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    The travel bug is here and how! New destinations, new adventures, travelling around the world has never been more popular. Aside from the fact that technology has improved all facilities needed for this, the internet has thrown open doors to places that were unheard of previously.

    Business or leisure, the reasons may vary but no one is complaining. The excitement of seeing a new place, experiencing a new culture does not have substitutes. The exhilaration of the unknown is highly sought after.

    Although there are numerous reasons for travelling, certain things must be kept in mind. While visiting a new place, it is not possible to anticipate every aspect of the trip cannot be planned in advance or expected. Despite the multitude of precautions that people take, certain things cannot predicted in advance.One of them is accident and so are diseases and health issues that traveleres may pick up.

    Therefore, the best solution is to be prepared as much as possible in advance so that these concerns can be tackled head-on right from the beginning. Travel Insurance is one of these solutions that enables customers to have a safety net to help them enjoy their travels more.

    Overview of Bluecross Travelsafe Insurance

    Bluecross is one of the premier providers of travel and medical insurance within the Philippines. A company committed to excellence and service. This has been one of the most stable companies in the Philippines from the financial perspective and is also a part of the top 20 insurance companies (non-life) in the Philippines. Bluecross places a high amount of importance on to customer service and building partnerships and subsequently trust. The Travelsafe Insurance by Bluecross provides one of the best plans for all travel aficionados so as to provide customers with an enjoyable experience.

    Travelsafe Insurance

    The Travelsafe Insurance comes with a number of benefits and features designed to make customers enjoy their trip without worrying about the unexpected. These features include the following.

    • The Travelsafe Insurance from Bluecross is approved in all Schengen Countries.
    • This insurance plan provides emergency treatment and assistance at all times, during all days.
    • Customers can either choose the Travelsafe plan in pesos or dollars.
    • The coverage provided is P2.5 million or $50,000.
    • Travelsafe is also available for groups and families apart from individuals.
    • With this insurance plan, customers need not worry about damage to their baggage, loss or even delay as all this aspects are covered in the plan.
    • In addition to the above, Travelsafe also covers the loss of travel related documents

    Travelsafe Tripguard

    This is another feature that is provided by Bluecross. This plan can be availed on the basis of every trip. A time of 180 days for each trip is covered under this option. Various benefits of this plan include accident, medical treatments, delay or loss or theft of baggage, cancellation of trip, delay in flights and so on.

    Bluecross provides one of the most comprehensive and detailed travel insurance plans within the Philippines and is also very economical and is therefore, highly sought after. Customers can avail this insurance by applying online or visiting the closest Bluecross office.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is the coverage offered by Bluecross’ Travelsafe Insurance?
    2. Coverage of up to P2.5 million or $50,000 is offered by Bluecross.

    3. What are some of the benefits offered by the Travelsafe Insurance?
    4. There are numerous benefits offered, such as medical treatments and emergency assistances, delay, thefts of baggage, coverage for personal accident and also for loss of travel documents.

    5. In what currencies can customers avail the Travelsafe Insurance?
    6. Customers can avail the Travelsafe Insurance in both Peso and Dollar currencies.

    7. What is Travelsafe Tripguard?
    8. Travelsafe Tripguard is an option that customers can avail of wherein benefits are provided on a per trip basis and is valid for a maximum of 180 days for every trip.

    9. What are the benefits offered by Travelsafe Tripguard?
    10. Some of the benefits offered by Travelsafe Tripguard are accidents, medical treatments, loss or damage to baggage, loss of travel related documents, delay of flights and others.

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