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    Overview of Citi Travel Master Plan

    The International Banking Corporation, which is a predecessor of Citibank, opened its first branch in Manila in the Philippines in 1902. Currently, the Philippines wing of Citibank N.A, also known as Citi Philippines is the largest among the country’s commercial banks. Citicorp Financial Services and Insurance Brokerage Philippines, Inc. offers financial services and products ranging from investments to insurance covers. One of the favorite Citicorp insurance products amongst travellers is the Citi Travel Master Plan.

    The Citi Travel Master Plan is an all-inclusive travel insurance product offered by the CitiBank in Philippines. This insurance plan provides accident and hospitalization benefits that can be utilized anywhere in the world. The Citi Travel Master Plan is a boon for frequent travellers as it also includes travel inconvenience benefits such as baggage loss or delay, personal liability while on trip and even recovery of travel expenses in some cases. You can also enjoy travel assistance benefits provided by Assist America along with other additional value added benefits.

    Features & Benefits of Citi Travel Master Plan

    1. Quick Application Process
    2. Buying a Citi Travel Master Plan is easy and does not take much time at all. If you choose to purchase this insurance plan, you are guaranteed to receive travel insurance without any hassles. In order to apply for the insurance plan, visit Citi Philippine’s website, which will direct you to a third-party site. You will then have to input all your travel details including your date of travel along with flight schedule. You will then receive the Travel Master Certificate of Coverage via email at your provided email address, right after the deduction of premium from your Citi card that you have nominated. With an application process as easy and speedy as this, you can travel with zero anxiety and ample insurance cover. Travel Master Plan covers a maximum of 90 days in a row per trip.

    3. Variety of Premium Plans
    4. The travel insurance plan by Citibank Philippines allows you to choose your plan policy according to your needs. You can select between three plans namely, Travel Master Local, Travel Master Asian and Travel Master Global, depending on the duration of the trip, the destination of the trip, number of members on the trip and amount of coverage required. There is an additional feature in the plan that allows you a free coverage of up to 3 days based on the period of travel chosen in the insurance policy.

    5. Easy Premium Payment
    6. When you decide to apply for a Citi Travel Master Plan, you can be rest assured about the payment. As soon as the application procedure is completed, the premium is deducted from the Citi card you have nominated. You will receive a confirmation message once you are charged for your Travel Master premium from your Citibank card.

    7. Simple Claims Process
    8. The claims process is as simple as the application process. When you want to file for a claim post your travel, you will have to call Assist America’s 24-hour helpline number +63 2 811 2521. The same hotline can be contacted for emergencies while on the covered trip. You can also get in touch with Assist America who will guide you by providing the necessary documents needed to file your travel insurance claim. Apart from the above ways, you can always download the claim form’s copy from the ‘Quick Links’ section of Citibank Philippines’ website.

    Benefits of Citi Travel Master Plan

    • In case of an emergency hospitalization due to sickness or accident during the course of the covered trip, Citi Travel Master Plan takes care of the medical expenses. With this insurance plan, you can avail a Global Coverage of up to PhP2,500,000 and Local and Asian Coverage of up to PhP1,000,000.
    • The insurance plan also allows the beneficiary to claim cash benefit of up to PhP1,000,000 in the event of loss of life, permanent disability or dismemberment of the insured member in an accident during the journey.
    • The Travel Master Plan offers a comprehensive cover including trip delays, cancellations, lost or delayed baggage and lost travel papers.
    • There are certain value-added features such as Car Rental Protection and Sports Activities Extension. If during the covered trip, you incur an injury owing to an accident in a sport or fitness activity such as winter sports, extreme sports or water sports, you can claim your insurance benefit as applicable per policy.


    Citi cardholder: If you are a Citibank cardholder with an active card, you can opt for the Citi Travel Master Plan.

    Age Criteria: You will have to be aged between 18 to 74 years old to be eligible for the travel insurance policy. In case of minors, between 1 to 17 years, an individual travel insurance cannot be purchased. The policy should be in conjunction with the accompanying guardian’s (parent in most cases) insurance policy.


    1. In case of an extended travel duration, can the Travel Master coverage be extended?
    2. Yes, you can avail this feature of extension, provided you make the request before the cover reaches its expiry date. In order to make an extension request, you will have to call the Insurance company’s number 242-8888, also given in the Citi Philippines’ website.

    3. While travelling, if there is an emergency, who should be contacted in order to make a claim?
    4. In case of an emergency, you can contact Assist America in case of any doubts on the benefits of the Travel Master plan or even if you require some assistance during the travel. Assist America will answer all your queries and provide documents when necessary for claim purposes.

    5. Will my premium be refunded in case I cancel my Travel Master Plan owing to a valid reason?
    6. If you raise a request for policy cancellation before the trip’s start or application of the policy, 50% of the premium is charged as cancellation fee, unless you have an acceptable reason for cancelling the travel policy. The remaining of the premium is refunded to you. If you decide to cancel your policy after the policy’s inception, a part of the premium is charged depending on the period of cover and number of days post inception of policy.

    7. How can I request for a policy cancellation?
    8. If you want to make a cancellation on the Travel Master Plan, you will have to state in writing, the reason for cancelling and present evidence supporting the mentioned reasons. The mail will have to be then sent to the Insurance Company mentioned on the Coverage certificate. However, the only acceptable reasons are mentioned in the Certificate of Coverage.

    9. What are the reasons when I will be denied coverage?
    10. The following reasons lead to the cancellation of your coverage by the Insurer:

      1. If you fail to pay your premium.
      2. Fraud of any kind in the form of documental evidence.
      3. Self-inflicted acts of recklessness causing the mishap insured against.
      4. Decision of the Insurance Commissioner where the continuing of the policy would lead to a violation of Insurance code.
      5. If you are convicted of a crime that has increased the possibility of the hazard against which you have been insured.
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