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    Wanderlust is the new buzz word. Travelling has become more popular these days than it ever was before whether for business or pleasure. Also travelling has become a lot easier these days due to the technological advances and also connectivity between different places.

    Although travelling is a lot more safer these days, certain things cannot be predicted in advance no matter how careful travellers are. In such instances, the safest best for all those travelling is to avail a travel insurance. This ensures protection against a lot of unpredictable aspects of travelling such as accidents, medical emergencies, loss of baggage and others.

    There are a number of companies that offer premier travel insurances within the Philippines. There are a number of different types of travel insurances as well such as those only for specific trips, others for a longer duration. Customers can avail a plan that best suits their needs from the large number of options that are available.

    One of the most popular options available is the HSBC Single Trip Travel Insurance.

    About HSBC

    One of the largest and premier banks in the world, The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was established in 1865 in HongKong. In 1989 it was renamed as The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited and is one of the founding members of the HSBC Group of Banking and Companies. It is currently the largest bank in HongKong and offers a number of services and products as part of its banking portfolio. The products include debit and credit cards, insurances, loans, among others.

    Single Trip Travel Insurance by HSBC

    Customers can enjoy all their trips without any hassles and worries thanks to the numerous benefits provided by the Single Trip Travel Insurance by HSBC. Users can enjoy trips abroad for an amount that is as less as P284. Further benefits and features are discussed below.

    Overview of the Single Trip Travel Insurance by HSBC

    • Customers, through this policy can avail protection against various inconveniences such cancellations of trips, delays in flight, baggage loss or delay, loss of documents related to travel and so on.
    • Users, for accidents of a personal nature will be insured for up to P1 million.
    • For medical related expenses, customers can avail coverage for up to P2.5 million.
    • Coverage can be availed for both families and individuals.
    • Payment is highly convenient as it can be done through the customer’s HSBC credit card.
    • In addition to the above, the Worldwide Increased Medical Plan follows all the guidelines and requirements of the Schengen Tourist Visa.

    Additional details

    Benefits Coverage Amount
    Accident Maximum of P100,000
    Medical spends and expenses Either P100,000 or P2,500,000 (P500 deductible)
    Evacuation due to medical concerns Unlimited
    Repatriation/Homecoming expenses Unlimited
    Cancellation of trip Maximum of P150,000 (P500 deductible)
    Termination of trip Maximum of P150,000 (P500 deductible)
    Delay in flight Maximum of P2000 for 12 hours
    Delay in baggage Maximum of P5000 for 12 hours
    Personal effects and baggage Maximum of P50,000, subject to a maximum limit of P7000 for a single item (P500 deductible)
    Child guard Travel costs, in addition to P5000 a day
    Compassionate visit Travel costs, in addition to P5000 a day
    Loss of documents related to travel Maximum of P50,000
    Liability of a personal nature Maximum of P2000,000


    For customers to procure the Single Trip Travel Insurance from HSBC, the following eligibility needs have to be adhered to -

    • At the time of departure, customers need to be between the ages of 18 to 70.
    • In case children below the age of 18 are unaccompanied, the coverage is limited to half of the Disablement and Accidental Death benefits.

    Premiums of the Single Trip Travel Insurance by HSBC

    Days Only Insured Family Plan
    Asia Worldwide Standard Worldwide Increased Medical Plan Asia Worldwide Standard Worldwide Increased Medical Plan
    1-4 days P284 P350 P386 P686 P854 P940
    5-6 day P441 P554 P609 P1077 P1360 P1496
    7-8 days P587 P766 P843 P1443 P1893 P2082
    9-10 days P708 P936 P1030 P1744 P2316 P2548
    11-15 days P914 P1298 P1427 P2258 P3221 P3543
    16-20 days P1171 P1769 P1946 P2902 P4400 P4840
    21-25 days P1427 P2123 P2334 P3547 P5282 P5784
    26-30 days P1686 P2476 P2724 P4190 P6164 P6781
    After the thirtieth day, each additional week P252 P352 P387 P606 P857 P942

    Documentation and Application

    Customers will only need the completed application form along with their HSBC credit card in order to apply for this. In order to apply for this, customers can visit the closest HSBC bank branch.

    Once the application has been submitted, AIG Philippines will have the customer’s HSBC credit card billed within three days and within 3 to 10 days, the policy documents will be sent. Coverage begins two hours prior to the departure.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What are the benefits of the Accidental Death and Permanent and Total Disability Benefits ?
    2. Benefits of the Accidental Death and Permanent and Total Disability Benefits includes protection against dismemberment, loss of life, disability caused due to accidents.

    3. How long are customers insured for under the Single Trip Travel Insurance by HSBC ?
    4. Customers are insured for a maximum of 180 days or six months. Any losses that occurs after that period will not be covered.

    5. Can customers avail this insurance policy for their children and spouse?
    6. Yes, customers can avail the Single Trip Travel Insurance by HSBC for their children and spouse. However, age of the spouse should not be over 70 and children must be between the ages of one to 18. During the period, children must always be with the primary insured or his/her spouse.

    7. How long does it take for HSBC to process a claim by customers?
    8. Customers should file their claim within 30 days of their return from the trip. It takes about 15 to 20 days to process the claim.

    9. What does Repatriation Expense refer to?
    10. This refers to the payment and arrangement of returning the mortal remains of the customer back to the Philippines, in cases of death due to accident or sickness. Transporting the remains and services provided by the mortician are the expenses covered.

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