard, provided the flight tickets are booked using the card in question.

    7. Is There Any Chance of an Automatic Extension of Insurance During the Trip for a World Elite Mastercard holder?
    8. If your trip is extended/delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, a BDO Elite cardholder can enjoy the benefit of an extended insurance till a set period decided based on the policy schedule.

    9. What are the Basic Claim Requirements?
    10. You will have to provide the following basic requirements in order to claim the insurance cover on the BDO Visa Travel Money Card:

      • Filled and signed claim form.
      • Travel proof.
      • Passport copy.
      • For international flights, Visa copy.
      • Incident report authorized by relevant body.
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